Posted Sat, November 30, 2013 12:30pm IST

Nemai Ghosh’s fabulous photographs of Ray, his movies and his working environment will be seen in Mumbai for a week…

He was the only photographer allowed on the sets when Satyajit Ray was working. And now Nemai Ghosh’s unforgettable images of the master, his actors and his genius will be seen in Mumbai in a special show called ‘Ray’s Cinema’, to be held from November 30 to December 7, 2013, at fashion store Melange in Altamount Road.

The exhibition is a retrospective of 30 limited edition archival photographic prints. Accompanying and complementing the pictures will be fashion by designers Sangeeta Kilachand, Sunita Shankar, Chetan Chillar, Metaphor and Lajjoo, with jewels by Zariin.

Ray was very picky about who came to his sets as he worked on his films, and Ghosh was the only person allowed to take pictures. The friendship between the two men lasted over 25 years. And Ghosh captured so many very special moments – Ray in a pensive mood, cigarette smoke spiralling into the air above, working along in the music studio on the soundtrack for a movie, peering through the camera lens to watch a scene in progress, giving his actors instructions…so many vignettes that could have been stored only as a few fragile memories if they had not been captured on celluloid. And they also shared a respect for each other’s work – Ghosh has said, “I learnt discipline, honesty and sincerity from him and in spite of working so closely with him for over 25 years, he never asked me to take a shot in a particular way. My working relationship with him was completely unobtrusive and comfortable. Both of us never intruded in each other’s sphere.”