Satyamev Jayate 2, episode 5: Aamir Khan puts forth India’s current political scenario in the season finale episode

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Satyamev Jayate 2, episode 5: Aamir Khan puts forth India’s current political scenario in the season finale episode

Aamir ‘social crusader’ Khan highlighted some of the most important facts in the season finale episode of Satyamev Jayate 2

Satyamev Jayate 2 went on air earlier this month and in the past 4 episodes, Aamir Khan raised important issues such as the spurt in the number of atrocities against women, Indian police system, importance of waste management and one of the biggest issues of India – corruption. In the season finale episode, which was aired today (March 30), Aamir put forth the country’s current political scenario, which will help every Indian to cast their vote for the right candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

With the able help of statistics, data and thorough research Khan showed us how out of 543 Lok Sabha MPs (Members of Parliament) and 4032 MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly), 30% (162 in number) and 31% (1264 in number) have criminal cases pending against them respectively. And they treat criminal records and unlawful cases as their achievements. On the other hand, regardless of their criminal records, political parties show no qualms in accepting their nomination papers.

Aamir invited Bitiya’s father, who spoke about Ashok Veer Vikram Singhalso known as Bhaiya Raja (former MLA from Madhya Pradesh) immoral behaviour. Bitiya, as the show shows, was assaulted and murdered by Raja Bhaiya.

Followers of Ajit Sarkar, member of Bihar Legislative Assembly for Purnea constituency, also remembered him for his benevolence. Ajit was gunned down in Purnia. In 1999, Pappu Yadav was arrested for his murder, who released from jail last year.

The prominent highlight of the show was the presence of Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi, India’s former Chief Election Commissioner. Quraishi revealed that the political parties use funeral vans to hide money meant for voters. He also said that phony weddings are planned sans the groom/bride to arrange free meal for voters.

It was also revealed how the politicos cash in on their negative image to create fear and maintain their ‘market value’. But it’s not only the politicians, who are to be blamed. Voters demand cash, mobile phone, TV set, refrigerator to cast their votes for particular candidates. And it’s not only people from low income groups sell their votes. Middle income groups too show no qualms. As they rightly say in Hindi, “taali ek haath se nahi bajti.”

The fifth and final episode of Satyamev Jayate 2 was overwhemigly disturbing and at the same time it was a reality check for all of us. It made us ponder over who do we cast our precious vote for in the forthcoming elections. As Aamir rightly said, “Na hum bikau hain, aur na humara vote.” So now we know, what we have to do before we get to the polling booths in the next month as we choose our next leader.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sangeet Jha

    Vinod improve your general knowledge .It was about Bhaiya Raja of MP and not Raja Bhaiya of UP.

  • akanksha

    WOW!What a disgrace!! this surprises me! First of all you should do your research properly because a. the man those supposed guests were talking about has nothing to do with UP, he was an MLA from Pawai (Near Panna M.P.) b. the ‘sad’ father on TV is actually a drunken idiot who never knew of his daughter’s whereabouts or even his for that matter. Its sad how you bloggers just gather whatever information you get without actually putting must thought to it! Giving those attention seeking irresponsible parents a national level recognition however is really the cherry on top! Its one thing to say the politician accused of the crime is bad or awful cause he’s proven guilty in the high court but whats really awful here is that disgusting parents like those without any real research are given a national platform making it almost impossible for the politician’s family to appeal the decision in the supreme courts judging by the media attention it’s going to get! The parents never really had an idea of where their daughter was and who she was with! The father was always too drunk to care about his daughter’s wherabouts or even if she has the enough money to meet the basics! The daughter who died was found not once but several times by various people in hotels and places! This would’ve surfaced had the Satyamev Jayate Team actually done some REAL research. Its important for them to understand just because someones a politician, doesnt mean they do not have families or morals or ethics. The girl who died was apparently the accused man’s grand-daughter. The ‘sad’ father crying on the show lived off the accused politician’s money (and now lives off the money the politician’s enemies are giving him). If you ask any educated man (who doesnt obviously buy everything that the media has to say) he’d understand and know how the man accused is being rather disgustingly framed because think about it if the man was really that kind of an animal who’d rape his own granddaughter, and has killed several people and was in power, how difficult was it to really cover the case up? For the record, the person you mentioned is RAJA BHAIYA from UP and the one who the episode was about is BHAIYA RAJA from MP. If i were you, I’d try to find out what’s really right and whats really wrong cause the media is just news hungry regardless of the real content. They look for news not truth or lies!