Satyamev Jayate 2 review: Aamir Khan needs to up his game!

Sun, March 2, 2014 2:00pm IST by

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There were huge expectations from the social awareness show this year; but has Aamir met our expectations? We don’t think so…

Aamir Khan created quite a stir with Satyamev Jayate last year, when he talked about issues like female infanticide and honour killing. While he really impressed us last time with the quality of the content and the sheer sensitivity that he displayed on the show, we thinks this time he missed the mark.

Satyamev Jayate 2 promo: Is Aamir Khan the new social crusader?

Why do we so say you ask? Well, for starters we thought that the theme of the show has not been really changed or modified – it was the same old set with the same old Mr Perfectionist talking about the issues in pretty much the same old manner. Another thing that struck us, was that the first episode was based on rapes in India (which is nice and we are not complaining); we have an issue with the way Aamir kept implying on national television that rapists have it too easy in India. We wonder what effect will that have on someone’s mind who’s actually thinking of going out there and raping someone.

Satyamev Jayate 2 trailers: Is Aamir Khan playing on patriotic sentiments of the viewers?

Now before you misunderstand us, we totally support what Aamir Khan is doing in Satyamev Jayate 2 and we must say that the research that was put behind making this episode is commendable. But if you time and again highlight ways in which a rapist can escape in this country, don’t you think that information can be misused to a horrifying extent?

So here’s to Satyamev Jayate 2 - we think it is a great effort and applaud the research team behind the show. At the same time we wish that Aamir presents the show in a manner which is different from the previous season and to the producers, we think they should put a little more thought behind the presentation of the content.

Satyamev Jayate 2 anthem: Aamir Khan sings for common man!

BollywoodLifers, vote and tell us if you like the Satyamev Jayate 2 or not. Meanwhile, keep watching this space for more updates!

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Kritika Ajmani

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  • Krunal

    you put some thought behind the way you review you A$$!!!! It’s easy to sit and write on others work, first you try and do something in life. you’re such a looser!!!!!!

  • a biviji

    horrible review. i think you should review your own thoughts

    • Unbiased

      This show is really boring. I suggest you all rather watch Comedy Nights and have some good time.

      • pari

        hey mr.first look at urself then comment here. atleast he is doing something and you still dont see the positive side of it.

  • Saurabh

    You are just alone on this. I am sure you must be a Shahrukh fan to come up with this horrible review. For next time – Thanks, but no thanks!

  • Roshni

    Kritika, why would the format change? Will you guys at bollywood life change something which is good, in the sense the style of writing or narration.If you see the glass is half empty, you are true, but most of us would like to see the glass as full. There were manythings told like about the procedure which i am sure many would have not known, the show was also an eye opener to not look down upon the victim. I am surprised you could see all these. I am happy i can differential between good and bad

  • Neel

    get a life….this pathetic review will only have a negative impact on credibility of Bollywood life….this review sucks

  • Fiiroz

    Shut up! What is this,a soap opera that he’ll have to change his sets,manners,presentation. All he need is to make sure he’s reaching out to the maximum number of audience, specially in the rural areas where these social messages will matter most. Aamir is above criticism,he has almost attained nirvana.

  • milan227

    It’s easy to sit and criticise. If you can’t do something better, then stfu. Go back to your gossip mongering and let the one Bollywood star who is trying to make a difference alone.

  • sanyam

    Bad review,the show is totally perfect and its concept is perfect.I will even comend on the boldness of the show that it has represented such a sensitive issue in such a unbiased manner and infact it is important to show that how criminals are given so much freedom while the victim is further victamized by our system.

  • Ajit Thakur

    Are you paid for such a pathetic review ? I am sure you are

  • Ashish

    omg…what a horrible review. What do they actually want, the show is perfect.

  • Flazer

    I love how not a single person agrees with your review. The truth that “rapists are having it easy” isn’t a ray of hope for potential “rapists”, its a warning. People are becoming aware that they cant get away with this kind of shit and there won’t be anymore bystanders who are going to be indifferent to all of this. You really shouldnt be allowed to write reviews about anything of social value. Stick to your shallow bollywood movies and dragged-to-death TV Shows.

    You really should learn to weigh pros and cons before coming up with half-bolied-in-crap review that.

  • Adi

    What kind of moron has written this foolish review, first hve the balls to stand up against whats wrong with this country, its very easy to comment on other’s work sitting behind closed doors, idiot

  • HonestAbe

    Bollywoodlife always talks negatively about Aamir and everything he does. They always use word like shorty and other physical stuff while exaggerating other actors like Badshah, king etc. I seriously think this site is a paid site, so a biased review is actually expected.

  • Fiiroz

    A brilliant start,its the burning issue in India right now & needed to be addressed point blank. I am glad that he kept his emotions in check this time,because it was really hard not to cry. I think the whole rape issue is interconnected with many issues,the rapists,who are their parents?what are they teaching their children?you need to get into the root of it, why is it still a social taboo? why the law inforcements are so reluctant about the rape victims?why even the educated class judge the victims rather than the accused!?! This shows should be distributed free in every nook & corner in India.We salute you Aamir. You have proved again what it means to be a real Mard.Styamev Jayate.

  • ravi

    Wtf? Have you ever praised someone at all in your life? Is it necessary to point out mistakes in someone’s noble work? It’s ok if it was a movie. That shows that all you can do is critisize someone. I bet you never helped any one in your life. You are useless and so is your review and go to the hell.

  • Nawab Rehan Khan

    You r just a pIECE oF shit…. Kuch Bhakchod Indians Saale Paida hi chutiye hote hai… Ek to banda kuch kar rha use Incourage krne k vajaye ..tum haramio usme hi galatiya nikalo ….

  • RT

    You have a problem, get yourself checked up from a doctor. How can you think that journalism means being contrary and being derogatory to celebs. Get a life and probably get another profession while you are at it. There is no reason to complain about an honest attempt to make a difference, whether it is perfect or not, at least it is an effort. Which is more than what you have done. All power to Aamir on this show!

  • anonymous

    saalo gandu…gand mein to eisa karne ki himmat nahi hein,,chale hein review likhne..

  • Aditya Thakur

    WTF!!! Kritika, the uniformed writer you need to think thousand times before writing anything… Specially when it comes to such sensitive issues.. and guys let me inform you all that these media people are so shameless that they don’t bother our negative reviews for them they just enjoy it and celebrates number of reds or etc.

  • juhi

    you should be ashamed of picking flaws on such a great show which atleast makes a move in public for spreading awereness on crime against women ,it is not any stupid film to be reviewed . you people only see luxirious things in life not harsh realities of life ,instead of helping people who go through such terrible shocks you make sarcastic remarks on a person who actually tries to help them PATHETIC

  • Anand Mohan Das

    who the hell wrote this piece of review. Get life man, just surprised that you are employed as a critic. You brought disgrace to Bollywood life and exposed your mentality.

  • Pallavi Srivastava

    You just proved you are a biased reviewer:). Since you represent Bollywood should we subscribe to the thoery that since in most movies villains are shown as having it a lot easier than the good guys and its only in the end after lots of struggles that truth triumphs – bollywood is actually encouraging criminals to commit more crimes ? You have applied the same logic to Aaamir’s show. Dont write reviews just for the sake of it !

  • Rocker Rude

    The most idiotic review I have ever seen…. the bottom line about the show is for the people of our country to understand that there are a lot of problems with our culture and the way most of us Indians think. It has noting to do with the presentation or the quality of presentation… its a show where you need to reflect on the society that we live in, in this 21st century India. Hats of to Amir Khan and his entire team to come up and openly speak on these issues… All the very best!!!! True Indians who care about India will surely appreciate these efforts to change our thinking. By the comments that I see below I feel that most of us are on the same page which amazing!!!

  • Nadia Noor

    Oi kritika ajmani do you now have any self respect for yourself at all. You are a complete disgrace to the universe. I hope your mother is ashamed of giving birth to a janwar like you.
    How dare you criticise Amir Khan and his show.
    Don’t you ever dare say anything bad about him or his show. He is what you call a man to mankind.
    Amir Khan we all Muslims and Indians are proud of you. May ALLAH bless you for all eternity.

  • Shishir Pradhan

    You people should tell Aamir Khan to take uo issues like Ragging. Wahaan Kyun Chup Baith ta hain

  • Shishir Pradhan

    Because he has done a movie like ‘Dil’ which glorified it!!! Is he above criticism

  • Shishir Pradhan

    Jaise khud ko hi sabki fikar hain!!!

  • Shishir Pradhan

    Mr Aamir khan does not take up the issue of ragging!!! Because he himself has done a movie like ‘DIL’ which showed it as fun!!!

  • Shishir Pradhan

    Aur Dusron ko bata rana hain!!!

  • Shishir Pradhan

    Ispe bolo na!!!

  • Kiran Rajhans

    i was thinking of writing…why do we need to change the style?to make things spiced up , different and interesting..??? then i thought i will go down and see some comments…hey i felt happy that so many of us thought the same…:)