Satyamev Jayate 2 trailers: Is Aamir Khan playing on patriotic sentiments of the viewers?

Mon, February 10, 2014 7:08pm IST by
Satyamev Jayate 2 trailers: Is Aamir Khan playing on patriotic sentiments of the viewers?

Aamir almost always delivers on the promise of being different and when he first came up with the social talk show, it was indeed very different – for a while

Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate which used to air on Sundays, became an instant hit with the masses since it came as a rude awakening. The effect soon fizzled out after a month or so and people began fidgeting with their remotes every time the star came onscreen. Well, we don’t blame them…

The numbers were also pretty shocking, not for us though. When season one came to an end, Aamir promised to come back again with another season. The latest promos showcase that Aamir is back with Satyamev Jayate 2, and this time it promises to touch a chord and make us more aware.

Satyameva Jayate 2 promo: Is Aamir Khan the new social crusader?

This time the actor plays on the psyche of our love for the country. ‘If you love your country, you will watch his show’…ahem ahem! So if we don’t watch Aamir crying onscreen, does that make us unpatriotic? OMG!

The trailers in a way, also highlight that it’s not enough calling ourselves Indians - you have to be responsible Indians. A person who walks by from an accident without helping, will never be patriotic enough. Well, we quite agree with Aamir. But do you think his antics will help raking in the TRPs this time?

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  • Steve

    Welcome back sir , we’ve been waiting !!! Satyamev jayate season 2 …larger then life !!! Divided into 3 parts ..each part with 4 episodes and the final with 5 ..hhhmmmm seems interesting !!! So this time people have some more time to take some serious action !!! You are great Sir Aamir Khan !!! Always motivating !!! You are a great human being on this planet !!!

    • SaDaNaND

      Madar Chhod! How dare you reply to my comment at Hindustan Times. Don’t dare to reply me you ass whole !!! ur SIR Aamir is a mother fuck@r. SMJ 2 will be anti national. fuck ur ass u bastard mix bloods

      • Roger21

        Ok Sadanan. Let me agree with you for a moment. This Actor Amir Khan is taking money and doing this program but it is good for India. Everyone takes money but how many try to show good on TV. What is Sanjju doing. Taking Parole after Parole for his sick wife.

  • Zach

    Wowww..excited..waiting for u!!

  • Anil Goswami

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  • Rohit P

    this pathetic site always has mean things toinsinuate bout the megastar aamir khan!! go scratch gayrukhs crotch… numbers of satyamev jayate were great even though it was not a typical entertaining massy show… unlike the mega flops panchvi fail nd zor ka jhatka…

  • SaDaNaND

    SMJ2 seems to be anti national as it will surely play vth the patriotic sentiments of the viewers. Aamir is behaving like a true Mohajir!

  • ajit vadakayil


    Aamir khan, we will watch you in SMJ2 .

    Last time you pushed CHEAP UNTESTED GENERIC MEDICINES for
    evil pharma — where Indians will be used
    as guinea pigs , in lieu of expensive
    lab testing .

    And you ran to USA to gratefully collect a Zionist Pharma
    sponsored award .

    Punch into google search -


    Capt ajit vadakayil


  • intutive

    so you write controversies for your article to get good views, the topics are real problems faced by the country and every Indian must know about them, why don’t you look in that angle

  • intutive

    If you search on youtube you’ll know what kind of site bollywoodlife is, Note: i’m not a fan on aamir khan or any khans or kapoors or…