SATYAMEV JAYATE: Aamir Khan happy about Bill against child sexual abuse

The actor says Parliament’s decision to pass the Bill is “great news”

Two weeks after Aamir Khan touched upon the subject of child sex abuse on his show Satyamev Jayate, the bill targeting the offenders finally got a nod in Parliament. The actor is delighted with the development. “Hey guys, great news! The Lok Sabha has passed the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Bill today!!! Unbelievable!!! Super News!” Aamir wrote on his Facebook page.

During the episode telecast May 13, Aamir had spoken to several such victims, their family members and narrated their dreadful experiences of being molested or sodomised. After the episode was aired on television, Aamir took to internet to thank the guests who appeared on the show for sharing their tales. “I want to thank the brave survivors who came on the show today to share their stories. Anamika, Cinderella, Harish, Ganesh, Nazneen and Padma Aunty (Harish’s Mom), Y’all have done a great service to all of us,” Aamir posted.

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