Satyamev Jayate: Aamir Khan says doctors are supporting him

Satyamev Jayate: Aamir Khan says doctors are supporting him

I’ve not insulted the medical profession, says Aamir Khan, claiming that the Medical Council of India is standing with him

Pats and brickbats – Aamir Khan was prepared for it all when he set out to discuss burning issues in his debut TV show Satyamev Jayate. Fearless and convinced about the aim of the show, the actor-filmmaker says he is totally unapologetic about raising the issue of malpractices in the medical profession, thereby upsetting an umbrella body of 21 medical institutions. “I have absolutely no intentions of apologising because I have not done anything wrong,” Aamir said in an exclusive interview over phone from Mumbai.

After raising concerns over female foeticide, dowry and child abuse, Aamir took it upon himself to shake up viewers and awaken them to the existence of irregularities in the country’s healthcare system. He brought issues like cut practices, unethical medical practices, and commission demands to the fore and presented live examples of people who could have been cured with simple medicines but were advised by doctors to undergo surgeries, robbing them of precious money. This ‘exposure’ has landed Aamir in the bad books of the Indian Medical Association (IMA). But he does not fret!

“We were aware that since these are issues that are core to all of us and affecting every Indian, obviously there are some people who are part of the problem, and they are not going to be happy with us because these are the ones who don’t want a solution to be there. “In fact, I would have been surprised if we would not have earned brickbats. The people who are getting troubled are very likely the ones who are part of the problems,” said Aamir, adding that he hasn’t received any physical threats so far. He protests against the allegation that he only highlighted the negative aspects of the medical profession on his show, to which was invited Dr KK Talwar, chairman, board of governors, Medical Council of India (MCI). “I don’t know whether they have seen the show because a number of times we brought out that there are many doctors who are doing great work. We gave such strong examples of positive work by doctors like Dr Devi Shetty and Dr Shamit Sharma,” said Aamir.

He denied the accusation that he insulted the medical profession. “I have not insulted the medical profession at all. I have the highest regard for the medical profession. In fact, what is insulting to the medical profession is those doctors who are indulging in unethical practices. They have insulted the medical profession, not me,” he said.

However, he is happy with the positive response from the medical community as well as youths who aspire to be in the profession. He said, “A lot of doctors have written to me and said, ‘Your work is fantastic and we are thank you for what you have done’. Dr KK Talwar, head of the Medical Council of India, was on our show and after the show was aired, he wrote to me saying: ‘I thought what you did on the show was very good.’ “He said that ‘I am aware that a small section of doctors is upset with you, but I want you to know that what you are doing is very important and I want you to know that MCI and I will do everything we can in our control and power to set things right’. Now that is such an important and encouraging response.”

“Young medical students have written to me that this is a profession we are about to enter and we are so inspired by your show to do the right thing when we enter the profession,” he added. “I want to thank these doctors and young medical students whose messages and letters have been most encouraging,” he said.

Aamir says his conviction in the concept and aim of the show have left him fearless of negative reactions. “I feel what I have set out to do is extremely important and what I support is important for me and very important for society and our country. I have absolutely no hesitation in doing what I feel is right for the country. So in that, if there is a small group of people who are getting upset, it is sad, but so be it. In fact, I would request those people who are getting upset to look inward. I believe we are trying to make a sincere effort in first understanding issues and then shedding light on them, and we are committed to that attempt,” said the 47-year-old trailblazing cinema personality.

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  • Angel

    Aamir sir is doing a fabulous aj tak kisi ne nae kiya ap ne kar dikhaya………!!! we are proud of u ab jo aap kar rahe hai hame aap pe fakr mehsus hota hai aap aage badyie hum aap k sath hai nd acording 2 me aamir sir deserves a bharat ratna………!!!! lots of luv 4 u JAI HIND

  • vinod kumar


  • saba

    i like your show very much.

  • akansha

    i like ur show very much……….i have seen ur all episodes and gain a message from every episode……………SATYAMEV JAYATE

  • Vijay saroj

    We want do something more for our country if u discuss about indian education ,security ,politics and for some internal social matter through which we can change the the india. Although ur doing it is quite nice but it should be countinous

  • Vijay saroj

    We have to show result to government that people what wants than it is for india we tend them to do something this matter as early as

  • Harsha chauhan

    thanku amir ji mujhe apka ye show bahut acha laga. ap isme jo bi batate hai wo sahi hai.mai apko suppourt krti hu. thanks aapne country k liye bahut acha kiya hai

  • Prakash poudel.

    I like ur concept ,even i 2 i support u wit this motivation.


    Amir khan je jo glt h usi duneya ko btna koi galt nhe aap lgi rho bena dri bena jhuki sara india aap ki sath h. All the best…..

  • dr.jayaprakas.k

    I agree with Aamir. At least someone has dared to talk about it. Actually this is more worse than Aamir or other people knows. The real problem lies in commercialization of medical education. Now education is a business, many get medical admission if they have money, only to get some status. Ours is a noble profession, so only those who are real human beings are supposed to join the elite group.
    Many revolutions will come in future, many doctors will take initiative for that. Doctors owned hospitals will minimize these malpractices. There no one can make a mistake.

    Anyway, well done Aamir, you will see more changes in future.