SATYAMEV JAYATE: Can Aamir Khan really bring about change?

SATYAMEV JAYATE: Can Aamir Khan really bring about change?

The actor has met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about a subject he brought up on his show, but we are beginning to wonder if that is going to help

When Aamir Khan made his television debut with Satyamev Jayate, a chat show dealing with social evils, he received much applause from his fans and several cynics. Even usually apathetic politicians suddenly took notice of ground realities and invited him to meet them. Star power, we realised, is far greater than all the efforts social workers have been putting in for years. Aamir met Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to discuss female foeticide, and we applauded. He met a parliamentary panel to share his insight into medical malpractices, and we supported him. Just yesterday (July 16), he met Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and union minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Mukul Wasnik to bring the plight of manual scavengers to their notice. Again, there was much ado about it – the Bollywood actor has managed what social workers haven’t been able to do in decades. At a joint press conference with Wasnik, Aamir said, “Wasnik assured me that his ministry is already working on the matter and that both his ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office will work to eliminate manual scavenging at the earliest.” Wasnik added, “I am glad that Aamir Khan has raised this issue and I believe that the way he has focused on the issue will help create awareness in the society on the matter and we will soon be free of this malpractice.”

“At the earliest”? “Soon be free of this malpractice”? Are we the only ones who don’t believe this? It’s been almost ten weeks since Aamir met Gehlot, and we haven’t heard of anything happening on that front. It’s been a month since he spoke to the panel and there has been no progress on that issue either. We are aware bureaucracy takes time to put things in motion, but the importance of Satyamev Jayate stems from the fact that it has managed to wake up an otherwise snoring government and compelled it to take action… or at least to say it will. If that doesn’t happen, then Satyamev Jayate will only be remembered as Aamir Khan’s first chat show, and not as the harbinger of social change it is being touted as. With two episodes to go this season and the modalities of a second season being worked out, the success of Satyamev Jayate will depend on how rigorously Aamir follows up on these issues after the show has ended.

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  • jyoti

    very daring programme too much hard work is put into atleast someone has taken initiative to bring change which is required very much in india
    yes he can change
    good people will change
    bad people will hate the programme
    i learnt lot
    i love baby girls more
    i don’t differentiate i castes anymore
    every episode has taught me
    hard work will bring fruits

    • Ali

      You are a good soul! God bless.

  • Ankur

    What rubbish? Licenses of so many clinics practising sex selective abortion were cancelled, 2 girls’ lives were saved after their family called up Childline after watching Satyamev Jayate, stores for generic medicines were opened up, the SGPC took action against caste based gurudwaras – just a few examples of changes influenced by Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate! And you say it can’t bring about change!

    And why should only Aamir follow it up further?? He has highlighted issues, met politicians etc. now public has to take it forward too! Why do we want just one person to do everything and spoon feed us? Do we have any duty as citizens or not?

    Instead of judging whether Aamir is a success or failure in bringing about change, ask what you are doing to bring change! People themselves do nothing just keep judging others!

    • Asgar

      Well said …

    • viaya bharathi

      very well said

  • anu

    When the show started people said he is crying & making dramatic , he is just playing with emotions of people, then he is charging 3cr /episode , then he has ditched his wife he has no right bla bla now “what after the show ends….????.
    Asha madam, its really easy to criticize sitting in Ac room under the name of freedom of speech..!!!!! . The purpose of show is to bring change in mindset of society . i really dont think your mindset have changed then how can you expect Govt to change….first bring change in you, if you are gifted with writing ability write something that will help amir aur some activist who wants to bring change rather just pulling these efforts down & waiting to see the hit count on your blog…..the show has brought a big difference in our life …….its truly an Eye opener show…..i am sure he will even go beyond this ….becoz he is true Indian….

    • Junaid

      Right to the point. The reporter of the article cannot do much more than this. These are the kind of people in which Aamir wants to see the change.

  • Junaid

    Ms Asha mahadevan, a question for you. In your entire life of 30 years, have you done anything for the greater good and why should he follow up. Why dont you sit in front of PM’s office everyday and ask for answer for the queries he has put forward.

    We would like to see you rigorously following up with Govt officials on all issues. Till the time we have people like you in India, God cant help it.

  • Rajni Chetan

    Dear Mr. Aamir Khan
    We all are tthankful to You and your team for trying to make India a better place to live on earth.
    I want you to take up the issue of ereting Mobile Towers in residential areas where the big companies are flouting all rules and norms and just for money they are playing with our health. Now I see Reliance as a partner with your programme to help people. There is a Reliance Mobile tower right infront of our building and we all are not keeping well, so many health problems are coming up, can you request Reliance people to remove their Mobile tower in residential area and not to go building to building asking them to install towers on their terraces. Please guide me how we can get it removed
    With warm regards
    Rajni Chetan Mumbai (Borivali)west.

    • Raviraj.Talli

      Sorry RC, You are advising some one to swim against the tide..Reliance are partners cum promoters….If the towers are pulled out,then how SATYAMEV JAYATE will be aired…Who will sponsor such good serials..In reality, these are all sort of corruption for which ANNAJI ( Hazare) is fighting..I am not against Mr.Amir Khan or any one else… The system is such. I have raised such questions to people like you,who have given their plots,terraces to erect mobile towers…Until & unless we the people who understand the Pro’s & con’s of such things.