SATYAMEV JAYATE: Doctors demand apology from Aamir Khan

SATYAMEV JAYATE: Doctors demand apology from Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate did not highlight doctors who provide free treatment or those wrongly assaulted by patients, Medscape India claims

An umbrella body of 21 medical institutions Wednesday asked Bollywood star Aamir Khan to apologise for accusing doctors of malpractices in his TV talk show Satyamev Jayate. Medscape India said the representation of malpractices supposedly perpetrated by doctors was “rather sad” and Aamir  should offer his apologies. “It is rather sad that doctors should be made the object of such shameless, unilateral scrutiny,” said Himanshu Mehta, co-founder and advisor to Medscape India.

After highlighting social issues affecting Indian society, Aamir Khan, in the fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate, turned the spotlight on healthcare and malpractices in the medical profession. He highlighted unethical practices, corruption and scandalous revelations in medical treatment.

“Aamir Khan is my favourite actor and he should stick to making films,” said Dr Sunita Dube, president of Medscape. “Surprisingly, no doctors’ body has spoken against Aamir yet. We need to stand united against such blatant lies. We are going to write a scathing letter demanding an apology from him,” she added.

Medscape pointed out that doctors were subjected to assault without any fault and many people didn’t understand the pressures of the profession. “Where is Aamir Khan when doctors are assaulted? Where is he when we give free treatment to the needy?” asked Dr Kishor Taori, president of the Maharashtra Medical Council that is associated with Medscape.

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  • Satyajit De

    What apology ?!!! Where are the doctors when patients die due to negligence? Where are they when doctors give more importance to private-practice patients than directly-admitted patients to the hospital? So many doctors say that they give free treatment. Hello doctors, please, first do your daily duty in hospitals properly then think to give free treatment. And one thing, do you people give free treatment every day? See, giving free treatment few days in a year and doing proper-honest duty in the hospital every day is totally different, understood? If only thousands or lacs doctors are against Aamir then we the crores of people of India are for Aamir.

    • anand

      No apologies required because no one program can shake the foundations of a corrupt society.If there are falacies in the medical system then it is only a reflection of the rot in India’s moral standards.I know of doctors who have neglected patients and I know of doctors who have spent hours and hours nursing their patients to health expecting nothing in return.

      What is really funny is that no one talks of doctors who do their job silently without media fanfare. Doctors who do get called to talkshows are the media-savvy, medical moguls (the page 3 types),doctors who have enjoyed political patronage and have these huge corporate setups where supposedly charity is done.

      Amir is doing a good job but I hope he does not develop a “holier than thou”attitude.(I see it happening).Hope he questions the ethics of the film industry,why stars promote fairness creams and colas and cigarettes and alcohol and I can go on and on.Why amir khan is paid 10-20-30 crores per film when a surgeon (average surgeon not a celebrity) is paid 15 or 20 thousand rupees for a cardiac surgery.

      Why a VP of a ITC (tobacco company)is taking home a package of 2-3 crores when a cancer surgeon in TATA hospital is being paid Rs.80000 per month.

      It is very wrong to portray just one side of the story only because it is more popular . amounts to yellow journalism.

      I can go on and on but what’s the point?

    • Vishal M

      yes, billions of Indians are with Aamir…

      All the doctors in India should not even take it very seriously… this episode focused all the attention only on those doctors who were involved in medical malpractice…

      So all those doctors who feel offended by this episode must first check themselves.. look deep into your personality first and then take your action….

      • Sudhir

        I agree to most of the above views. Corruption should come out and corrective steps taken. Good work Amir….. keep it going.

  • elandirayan

    Why he need to apology. I felt ashame of many doctors why is writing unwanted medicines for the car or other gifts by medical company.

    what was medical rep job, they need to introduce medicine… but every two month once they need to give gift to doctors.. and also arrangement for vacations… It is ashame. People pray doctors next to god but they are ?

    Many running their own scan centers,, if anyone went for leg pain now they are not taking x-ray.. they are writing for CT scan…

    Please don’t ask apology..

  • Murty

    Amir ..You need not say apologies, as you are bringining the facts of corrupted India, It is not Dr alone, every industry is like this.. how can we progress into 21st century with these nonsenses. We need more programs of these kind, so that young India will atleast reaslise and hope they will change our country.

  • A Biswas

    Inspite of asking for apology, it must be taken as an eye opener.The Medical body must ensure corrective measures and tell the public what has been done in substance and in practice.If Aamir begs apology will the malpractices go off instantly so that public can have some euphoric feeling. If that guarantee is given, Aamir will certainly beg apology, public will force upon. It is to be appreciated that every profession has a professional hazard and the untoward incidents are part of professional hazars.The Doctors also must accept it.Not only doctors , everybody contributes to the society by facing the professional hazards.The oath Doctors take is for doing good not for indulging in malpractices. simply comply. Doing good does not give licence to kill. It has become a fashion now a days to ask for sympathy for misdeeds. It is like this : galat kaam kar raha hoo ? Keya kar loge ? hamlog Gang’me hai. ‘You third person singular number, must not speak’


    Truth is sour…….Doctors………….AMIR IS RIGHT ………….KEEP IT UP………..!

  • Anisha

    No apologies required..truth is truth so why he should apolgies..if anybody is doiing good things , focusing on bad things whats wrong in that..Keep it up Amir..

  • Ajnabee

    Nooooo Amir shud not apologise pleaseeeee take a cill pill he has shown the wrong side of some doctors use their knowledge and authority to con patients and that wrong…and this does exist in the Indian society…this is just an eye opener …may me he will do another show for those doctors who do some good deeds for the patients………Amir you just keep bringing the truth are not just a movie actor but a human being as wellllll…all the best

  • Manoj

    Why to apologize ? And who should apologize ? Doctors must behave themselves to the patients. In a country like India what these kind of Doctors expect? With what kind of intention they put themselves in to this profession ? Just for earning ? Its a profession, agreed…but this is a service too. In a country like India, poor people need the service than your professionalism. Instead, you doctors are engaged in troubling the patients by prescribing medicines only from your relatives medical shops and persecuting your subordinates. Shame on you for asking apology from him…STOP asking apology and start correcting yourselves.

    • Dr hari

      first of all u dont hav d right to comment on doctors PROFFESSION
      which profession r u ?
      dont talk as if u r serving d whole country
      hav u ever done social service atleast 1nce in ur life … “first u trickle trickle urs then comment 0n others….”

  • Surya

    Why should Amir apologize? Has this body comprising 21 medical institutes overlooked the actual incidents that exposed the malpractices of the doctors. It is quite ironic that Dr. Sunita Dube who arraigned the charges of telling “blatant lies” upon Amir isn’t aware of what really happens at most of the hospitals in the country. Or is she too a shadow of Dr. Ketan Desai for accusing Amir Khan of this apparent blasphemy.

  • Optimist

    Doctors talking about apology? Actually they should apologise collectively to the general public. May be there are some good doctors who give fair treatment(even the show interacted with some like Dr Devi Shetty), does this give them or others a license to get indulge in such malpractices. And come to think of it, what is new that Amir Khan has showed in this episode. Just talk about it with anybody near you, he or she has a story to tell. Similar to the various experiences shared by so many, I too have suffered arbitrarily by the doctors and know many people who have gone through horrible experience. In any case, the show doesn’t declare that all doctors in this country are indulged in malpractices, only thing is that people involved in such a noble profession have to accept that this is disease in itself and it has to fought with.

  • Arun

    Every single Indian (with the exception of fraudulent doctors) are unity in support for Aamir. We will collectively deal with those doctors who want an apology.

  • shoukath

    hello aamir,

    i really respect to the thoughts u create on the channel, though u have made things clear that corruption exist in all working areas, even by doctors, engineers, politicians, and all govt departments every where in all fields ( feel like shooting them at gun point) but we can change the system. do u feel that u me and others( can be counted) can change things. its highly impossible to stop that. i feel the concepts u have come up with will wake people for limited time, once people r out to work they forget and the same continues. if we r right in our saying with all proofs we have still we have to ask apology, cos people dont want thier reality to be disclosed, they think that they are clean, and do u think that indian courts are not such quick decision maker. so i think we have to make decision.

    i have some ideas that i will come up with to u in my next mail. pl do mail so that i will be confident that my thoughts will not go in vain.

    shoukath ali

  • Amit

    Truth hurts to doctors.
    Satyamev jayate: TRUTH ALONE PREVAILS.


    (1) To minimize expenses in marriage only blood relations and very near relatives should be invited for Barat & marriage ceremony at Bride house/function. A reception thereafter by Dulha’s father may be held at his place inviting as many guests as they desire.

    (2) Lots of malpractices including sale of BLOOD in various ways that to may be from professional donors is prevalant in private/so called Charitable Blood Banks. Nobody cares. When in India we will get safe & healthy Blood ?

  • chitran k

    why should Aamir apologise he had bring the darkness to the light

  • Girija Nair

    Aamir is doing a great and good job. He is highlighting and bringing to light the truth which people can not take. Why feel guilty, or why should the people fear if they are true to their profession. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO APOLOGISE. NEVER.
    Keep moving Aamir………… Good luck !

  • n.tsering

    Aamir is doing wonderful job by highlighting what is really happening in the every day life of especially for the ones who cannot afford to raise their voices.doctors should be learning a good lesson and do their job in a way they are supposed to do.It is not amir who should apologise but the doctor who should do it for the doctor fraternity.

  • dr yogesh


  • Aamir khan

    Satyamev jayate rocks…

  • akash lone

    best of luck amir khan g

  • akash lone

    amir khan g kay kar raha ho good after noon

  • nikher

    aamir khan is doing exceptionly well but criticism of ima on amir is not justified as it is excepted by health minister himself that very much is going wrong in this field.

  • rbsbir

    Aamir has done nothing wrong. In fact he has done huge service to the nation by exposing the greed and dishonesty of doctors who want to make money by any means.

  • manish

    he does not deserve even school award…over acted farji hero

  • manjeet

    amir khan ko bhgwan kare piles ho jaye….phir ayega maja…daacttaar sahb krta hua ayega…ha ha

  • Akash lone

    Good after noon amir khan

  • madan jain

    dear Mr Amir khan,
    As i am into a medical business, i know that regarding doctors what has shown in the episode is truly right, there is no need to opolize becoz it is truly shown whatz happening in India, the blame goes to the institute where they collect lot of money from the mbbs students, so after graduation, a doctor has to recover all that money his/her parents paid or invested in bringing him up as a doctor.
    The blame goes to gov of india, only the goverment is responsible for all these happenings. If they reduce the donations then naturally there wont be a cheating to any patient what i beleive, but there is no need to opolize for exposing about the doctors and medical field as it is all true happening in India.

    • Faraz Khan

      Firstly, i like Aamir khan because not only i think he is a good actor but he also is good human being. regarding social issues, i think aamir is doing a good job by bring it to public attention. however, i wanted to comment to Madan’s post because what he said i don’t agree. you cannot simply play the blame game. it’s about a person who does wrong doing/cheat other person. for example: i don’t have money and i’m poor so you think if rob/loot a bank and how do you feel if i tell you it’s not my fault i rob a bank. the bank doesn’t have to hold that much of a cash. bottom line, everyone struggles in life but honest people don’t cheat/rob others and blame on something else. that’s plain stupidity.

  • Ashish

    “Satyamev Jayate”
    U surely need to READ this-

    Rather than Appreciating Aamir Majority of Doctors are taking on his personal life..and his earnings :( So Let me make it very clear abt the money and Sacrifices hez put into making SATYAMEVJAYATE !

    1.) Aamir Khan (AKP) spent 32 cr in d making,research n promotions of SMJ.

    2.) Aamir ended the contracts with 6 brands worth Rs. 116 cr.

    3.) Aamir Paid 23 cr to the brands as a penalty of the breach of contract.

    4.) In return he will get 46 cr (3.5 cr per episode)from Star plus,which also includes the pay of AKP team of around 500 members.

    5.) He could ve easily earned 3 cr per episode by doing a quiz show

    6.) Delayed the 45 cr most awaited film of 2012,Talaash.

    7.) He did Satymev jayate becoz he wanted to make it and not for money.

    8.) We never said that Satyamev jayate is a perfect show,its an honest effort thats it : Aamir Khan.

    The Reason all these things are’nt out in media coz He is not a self praising person!

    Share if You Truly Respect AAMIR KHAN’S SINCERE EFFOR

    • Puneet

      What’s the source of this info?

  • jasmine

    hello aamir love marige is not a crime kisi se pyar karna kabhi julm nahi hota par ye samaj yaha k log us pyar ko julm aur premiyo ko guneghar mante hai pyar karna galat nahi hai hum parents se kahna chege k agar ap hume jabjasti kisi rishte me banddege to hum kabhi dil se khush nahi rah payege samaj aur log thode din bat karte hai interkast marige k bare me lekin bad me sab bhul jate hai apne bacho k khushi dekhiye aur pyar karne walo ko apna banaiye unhe kabul kijiye wo apki h pparchaiyeya hai

  • rose

    hello amair love is not a crime krishna did also love with radha to ye crime tha hum to unki puja karte hai unhe bhagvan mante hai to fir bhagwan k banaye unhe insano se janvaro jaise bartav kyu karte hai pyar to wo anmol tafha hai jo rab kisi kisi k jholi me dalte hai to fir hum insan kyu kisi se kisi ka pyar alag karte hai

  • shantanua

    maine jenrik dawa wala apisod dekha tha. mera ngo hai kushinagar jo u.p. me hai.mai apne ngo ke madhyam se jenrik dawa ka dukan kholna chahta hu taki mai apni dukan ke madhaym se garibo ko saste dar pe achchi se achchi dawaye de saku aur unka mada kar saku. ples.jenrik dawa ki dukan kholne ki puri tarika batane ki kripa kare.

  • Abhsihek Sagar

    The purpose of SMJ is ti highlight the wrongs going on in the society, not goodies !