SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 10: Aamir Khan sheds light on casteism and untouchability

SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 10: Aamir Khan sheds light on casteism and untouchability

Tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure and less than human, Dalits or untouchables live a life that strips them of their dignity. Aamir Khan bravely discusses the social monster of casteism that runs deep in our psyche

What if you are born with a label or an identity that deems you as impure, unacceptable and even guilty not just for a lifetime but it continues to discriminate you even after you death? Aamir Khan asks a pointed question based on the way people are being coldly categorised on the basis of their cast and creed in our country. Are all men truly born equal? Not really. Just take a look at headlines in our mainstream newspapers and you will know India’s untouchables are relegated to the lowest jobs, and live in constant fear of being publicly humiliated. In the 10th episode of Satyamev Jayate Aamir casts light on untouchability.

The show begins with a heart-wrenching story of Dr Kaushal Panwar who was born into a lower-caste family. Right from her schooling years to the present day where she is working as a university professor in Delhi, Panwar faced discrimination at every step in her life. With her story Aamir brings forth a shocking tale to introduce the monster of untouchability that exists even 2012 India.The discrimination is so deep-rooted that even elected MPs are not spared. MP PL Punia who is also the Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes was barred from entering the Kali temple in Odisha because he is from a scheduled caste and his community has been traditionally not allowed to enter the temple.

Documentary filmmaker Stalin reveals how untouchability is well-entrenched and is still being widely practiced across the country by people of all religions – right from children being discriminated at schools to people being ostracised at social functions. He shows us how dalit kids are forced to clean school toilets just because they belong to a particular creed. Stalin captures the biting reality in his camera and portrays it in his documentary film titled India Untouched. Aamir shows a few rushes of Stalin’s documentary to show the prevalent practice of discrimination, subjugation and casteism.

Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari believes that the labels of cast and community are so deeply ingrained in people’s mind that they continue to remain even after a person’s death, and the only way to stop caste-based discrimination is to refuse the existence of a caste system.

Aamir also discusses the provisions by law to stop manual scavenging. Statistically speaking, Aamir states that there are still around 13 lakh families across the country who continue to be employed in the most demeaning and humiliating profession ever known to man. Mostly people from lower caste (Dalits) are employed, or even forced to do manual scavenging, or cleaning other’s excreta.

Just like in previous episodes of Satyamev Jayate, in this episode too, Aamir gets different points of view and different voices in. And in the end, Aamir asked viewers all over the country to send in their opinion on the subject.He also urges young Indians to come forward and participate in wiping out the social evil of casteism.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Anjani negi

    I watched todays show and after that,the question put up by Aamir khan, I would like to go with Y (yes) that manual scavenging should be end immediately… and I’m with stayamevjayate’s team in every issue or topic.

    • Capt Aman Sethi

      I want to add, a hypothetical situation, wherein a so called “High Caste” person is in desperately need of Blood Trnsfusion and with Time running out only so called “Low caste” person’s blood is matching, who (So called Low caste person) is in normal circumstances is NOT allowed to touch others utensils or share same seat, room etc.
      Now in that scenario will the relatives of so called “High Caste” person accept the blood of so called “Low caste” person’s to save the human life or NOT ?







  • S.N.Kaul

    Politicains are responsible for this cast system by sponsering candidates on cast lines and maintaining reservation on caste lines.

    • suryavanshi subhash chander

      aamir ji. jo apishode apne untouchability par banaya tha ushne hume ander tak hila. diya. hum bhi human equality ke liye kaam kar rahe hai. thanks you.

  • BN

    Dear Mr Aamir Khan

    Your this episode of Satyameva Jayate was as enlightening as the previous however failed to cover the full picture as holisticaly as the previous ones. If we are focussing on removing casteism from our society; don’t you think we should have touched upon reservation as well in this episode. You may or may not have a plan to do that separetly however casteism is not fully covered if reservation is not included. I am not trying to say that what is happening in enforcing this is justified; it is inhuman and must be removed. However at the same time if we are talking about equality ; then why have we missed covering Reservation for certain it justified for general category?

    • Mohan Sawant

      and without taking the name of Dr Ambedkar.

  • namlen bage

    god evng, Amir ji aaj k episod dek kar bahut he kharab laga aaj v hamare kuch log gulam ki tara ji rahe he or azadi to milgai bapu se pr hamare banaye gaye socity casteism se av tak azadi nahi mila…bade sharam ki bat hek aaj v hamare ghar/school/collage me v ye chala aa raha he pr aaj k episod se agar youngstrs logo ko kuch v sik mili he to jaru ye desh kal sub gulami se azad hojaye yega.

    namlen bage,student of 4m orissa

  • darhan

    I Would like to team of Stat Plus and Mr, Amir khan who has covered this type of topic, I have never cover see these kind of program before with long discusion on DISCRIMINATION BASED ON CASTE. This is totall myth. Now these day this discrimination happened with dalit with more hyteck way. As you have seen with the Prof.Kushal in Delhi University.Even I am suffered from upper cast due to my low cast. I am M.B.A and Pharmacy working with M.N.C.

    Actully we Dalit communinty have not find a good leader who can fight for the rightes of dalits.they are getting their power and money only. We find only two great leader BABA SAHIB AND SAHIB KASHI RAM ,who has worked for the dalit community. Every day these kind of mishappening happened with dalits. THIS DISCRIMINATION IS THE BLOOD OF INDIA THIS CAN NOT BE REMOVED EASY BECUSE THEY HAVE LEARN IT FROM DHARM GRANTH LIKE MANNU SAMRITTI. I thnk if MR. AMIR KHAN WILL SUPPORT TO DALIT REGARDING THIS ISSUE THEN IT WILL WORK MORE.



  • Varun Kumar

    Sir I am Varun Kumar from Ghaziabad Uttar pradesh. Maine aapka show satmav jayte aaj dekha aur usme aapne kis tarah cast equality par jor diya. mujhe bhaut aacha laga.main bhi jatiwad ke bhaut khilaf hu kyu ki main samajta hu ki ye jati wad hamare desh ko ek demak ki tarah kha raha hai aur jo hamare desh ki tarraqki main bhuht badi rukawat hai.
    come to the main point Sir main samajta hu ki jis tarah ye cheez iss desh main aayi hai use tarah yaha se chali jaye aur isske liye hamain
    3 kam karne patege

    1. jo jaisa usko waisa(I am not saying for querreling)

    2.mandir masjid main puja band karke aapne gharo main puja karna kyoki god is not only that particular place No god is everwhere.

    3. hamai shadi vivah main lagta hai ki ek pandit hi shadi vivah karwa sakta hai nahi court marrige is also available in india and for the shake of enjoy of party we can organise party after marrige

    thoda english main hath thang hai ye sab english man nahi likh pata agar likh pata to samja nahi pata.

    Aur main ek bat kahna to bhul hi gaya ki jo log Sc/St cast se belong karte hain wo bhuht rudiwadi hote hain agar unhone koi darwana sapna dekh liya to wo samjhte hain ke puja pad karwana chaiye jise ye sankat chala jayega

    mera matlab kahne ka ye hai ki jis cheez ka brahmin cast ko ghamand hai use ignore karo aur aapne pariwar ko educated banane ka prayas karo chahe hame bhukhe hi kyo na rahna pade.

    Thank You Sir

  • John

    Harijans…who were asked to live at the outer part of the villages in Gurgaon (Haryana ) are the richest people today (coz they have their lands on the prime locations)… compared to the higher cast people who are living inside part of the village …NOW THEY ARE CRYING… WHY DID THEY ALLOTTED THEM LANDS OUTSIDE??) !!!! Hope People will understand n will change or at least improve their thought process.

  • miss roshan ali khan

    hello Aamir Sir

    aap ke jitne bhi show the lajawab the bohot hi zabardast mudda ,ek se bard kar ek main aap ko ek zabardast mudda aur
    batana chahungi woh hai MAA ke bare main woh MAA ke bare main yahan bachche MAA BAAP ko aisi umar main akela chord dete hai ke woh dua mangte hai ke woh be aulad hote to achcha hota khas kar lardke ,agar aap yeh mudda uthayenge to kai MAAUN ki dua aap ko lagegi main kuch apne bare main aap ko batana chahti hoo hum 3 behne aur do bhai hai bhai jab kamane layaq hue to ghar chord di ek bhi nahi dono ne us waqt main school jaya karti thi ghar ke halaat theek nahi the ghar ka samaan bech bech kar kissi bhi tarah aadha pet khate the in bhayoun ko bohot dhunda hamari MAA pagalon ki tarah inhen dhunti thi lekin yeh nahi mile maine dasvi ke baad kaam dhund liya 18 saal tak bhaiyun ko dhunda lekin yeh nahi mile kai baar hum dono behne MAA ko hospital akele hi le jate the shadi shuda behen bhi saath nahi deti thimeri badi behen MAA ki dekh bhal karti thi aur main kaam kar ke ghar ka kharch chalati thi 22 saal baad ek bhai mila jo mooh chupa kar bhag gaya MAA ki tabiyat bohot bigardne kagi hum dono behne rote the ke koi nahi hai hamare saath phir ek din woh bhai phir mujhe bus stop par mila jab main us ka haath pakad kar ghar le gayee MAA se milaya woh bohot roi usse mil kar 25 saal ke baad ghar par aaya aap ko tajjub hoga sun kar ke woh ghar ke nazdeek hi rehta tha shadi kar ki hai bachche bade bade hai ek mahine baad hamari MAA guzar gayee shayad us ko dekhne ke liye zinda thi phir 6 mahine baad sab se bada bhai bhi bus main mila us ko bhi main ghar le kar aayee sab bataya ke MAA kitna yaad kar kar ke chali gayee lekin tum log nahi aaye ab MAA ko guzar kar saal ho gaya hai ab yeh teeno bhai behen hum dono ko ghar se nikalne ki koshish kar rahe haisamajh main nahi aa raha hai ke hum kya karen MAA ke liye hum dono behno ne shadi nahi ki hai,bohot lambi kahani hai lekin main chahti hoon aap yeh mudda bhi zaroor uthay aise bhaiyun ko sabak sikhay.satyemev jayte

  • Reena Meshram

    Amirji, you r doing amazing job i saw yesterday episode of Satyamevjate on untouchability ,it was a very truthful and heart touching episode
    itne sare tv channels hai itne sare serials hai par life ki jo reality hai wo sirf aapke serial me dikhai deti hai i m very well appreciating you. aap ne is episode me jo muddha dikhaya hai wo un loga keliye wakayi me sharmanak hai jo Dalit logo ke sath ithna gandhha wewhar karte hai, jab ki bharat ko swatantra hua itne saal ho gaye hai par aabhi bhi Dalit to pe attyachar ho rahe hai. mei appko bohot bohot dhanyawad karti hu ki Desh ki gandhi soch ko badalne ke liye aap bahot hi badiya kaam kar rahe hai. par kaal ke episode me yaddi aap is jung ki survat karne wale pahile insan Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar ji ka Nam lete to mujze dugni kushi hoti .unhone jo kam kiya hai unpe jo attyachar hua hai wo bhi dhekhne layak hai yaddi aap unka thoda sa bhi jikar is episode me shamil karte to is episode me char chand lag jate
    thank you
    with best regards
    Mrs.Reena MESHRAM,
    Geologist,Geological Survey of India

    • Nikhil

      See i would like to say to amir khan and his Satymev jayte what ever u did for last 9 episode is incredible job.
      but in episode of UNTOUCHABILITY one thing i missed name MAHATMA JYOTIRAO PHOOLE an activist, thinker, social reformer, writer, philosoper, theologist, scholar, editor and revolutionary from Maharashtra, India in the nineteenth century and BR AMBEDKAR.THe history of untouchability and its solution could notbe and can not be solved without Introduction of BR ABMEDKAR And MAHATMA PHOOLE

  • Nilima Priyadarshini Mishra

    Dear team members of Satyameva Jayate.
    Thanks for showing the story of Dalits in Satyameva Jayate. I think this is the initiative to change the society. Besides of 3/4 strong acts against caste based discrimination and untouchability the so called dominant caste people are practising untouchability. for the eradication of untouchability this type of programmes in TV channels is necessary. I am agree with stellin ji tat there is simple way to eradicate the caste discrimination that is intercaste marriage.Most of the pairs in love faces the problem of caste. But till date there are a very few films on this. most of the people are not agree that caste system is a problem in the society.
    Again thanks .

  • rajkaur malhotra

    surname or cast column should be erased in Government service and school and colleges.regarding in this one rule should be make in our constitution. which will be followed in all over
    india .

  • Divya H C

    I feel touched watching any episodes of ‘Satyameva jayate’ and this one of ‘casteism, untouchability and manual scavenging’ was no different. I really emphathize the people who are involved in this manual scavenging and show great sense of respect towards them. As mentioned by Nilima, I too felt that stellin ji’s way to eradicate this is simple one. In fact, I am in love with a dalit guy, me being a vokkaliga (which I hate to be labeled as), so I feel proud that I am doing my bit for this issue. Regarding the manual scavenging, I feel this should be eradicated immediately.

    Great going ‘Satyameva Jayate’ team. You have all support from public.

  • Niharika Raghuwanshi

    People who support discrimination and believe in castism
    should be sent to those dirty places and they should do
    such kind of work. Innocent boy not taking lunch because
    of discrimination, how badly his heart have got hurt.How
    can such person score good marks than us.Such mind cannot
    give his fullest to examination because some part will
    spent its energy in searching answers for what is his
    mistake that he is getting discrimination as punishment.

  • rajkaur malhotra

    surname or cast column should be erased in Government service and school and colleges.regarding in this one rule should be make in our constitution. which will be followed in all over
    india . although problem of reservation will be finished in
    services and educational institution.

  • mrs. Rajkumari

    Dear Aamir Khan,

    RE:-Last episode

    I attended the last episode and did feel bad about the whole thing, as it was the idea to mention that the castisism is a very bad thing specially in India, which should be ruled out.

    I perfectly agree with you, but as per me the steps are to be taken from both the sides. I mean to say that if the people think these people are blue blood and should not be near us, and it is also true that these same people will not be in a position to clean their own defecation, i.e. to say that without these people there will be dirt and filth every where which first of all no body would be able to bare and secondly there will be epidemics.

    Only thing I want to bring to the kind attention of everybody is all of us should also learn the hygeine level.

    I dont intend to blame anyone. They have not gone to
    school, neither are their forefathers taught about the hygeine, so sofar they do not know this aspect. but if they are part of us and definitely they are, it becomes our duty not only to teach them hygeine, but see to it they practice it and Aamirji trust me they will be best of the citizens and intelligent also.

    with lots of love


  • bharati misal

    Respected Mr.Amirji,
    In bollywood people come and touch life of people through their excellent acting and show their concern or donate money to NGO and feel that they have accomplish their duty towards societyrough and relax at home
    But this is a very sincere and genuine approach of bollywood you people as you represent it that you people are really thinking about people like us and care for them.
    I PERSONALLY MEET YOU IN PANCHGANI WHEN YOU ARE ON VISIT TO YOUR NGO its a very noble work that you are doing I salute to the work and your approach.want to discuss some issues with you pl give your valuable time THANKS AND BEST WISHES TO AMIR the father

  • mashinder bhardwaj

    many many congratulations for this episode on untouchable.
    I have a thought for a long time . gentleman brought a point for railway ministry.I felt so bad when I travelled in india in the train. washrooms defuse left quite open in the train which is being sprayed in all over the country . it is been going on 24hrs every day since railway started . It is very hard for any one to accept that it is old tradition and it cannot be stopped,on one side what a slogan keep the country clean and other hand govt itself making this mess all over the country 24hrs non stop.why not the waste be collected in tank connected to the washrooms and be despose off at proper place to the sewage.My country is beautiful very old cultured and have to be proud of. only when we nri or other visitors comes to our country and first see filth ,dirt dirty colonies of poor people beggers hunger not hygenic any where contaminated water polution . it is govt duty to do all that have new ways of things keeping people health preority . to my views india should be the richest country in the world where the tax payers are close to billion as compared to those countries where tax payers are only in 10 mil.i thank you very much through this media if i can express my views.

  • avinash aggarwal


    • abhishek halder

      reservation should be there. otherwise it will be a great injustice with the lower caste as they are still lagging behind in many fields(ofcourse education). first equalize everything for everybody then ask for equality in all fields. you can’t ask an unfit athelete to compete with a fit athelete providing all the rules are same for both of them.

  • Shraddha Pathade

    will u talk about caste reservation system in education..

  • Quamar Azam

    I highly appreciate Aamir Khan’s effort in bringing out the issue of casteism in India. I hope our generation works hard to wipe out this evil.
    Yet there are other aspects which was not covered. Like many poor families do not get the benefits of resevation just because they are born in upper caste. I have heard this deprived section of society saying- ” Accha hota ke Bhangi hi ban jate, mere bachhe ko padhai aur naukri to mil jati”.
    We as Indian youngsters need to think on these issues and do whatever little individually we can do.
    Thanks once again to all those brave real heroes of the episode.


    the news of sharukhkhan flirting with women outside his marriage is very disturbing. he should behave responsibly.he has global fan followihg with conservatism as a great human virtue.

  • sarah

    waiting eagerly for for some srk yashraj magic. musicand films

  • bhanupriya

    satya meba jayate mujhe or mere sare friend,family & relatives ko bohat accha laga.please app yeh show firse jaldi suru karye.esme education ke bare me topic laiye.

  • archana

    i seek resignation of b.b.batra m.l.a rohtak haryana on grounds of being casteist . casteism was abolished in total deviation of categorically stated indian laws casetism is being practised most diligently.please support me.

  • archana

    i seek resignation of b.b.batra m.l.a rohtak haryana on grounds of being casteist . casteism was abolished in total deviation of categorically stated indian laws casetism is being practised most diligently even today .please support me.

  • cutie

    Hindu (body) four
    community: brahmin (head) kshatriya (arm) vaishya (belly) shudra (feet) All
    these four community called as hindu. We all are parts of one body. Without
    each part our body is not complete. If we lost one part of our body then we
    become handicap. The human body is the entire structure of a human being. Human
    Body is considered so loving that God even wants to have it. Spiritual Yogis
    have found that after going through the 84 millions species this souls get the
    most dignified human body. So it is the last step to explore the God or to get
    the view of almighty father god. We know that the soul never dies it takes
    birth again and again just like as we take new clothes to wear the soul as it
    takes new body and it is an infinite process. But the body what we get in next
    birth depend on our karma that thas been cited in Gita by Lord Krishna to
    Arjuna. We all here to perform our duties. Our action makes our destiny and
    nothing else. The result is in the hand of supreme power. Karma is the seed of
    plant and if the seed is genuine it must be fruitful..

  • cutie

    Many a time, man has taken birth in high
    caste and low caste; but this does not make him great or lowHaving been born in
    high caste man thinks himself to be great and being born in low caste thinks himself
    to be low and pitiable; both of these states of mind are wrong because many
    times man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud
    of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family.

    Greatness has nothing to do with high
    caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and
    becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his
    conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. Who does not know that high
    family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas
    Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are

    Then, what is the importance of high or
    low caste?

  • cutie

    All stupid people living in India
    that’s why this country cant be develop anymore as the other countries are well
    developed. Bcoz indian people live in caste-ism and egoist by nature especially
    who belong to upper class which is created by themselves not created by God.God
    only created human being..He didnt put any human in high and low category..This
    cheap things only created by some bastard itself who live in India..and
    they be proud by called themselves hindu..I am also hindu but i wanna spit on
    that every person who proudly said they are hindu but their thinking is so
    narrow its depend on human what they want to become Devil or
    Angel..Nobody is lower and higher by caste or religion..they become high and
    low by their behavior..Reservation should be stop itself when you all leave
    this stupid casteism..Say no caste and no community..All are hindu who live in
    hindustaan understood idiot people..

  • cutie

    We always talk about
    religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all
    are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never
    created any caste they made simple human being..caste and community only
    created by stupid people who are mentally sick and had fear in their heart bcoz
    if they will not choose higher place for themselves then other people going to
    defeat them and going to put them down..bocz they don’t have believe on
    themselves and their own work..they have doubt own their capability..they always
    think negative we cnt do hard work if other person give their best then they
    must be achieve something better than creating high and low community
    and even not asked to any people wh are coward they put themselves to higher
    community…bcoz they are coward and they to protect themselves..

    • Jihadi

      Yeah we all said that there is no castism & religion but before comment just visit field,you found real truth & discriminate

  • cutie

    Hindu religion devided into four community….but again I m saying to all stupid people
    who living in india..caste
    and community only created by mentally sick people and who follow them they
    have something problem in their mind..four community name are
    its surprising we all India
    dnt know the exactly meaning of these four words..let me explain to
    you..brahmin means not that who born in high class..koi janam se uncha or nicha
    nhi hota hai.brahmin mean jo god ko janta hai usko apne samne dekha ho jisse
    brahma ka pata ho or apne acche karam se jana jaye na ki apni jaat se..agr
    Brahmin hone pr insaan ke karam gandhe hai toh who insaan ashudh mana jata hai
    who pavitr aatma nhi hoti hai…Kshatriya
    ka matlb hota hai weh yodha jo mantvta ki raksha hetu apne angg angg ko katva
    de..samks praniyon ki raksha ke liye apni jaan kurbaan kr de or apne karam pr
    ghamand na dikhaye..Vaishya who hote hai jo apne kaam mein emaan dikhaye koi
    chori chakari na kre..apne kaam ko galat tareeqe se na kre..emaan ki kamai ko
    khaye haraam ki kamai ko haath na lagaye..Shudra ka matlb hota hai shudh or
    pavitr aatma….jis bande ke ander koi
    moh, maya, krodh or ahnkaar tak nhi hai jiska aacharn shudh ho or karam shudh
    ho wohi sacha shudra apne karam par purn vishwaas rake…jiske karam ache nhi man mein ahnkaar hai
    who shudra nhi mana ja sakta hai..agr tum log shudra ko pero ka sathaan dete ko
    toh or unhe neecha mante ho toh kanjke pujna bandh kr do unke peron (feet) ko
    dohna unki puja krna bandh kr do..kisi devi devta ke mandir ja kr natmastak na
    ho or apne mata pita ke peron ko choo ke ashiwadh lena bandh kr do..

  • cutie

    insaan apne guno se upar uthta hai unche staan pr baith jane
    se nhi..caste n community created by NUT people jin logo ko khud ko dusro se
    shreshth batane ke liye apne aapko ek high community mein rakh liya or dusro ko
    niche dikhane ke liye lower community mein rakh diya gaya bina unki marzi
    jane…i want to tell to all bloody hindu people community ye decide nhi kregi
    bastard ki tum kitne high or low ho…tumhare karam tumhe upar or niche girane
    wale hai…arre gadho god ne insaan banaye hai caste nhi…gadho aisa hota toh
    christan or muslim mein bhi aise hi char community hoti bt tum log unko as all
    christan n as all muslim hi bolte ho…tum bloody hindu logo ne khudh hi apne
    bando ko khudh se alag kr diya…char community hai hindu mein let me explain
    it to very well suno gadho…hindu ko as a body lo us body ke char hisse tum
    gadho ne kiye 1st brahmin jisko sir ka staan diya or kshatriye ko bhuja or
    vaishya ko pait ka or tum sabki favorite community shudr jisko per ka staan
    diya….ab gadho batao agr per kat doge toh kya apni manzil ki taraf tunde ho
    ke jayoge tum sb apahiz ho yaad rkhna..agr hmari body ka ek part bhi kat jaye
    toh hum apahiz kehlate hai toh tum bloody hindu khudh apahiz ban chuke ho..ek
    bade se bada brahmin or devta bhi jb apne maa baap ntmastak hone ke liye sir
    jhukata hai toh woh uske charno ko choone ke liye toh akal ke andho sabse uncha
    staan toh shudr log prapt kr chuke hai…tum nhi tum gire huye ghatiya egoist
    bande ho jisko god bhi narak mein dalega….i m also brahmin bt i hate castsim
    okh….say no to community n caste den reservation should be stop
    itself…abroad isliye develop kr raha hai bcs unka mind indian ghatiya logo ki
    tarah nhi hai especially katar hindu..1000 saal baadh bhi india
    mein koi development nhi hogi yeh aise hi high low ke liye hi mrte rahenge…we
    all r hindu idiot we all r same koi lower or high caste nhi hai..

  • cutie

    Whenever someone’s ask you about your caste then your answer
    should be to them is:

    I am a Brahmin in knowledge

    I am kshatriya in valor

    I am vaishya in business

    I m shudra in service

    In the end I am just sanatam dharmi hindu and nothing else..Then
    say you proud to be a hindu..