SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 11: Aamir Khan reveals what lies in store for the senior citizens of India

SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 11: Aamir Khan reveals what lies in store for the senior citizens of India

And what we saw made us smile

Come Sunday morning and we crowd around the idiot box to find out what Aamir Khan has brought to the breakfast tables. And this time – after a couple or more episodes that ran a tad bit low on emotions – we again choked on our cornflakes and bread pakodas.

Aamir today dealt with the plight of the grandmas and grandpas living in India. A common perception about grandparents is that they are cute old fellas who tell stories that grandchildren love to hear – a lovable and delightful arrangement, isn’t it? But that’s the glorified picture. The reality is what many old people in India face, and that’s being neglected by their children on the pretext of a fast paced life.

The need to get rid of old people in the house has become so powerful that families living in Virudhnagar district in Tamil Nadu have started resorting to a practice called ‘talaikutal’ – killing a person who is too old and frail to take care of himself/ herself with the help of injections administered by quacks. When Pramila Krishnan, a correspondent of Deccan Chronicle spoke about her research on this horrifying practice it forced us to think – where are we going?

And that’s when the tone of the show changed from grave and helpless to one with loads of spirit. It began with Mr Himanshu Rath of the Age Well institution. He voiced his views on how it’s necessary for an old person to be financially independent ‘coz the economy of our country is not prepared to look after the growing population of senior citizens.

Then came the smiles and grin when we saw lively grandmas and grandpas marrying at the age of 79, playing cricket, creating records and what not. We even saw two dadijies who work in the fields win medals for shooting. Whoa!

Yes, while Aamir showed us what’s wrong with the country as far as senior citizens go, he also pointed at the clear way in which times are changing. Old age homes are no more viewed as a place where sad and lonely grandmothers and grandfathers are dumped. It’s becoming a lifestyle. Aayudham, an old age home in New Delhi co-exists with a school where the old people are employed as teachers. And that according to Dr Archana Kaushik is a symbiotic relationship that brings loads of happiness to the senior citizens as well as children.

In conclusion, the one thing that became amply clear through this episode of Satyamev Jayate is that the situation is tricky, no doubt, with so much love and emotions involved. But looks like avenues are opening up for grandparents who can now look forward to a bachpan after pachpan.


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  • Mayank Mantri

    I am Teacher in Commerce (ABST) , I Live in Kota Rajasthan, I am not any achieve in my life. I want do Something.

    Plz. give me suggestion

    • Narendra Mishra

      shri Mayank mantri jee,Be spesfic what achievement you want.

      then only any suggestion can be given. Since you are teacher you should concentrate on building future of your students——— Narendra Mishra

  • g.m.sudhakar

    today’s programme was very good and youngsters are becoming careless and busy that they can’t even take care of their own parents.they can’t understand that their parents who have gave them birth and made them to that position that they can settle easily and be happy in their life.parents always wanted their children to be happy,and always helped when ever they wanted a small help also,but now at the old age when the parents wanted their children’s help they are not even one percent ready to help them.I watch and like every episode of it.
    satyamev jayate.mera bharat mahan.

  • joyee

    today’s episode was very emotional as usual.this is a very serious issue. this is not restricted in a particular community but exists in every community.children learn by watching their parents who misbehave with their parents.also if the parents deprive their needs and go to extreme ends to fulfill the needs of their child than their capacity permits,the child grows up learning that their parents do not need anything from him because he has grown knowing whatever best things are there in the family they are only for him.he never learns to share with his parents.then how one fine morning this child becomes dutiful towards parents?of course the child has learnt something by watching their parents it is to love his children the way his parents had and face the same who will teach the parents to be less emotional and more practical.loving ones child does not mean one has to sacrifice everything for the child’s sake.but they do so, so that they can put much pressure on them to be successful.the child has fulfilled the parents wish that’s all but has learnt to be selfish.

  • Mahesh mishra

    Thats all really true but the people viewing the show after the show they forget and also amir this is because on next day of episode amir bring a new one and does not discus about privious what happen and whats the resuts comes is the govt take any action with the problem . Thanks


    i liked ur all programs.but the thing is that people watch and just forget after that moment…off course not all the people but the government should take action of it…….
    U SENT MANY LETTERS TO THE GOVT….WHAT WAS THEIR ANSWER…..plz can u share wid me….?

  • Rekha Khandelwal

    I am managing a senior home for sick senior citizens .I am proud to say that the children who have left them in our care keep in touch
    with them keenly follow their medical progress.
    rekha Khandelwal

  • Smitha Venkatesh

    I am watching all the episodes of Satyamev Jayate.I was shocked and surprised to know about things happening around us.Even though v r nt a part of it, some or the other way v too r responsible for all that.It is important that people learn and change their views and not just pity those suffered for that moment.This may really bring about some change in our society.It is WE who can change ourselves not others..

  • priya

    I AM watching all the episode of satyamev jayate

  • priya

    aap ka qu. tha ki hum bhi apne maa papa se utna hi pyar karte h jitna ki wo humse nai hum unhe wo pyar kabhi nai de sakte jo wo humko dete h hum unko jitna bhi pyar de kam h unhone hame janm dene se lekar aj tak jitna kiya hum wo kabhi nai kar payenge unhone apna sara jivan huko diya apna sara kimti time huko diya or hum apna chota sa time unhe nahi dete wo hamare liy itna karte h or hum unheus waqt tak hi time dete h jab tak wo apna dhyan rakh sakte h jab tak unke pas rupaiya h aksar ye hi hota h orjab unhe hamari jarurat hoti h to hum unhe usi hal pe chode kar sakun se jine cale jate he ye galat he or mera comment he ki aksar kai bejuwan janwaro ko mar diya jata h qu unka kya kasur hota h ye hi ki wo bol nahi sakte wo apni dard kisi ko nahi bata sakte jab bhi log sikar ke liy jate he unhe hi apna nishana banate he qu un masumo ki galti ya hoti he ye hi ki wo janwar he or bol nahi sakte unhe bhi cote lagne me utna hi dard hota he jitna ki hum insan ko unhe bhi wahi bhuk he jo hum inssa ko unhe bhi usi pyar ki jarurat hoti he jo hum insan ko marte waqt unhe bhi utna hi dard hota h jitna hum insan ko wo bhi to ek insan ki tarh h bus fark itna h ki wo bejuwan h hum bole sakte h agar me kahi pe galat hu to sorry

    • Mukesh

      very good. i like ur comments.

  • priya

    Thanks mukesh ji

  • rahul

    amir sir nice episode (styamev jayate) i lke like wacth dis episode then u such a nice person.

  • naila

    amir sir,kisi wajah se main apka prog.15 july ko nahi dekh paee, lekin mujhe jab baad mein pata chala toh use miss karne ka bahut afsos hua.sir,aaj main 37 yrs ki hoon aur mere papa ko guzre 25 yrs ho jayenga kal, 19 july ko,lekin aaj bhi main unhe ek chote bachche ki tarah yaad karti hoon.main sochti hoon k jab mujhe papa ki itni yaad aati hai toh ammi ko kitni aati hogi?main apni ammi se bahut pyar karti hoon.unka karz toh hum chuka hee nahi sakte k unhone hamein paida kiya,achchi tarbiyat dee,padhaya likhaya,shaadi ki. aaj jab unhe hamari zaroorat hai toh hum unse moonh kaise morh sakte hain? sir,hamare jaisi soch aur logon ki kyun nahin hai?meri bahas ho chuki hai mere apno se isi baat ko le kar.kya main galat hoon agar ye kehti hoon k 10 saal baad jab hum budhe ho jayenge aur hamare bachche isi tarah hum par haath uthaen,dekhbhaal karna toh dur tabiyat bhi nahi poochen toh hamen kaisa lagega?kuch toh aisa ho jisse log apne parents ko pyar aur izzat dein.

  • manisha

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    Aamir sir,
    Namste,Mujhe apka ye program bhaut accha lagta hai.aapke iss TV show ke through hum Ek importent message dena Chahte hai ki”HINDI HAMARI MATRI BHASA HAI” ISSE HI APNAYE “ISSE MATRR BHASA NA BANAYE” .Aamir sir hum chahte hai ki jaise aap hindi me show karte hai.waise hi internet me bhi ye show ke bare me jo kuch bhi ho wo hindi me hi likha ho.Sir hame ek bat ye samajh me nahi aati hai ki humlog england,america,japan,chaina & rusiaa jaise countri ka har bat copy karte hai kyunki wo devlope countri hai.Lekin humlog ye kyu nahi samjhte hai ki wo devlope countri apni matri bhasa ko hi pradhanta dete hai.Ye sare logo ko english aati hai lekin phir bhi yelog enterpreter rakhte hai aur apni bhasa ka hi prayog karte hai aur samman dete hai.Sir humbhi aap se judna chahte hai.(sir mera nam rupesh sahay hai mai MBA kiya hua hu aur jamshedpur me job karta hu.

  • SAMY

    Dear Mr Aamir,
    I salute you?
    You are the real hero thinking about the society at this money making era.
    May God bless you and give strength to do good service to human kind.
    You deserve a degree more than PhD for your research work on various topics which is useful for the society. You deserve for a Nobel Prize

    A big salute to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • J Marwah

      Excellent job /thinking of Amir K, In practical and in deep heart of most of the humans , all these things exist, PROBLEM IS TO MAKE THEM IN PRACTICAL LIFE FOR THAT THESE TV SERIALS AND SYSTEM IS TO BE MADE COMPULSORY

  • SAMY

    Dear Mr Aamir,

    Thank you for your great work to society

    Throw some light on corruption status and anti-corruption measure in your research which could be an eye opener to all and useful.

    JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manjeet chahal

    thanks for your g8 work and inspriation

  • Smita Ghia

    Thank you so much for such programme.I feel Sr.Citizens should be taught computer and other activities so that they can be with the time.My daughters wanted me to learn computer and I tried and now am able to write email.So all adults must be taught what they could not learn in their time so that children would be happy that we are not out of date.Many small activities Sr.citizens can do if given opportunity by Government or by Industries or organisations so that they can have some money for them.Sr.citizens should also be taught that they also should not insist on old customs from their daughter in laws.

  • surya


    Your work is superb. but please also bring out the sr.citizens who greatly think only about their self respect
    and not their sacrifice for their working daughter or son who suffers without people to look after their kids (grandchildren of sr.citizen. They are not lovable to their children as they were before getting them married. please teach them the right path.

  • mohan prakash rajput

    satyamev jayate program is very very good.i like it satyamev jayate program

  • somnath pathare

    I like SATYMEV JAYATE Program because in this program they handle social issues and try to make awareness.

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    Your Supporter.

  • alpesh

    mare tamane real ma jova 6e?

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    sir sataymev jayte program is veryyyyyyyyy gooddddddddddd i am proud of you amir khan aap is program ko aur bhi aage le kar jaiye

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    muze amir khan ji se baat karna hai bahut zarori hai



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