SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 4: Aamir Khan tackles fraudulent medical practices

SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 4: Aamir Khan tackles fraudulent medical practices

The intelligent actor casts light on a slew of scandalous exercises ailing our healthcare system

Low on tears but high on shocking value, Satyamev Jayate’s fourth episode dealt with horrendous medical practices forthrightly. Right from the deceitful ‘Basin’ blood test to the ‘cut percentage’ offered by pharmaceutical companies, and from astronomical fees students have to shell out to pursue medicine to drug mafias casting a wicked web of incentives to pocket more profits - Aamir Khan daringly portrayed a vicious cycle that is deteriorating our basic healthcare system without pointing an accusing finger at anyone. Not once did he condemn the government or any medical body and yet he made the required impact without being preachy.

Aamir started the show on an interactive note. The 47-year-old asked the young medicine professionals and students from the audience their real intent behind perusing medicines. “Be healers rather than being just profit seeking experts,” urged Khan.

Satyamev Jayate brought to light the shocking cases of a number of people who have suffered at the hands of fraud doctors. It also showed how a paltry 1.4 percent of our total GDP is utilised by the government to look after the health of our massive population. On the positive side, Dr Shetty introduced the low cost insurance policy, an innovative scheme which can avail any treatment or any medical facility to the commonest denominator of our society.

Aamir also introduced and promoted the unique concept of generic drugs. The show, in totality, focused on how our healthcare system can gear up, take initiatives to bring about some positive changes in its functioning and provide the required medical treatments or facilities to everyone without discrimination. After all, medicine is a profession and even a doctor can err, but if one does one’s job with integrity and with a clear conscience, he can earn equally good money without disrupting the social and moral fabric of society. Satyamev Jayate’s fourth episode managed to drive that message home with gusto!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mahesh mittal

    i am very impress sataymev jayate program. This program social light improve

  • chandan mishra

    wonderful Show


    it iz best show ever i hav seen.its creativity iz superab.satyamev jayate.

  • RAVI

    an important topic covered today,thanks aamir and team

  • harish chand

    excellent episode.I want say Bravo to aamir and his team and please continue your good work forever….

  • prachi

    satyamev jayate izz the superab all episode tnx aamir..

  • Rajender singh

    Fabulous work with team

  • naresh shah

    Excellant coverage on health and practice of medical practice which is widely criticised by educated people.All Drs.included in the show were good except Dr.Talwar head of
    medical council who was looking week for the post.While episode focuses on the issue much efforts are needed to tackel the issue.I think right solution can come from medical personalities leadership only to rectify the situation

    • Makhan Gupta

      You are on pont I think Dr. Talwar on this show is related to Nupper and Rajesh Talwar

  • arun

    the range of topics decided is excellent surely lot of effort is behind this program

  • anand raj

    i give 101 (out of 100)marks to amir because the examinee is better than examiner

  • faylene pande

    excellent work aamir keep it up :)

  • Aniket Bhosale

    It is highly revolutionary Show. we got proper platform to appreciate social issues from society. Today’s episode focuses on fraud of medical profession and as a consequence common people became a victim of it.
    Thanks to Amir’s team to unveil the harsh reality of society.


    The Show is need of the hour. Congrats and thanks a lot. It happens with all the people in India, Specially who are covered with the benefits provided by the employer. In these cases Dr & Patients boths’ approach is APNE BAPKA KYA JATA HAI, COMPANY KA JAYEGA, but they never understand they spoiled their own or family’s health for unwarranted Costly treatments & operations. We need to built some Agency to monitor this malpractice.

  • s k negi

    it should be made mandatory for the doctors to write generic names in the prescription of patients

  • Ashok Deshmukh

    The show organised by Aamir is really provoking the society to go ahead for eradicating the malpractices from the socirty.So keep it up for welfare of mankind.

  • sheetal sharma

    good 2 wtch d reality on tv.nice show





  • Gagan Rattol


    please try na watch the episode as well.
    its touching..

    bitter truth f our system !!!

  • abhishek singla

    kya log iss tarah se ladkiyo ko marte rahenge phir maaa bahan aur bati kiseeee kahenge

  • ramesh chauhan

    I love this sow

  • Makhan Gupta

    We are living in San Francisso california for many years. My two doughters are medical doctor and my wife is also in medical field. We visit India almost every year and see our family members go through all these medical defficulty time after time. Along with all these these things you talked about your show, most of the doctores are not qualify to treat even common cough and cold. my doughters tried to work with some of these so called docters but failed to change.
    We wait for you show to air every week and watch atleast twice. Good work please keep up.
    PS My wife does kidney dialysis and would like to come to India and work with you or other medical institute to help in her field. We are not looking for any money just help the country we love.

    • Sanjay

      Superb. I salute your sentment. I extend all my good wishes for you and your wife and daughters for taking us such a cause. Best luck, God bless you

  • Inayat shaikh

    Thanx Aamir bhai for adressing very important issues of our contry……..kep going.

  • Manisha Gupta

    I Need Your Help for my friend child………….
    Actually my friend child operated in open heart cryosurgery but it’s failed.
    Jo 27.05.2012 ke episode main open heart cryosurgery ke bare main kaha tha uska contact no. chihye……….ho sakte ho aap unka add or mobile no. name ke sath muje mail kijiye……
    It’s request…….

    • Priyanka

      us doctor ka naam hai Devi Prasad Shetty. Aap apna local hospital mein puchiye ki apka sabse nazdik Devi Shetty hospital or Narayan Hrudayalay kahan pe hai. phir aap patient to ko leke outdoor mein dikhaye, agar doctor jaroori samjhe to admit kar lenge. aap google mein search kar sakte hai by typing Narayan Hrudayalay, contact no. mil jayegi.

  • rajat

    sir i want 2 open a medicine shop after watching ur programe related to low cost medicine.. i want ur help….


    I also support the idea of selling generic medicine. If it is not possible everywhere than Doctors should prescribe only name of the generic medicine, and patient can chose from any brand from any company. This will automatically reduce the percentage business in medicine selling.If possible and permitted I will also open a generic medical shop

  • raj

    its really shame that television and star plus is done such idiot show where there missguding the pepole and just try to make money out of it . i dont understand that how can u do this when your tv show name is ” satya mev jayte ” still u pepole r just not doing proper reserch just collecting the staticstic from unknow sources . i really sad that even u have telecast your four episode and all r lacking of truth . u r not telling the truth u r just telling your view point . even the duffer and a best actor doing this . even he look fake even in this show . even amir is not a seriously doing this tv show we can see in his eyes . its really bad that the calliber, talent and acting skill he have but still in this show he look fake even he cryed in that first episode such mockery he did . i m really beagging that if u r showing someyhing like that then do reserch on first then do it ” i think show name should be ” star plus ka jotha jayate… “

    • Sanjay

      Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Raj. What are you writing? Instead of appreciating Aamir’s efforts and the impact of the programme you are engaged in such baseless criticism. Have you even marginally understood the issues which are taken up in every episode? What is the turth that is not shown in the episode? U can stop watching the show if u do not like but do not negate the good things. Majority of our nation has liked the show and we respect Aamir as an actor and as a human being.

      • PRASANNA

        sanjay ur so right these dum people like raj wont appreciate ny gud thing happening in our contry dey nly like sme lafanga shws such as bigg boss r nything wich r just idiotic moneymaking shows…………..wat if de statistics r false… main objective is 2 wake up de people and alarm dem of wats happening around dem

        • Girish

          Mr. Raj I think even you are among the doctor who has done most shame less thing and you are unable to digest the fact.

          • Girish

            My Mom is victim like others. Even same thing happened with her. Her uterus was removed in operation without her knowledge . I want some strict action should be taken on that doctor who has done this shameful act. But I dont know who to approach :(

          • RAVIKANT

            Raj is absolutely right, he is a fake and misleading people. Just ask him to substantiate the effectiveness of all generic medicines with Randomised Test report vis-a-vis branded ones, Im not saying that generics are not effective but what is the basis of using branded should come out clearly in the public minds……….Similarly for other points raised by the imposter Mr.AK.
            Girishji, I dont know under what circumstances/technical complexity your mother’s uterus was removed. there are chances that it could have been removed for her betterment. If there is doubt take opinion from other Gyane and you can file case with the court, lawyers would help you.
            All the people please open your brain…think beyond what Mr.AK has shown you, he has shown only half truth through which he can play with your sentiments/emotions and raise TRP of the programme.

          • Sam

            It is a great intiative taken by Amir Khan and keep going Mr Khan.. I have watched all the episode and we all are in some way victim of all these things what is happenning around us but no one is raising the voice, but when someone like Amir Khan is doing something for a good cause we all should support him. There are many things which we are not even aware like for example the fact regarding the Doctor. My mom is victime like others, her ear was operated , the doc told that it can be cured and there are 98% chances that she will be able to hear. We went for that and even after observing the case as per the timeline given by the Doc, we did not see any improvement. When we consulted that doc again, they checked all the old report again and did some new aditional test and told its a nerve problem and cant be cured. Few of these docs are using their profession and playing with the life of innocent people. They should be punished. Let me tell u all the doc is from a very reputed Hospital. I really appreciate the work by Amir Khan and team.

    • Chandra

      What are you trying to prove, Raj? You are telling that the show is misguiding, not true, unknown sources. It would be practical if you could come up with some hard facts nailing as false each and every true story telecast on the show. Otherwise, just shut up and go back to your research lab. Thanks.

      • Ravi Kant

        Dear Chandra, Raj is absolutely right, problem is you all are hypnotised by your demi-god Mr. AK and dont want to see beyond what he has shown you. Just take the proportion of Foreigners VS Indians at Narayan Hridulaya, analyse his Balance Sheet and that of others, you will get the answer, ask Mr.AK to provide you these details…..Hey dont styme your mind………you look to be an educated person…when your attitude is this? what will be the attitude of illiterates….Faith on Docs has gone……Bad for the patients

    • samay

      shut up ur such a stupid person it seems u dont have brain at all mr raj

      • Ravi Kant

        @Samay, raj has the brain and he is using it……alas you have the brain and not using it………Kanjoos mat bano!

    • Abhay Tiwari

      what’s you are saying Mr Raj, you don’t know about such type of doctors, they are intentionality play with body to remove your Kidney, gall bladder, uterus……………just for making money…..
      this game are playing among the professional doctors with Pharma company they paying too much commission in advance to him even SUV car’s his foreign trip expense, hospital construction fund and lot of things which you can’t imagine.
      Lot of Surgeons send patient to whom Ultrasonologist which gives report according to him (Means show the wrong or increase the dimension of his parts like liver, swelling in kidney)
      They take commission at every deal as well as sending patient to another doctor or hospital, send to CT MRI, angiography, any type of surgery
      Lot of Child specialist (Paediatrician) insists to X-Ray centre that mention Pneumonia (Nimonia) to every kids which I am sending.
      I hv lot of example………
      They are actual criminal instead of who’s does robbery, financial crime, sex scandal and others corruption …………….they played with your body which gives God
      Amir Kahn is doing good job to aware people for this type of social evils.

    • anup kumar jain

      I can bet that Mr. Raj is a doctor and belongs to 2nd category of doctors. Sensible doctors know this practice but they are helpless. All the doctors are not after money and few of them really do charity. I appeal to all the doctors to leave such unethical practices and do according to the oath which they had taken at the time of entering the profession. It is not too late. Think and do according to the noble conscious, they have.

  • Abin tuladhar

    can we take a part of your social contribution programe to contribute medicine around our area as a team.

    From : Nepal

  • Kirti kumar

    I like the show by this show i come to know that i can purchase genric medicine for my heart pation mother & i will talk on this topic to Dr.Suhas kalashetty & Hardas

  • Abid khan

    It is a delight to see such Programmes and the best part is
    dear Aamir khan has picked up the point which no one ever has.
    In this beautiful country of angels there are some devils who want to spoil the name of our nation.They have to be identified and punished.

  • manpreet bhasin

    hats of to u to bring this topic. god bless u . keep trying to change indian mantality. i think so nothing in life is more imp then health.
    like we hve controlled price on petrol,cant we have cotrolled rates 0f all tests and operations all over india.dr who tries to fleece the paitent can be taken to court.

  • ak

    Kindly take the issue of alcoholism and domestic violence also. If you decide to take up this topic, I would like you to interview my sister too who, like so many other females, is a victim of this menace. I am sure your programme will make a dent in our society.

  • riddhi

    SATYAMEV JAYATE is nic so
    thank u

  • ankit sharma

    nice show i like it

  • fakhruddin

    Apart from the fact that everyone like Aamir khan
    in all the ways he portrays himself
    he knows the nerves of every Indian
    he does everything in perfect manner
    thats why he is called mr perfectionist
    i am also one of them who loves and respects him
    the present show he hosts i feel it should go on and on
    and shoud not close like Suhaib Ilyasi”s India”s most wanted
    strict action should be taken on all the issues raised by sir aamir khan and it should not go in vein for his toughest efforts,reserch,presentation etc till few weeks after the release of his show on that particular topic law should be implemented strictly and constantly on every individual irrespective of everything and
    i hope in few years we can proudly say our india is shining

  • Majid Khan

    Mr. Raj. You are freaking sick. Please let those Indian doctors take out your pea brain and get examined. This will greatly help our society from sicko like you. One should encourage Mr. Khan to bring these & many ill social issues up and front–no taboos-and discuss and resolve. This will never happen if you had any personal experience Mr. Raj having been screwed by shrewed doctors, rogue administration folks and screwed by your own relatives. Wake up and shut up or put up you freak!.

    • Ravi Kant

      @Majid, yes Raj’s brain was analysed and the result is he is using his brain vis-a-vis you all are not using it and perhaps you all brain has got rusted.

  • A

    You are absolutely right Majid.Star plus and Amir are showing reality..Aise doc ko punish karne ke bjay ye log unki side le rhe hai..May be who is taking that bloody doctors side wo log b unmesehi honge !!God belss you Amir !!!Satyamev Jayate!!!

  • Sadananda S Nayak

    Dear Shri Aamir Khan,
    Till date Satyamev Jayate has portrayed very well all the selected issues of our ailing social system in our country. Anticipation of the future subjects which you would be picking up in the coming episodes is quiet thrilling. Is there a way to strongly convey to the money hungry/corrupt & the guilty to “correct their values & reform themselves before Inida RUNS OUT OF PATIENCE. Can the Long arm of the law takes course against such personnel more effectively?” What is “S.J.” doing any thing to follow up on the episodes run by them ?Can this aspect be measured?
    “S.J.” being dubbed in various languages is a good move. Please motivate the Film DOyens Of Karnataka to review their decision and enable “S.J.” to reach every corner of Karnataka. may be Mrs Aamir Khan could help in this. Possible !!
    Because “S.J.” is an awakening call to all of us Indians to get to know as to what is happening around us while we are immersed in our daily routine and how a commomn citizen is blanketed from viewing many of these issues which one would never get to know unless you are in that field. e.g.:- Episode 4. In such cases please also share thoughts in good numbers of the good doctors in the field and what is that which is preventing them to weed out the bad practitioners in that profession. Why not urge the Govt to bring in the Yeshswini “Low Cost Insurance Policy”??
    “S.J.” should not be just the TV Serial. It should turn out to be the “Brahmastra” for eliminating / initiating elimination of all the wrong things in our country.
    Recommendation :: Could you take on subject of NATIONAL MILITARY MEMORIAL
    - Grateful Sir
    - With Profound Regards
    With Many Congratualtions & Best Wishes S.J. & Aamir Khan
    - Col Sadanand Nayak(Retd)

  • Rana

    Hi Amir,
    An excellent show.It is very important for young India to come forward and work towards eliminating corrupt practices .
    My dad said 25yrs back when I entered Medical college , smile will half cure your patient .This message from my dad has helped me and I continue to make my patients comfortable.
    It is true so many in the health care profession take away the comfort from people who can barely afford a square meal to meet their never ending desires.

  • monika

    hi Amir…
    u r doin a gr8 job… hats off sir… da issues wch are making our india as a non developed country has to b eradicated or eliminated frm our society … so dat it can b truly INDIA… love is lyf.. widout love no1 can live widout whtr its fr parents , sister brother or jeevan saathi … it shud b respected as parent love … ppl who r rejctng dse practises go n ask to dre parents wat dey feel or goin thru wen dre children r dying frm dse srs issues… dey shud hv a ryt to live dre life as dey want.. its a democractic country..
    jai bharat jai hind….. satyamev jayate…

  • Nilesh Manje

    Very Nice Work Mr Amir
    Go AHEAD

  • Riya Rajput

    hi , this is Riya from Noida. Your show is good and i think it is a stair for people who are in trouble. Dear Aamir please take a glance on my post. I want you to stop these agencies like TELE MART, TELE WORLD, TELE COLOUR. They are making fake products and making fool of public. They are making their own money and providing products which are worthless. These type of companies SHOULD BE STOPPED IMMIDIADELY. Thankyou and good luck.

    • Tarundeep

      i was going to order product from do u have any proof of its fakeness…

  • AJIT