SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 6: Aamir Khan fights for equality for the differently-abled

On Satyamev Jayate this Sunday, the actor shed light on various difficulties that the disabled have been facing in the country, and the solutions to make their lives better

Every time people question Aamir Khan’s intent to spread awareness about real life issues on his TV show Satyamev Jayate, he answers them by churning out a thought-provoking episode. And on the sixth episode, the actor chose to chat with special people who have accomplished great things in their lives after weathering many storms.

One of them is the confident Sai Prasad from Hyderabad. This young lad, who has a spine disability, works for Infosys and can ably shut everyone up with his vehement opinions. He recently tried skydiving despite his disability. After facing rejection from numerous schools and colleges, and being mocked by insensitive souls for years, Prasad today is extremely successful in his professional life. Emphasising the fact that our county’s shoddy infrastructure is one of the biggest hindrances that comes in the way of disabled people, Sai thinks that it also deters people like him from leading a normal life. Aamir also chatted with the visually impaired Krishnakant Mane who believes that only when handicapped children are given the opportunity to compete with normal people and lead a life filled with challenges, will they finally triumph. But that’s only possible when people don’t treat them like aliens, he said.

Aamir brought to the fore various superstitions that people still harbour about the disabled. Dismissing the belief that disability happens due to past life sins, he stated that if people were carrying their past life sins to their present life, the number of polio cases wouldn’t be dwindling with every passing day.

On a positive note, Satyamev Jayate showed that there are many schools who take an active effort to incorporate all kinds of children under the same roof. It highlighted that it’s imperative to replicate that model if we truly want to be called a developed country someday.

As Aamir got talking to Nisha’s (a child suffering from a rare skin disorder) parents, he was surprised to discover that someone could ruthlessly spit on the girl ‘coz of the way she looks. Khan also made us meet this fitness conscious dude who was denied entry into a gym because of his deformity. Aamir as a host made sure he didn’t preach or prate. He simply highlighted the chinks that we have in our armours, and we think doing that  is no mean feat.

Satyamev Jayate‘s sixth episode ended with a mind-blowing performance by a bunch of enthusiastic differently-abled dancers. And it left us with a message that all we have to do is be a tad more forthcoming, when it comes to doing something for these real heroes.