SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 7: Aamir Khan handles domestic violence with sensitivity

SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 7: Aamir Khan handles domestic violence with sensitivity

The actor-turned-chat show host discussed the issue with a studio audience composed entirely of men

“Patriarchy has defined masculinity such that men can’t cry even when their mothers die,” says an activist on the seventh episode of Satyamev Jayate. Aamir Khan adds, “I cry a lot.” The studio audience, composed entirely of men – the only women present are the victims – laughs nervously. You laugh too, but realise that there’s a huge truth hidden behind that one statement. You recall all the other episodes when Aamir would shed tears listening to a victim recall his or her plight. Suddenly it’s no more about just being a sympathetic host or a good actor. It’s become the basis of changing patriarchal thought, the same thought that leads to domestic violence against women.

The best thing about this episode – which dealt with domestic violence – is the way Aamir brought out the fact that men are not born aggressors and all men are not violent. Instead of taking the easy way out of demonising the men and deifying the women, Aamir took a more balanced approach. He brought forward the viewpoints of women who have stayed in abusive marriages for several years, men who happily admit to browbeating their women, a male police officer who is working hard to end this crime and admits that change has to begin from his own team, activists who work for empowering women, and the men in the studio audience who have their own take on masculinity. Patriarchal thought about masculinity and the role of women in society is what causes men to behave violently and women to take it quietly. Aamir insisted towards the end of the show that it’s that thought that needs to be changed, and the change has to begin with the men. It’s a huge statement and the fact that he had the guts to do it on national television will hopefully turn the tide in a few households at least.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ajit shinge

    we loved your show…it is absolutely touching…as u rightly said it touched our heart…….


    We like your show very much.Keep on showing till Indian should change their life style to TOP level in world.

    Change is required in ‘MENTAL ATTITUDE’

    We may get different opinion but basis conecept should be cleared. HONEST/LOYAL/TRUTH/ACCEPT – This should understand every Indian people.

  • surya prakash

    amir khan you are to gud

  • sunita

    nice show!excellent effort


    BISMILLAH-HIR-REHMANIR-RAHIM ! What a thought, its time to change our “Soch”Let us begin…

  • Naazi

    Hey aamir if u reading this MSG let first tell u I’m a great fan of urs nd ur show is ausumn keep it up desh zarur bad legs

  • Bj

    Amir jee, Its really a challenging job. Its time to bring awareness among the people of the world, keep it up.

  • Dillip

    Congratulations, the best strategy for social action needs a best Social Worker like you & of course we all should be with you….


    AAmirKhan is doing a good job. Wish him well. By the by, what happened to the threatened suit by the revered doctors?Mere sabre-rattling.

  • Radha Raman

    Hllo Aamir Sir, How;s you. Apka jo episode yesterday i.e. 17/6/2012 ko telecast hua vo meri story hai. But one thing i want to say the rights of women only in books. No govt authority and organizations help to any lady. I want to contact with you, Can you? If u can then then it was really a (I can’t explain it in words).
    Thanks & Regards
    Radha Raman

  • hema

    i feel really ashamed to what kind of marriage system we all are following in and interestingly girls who are single always asked when u will get married

  • Rakesh Srivastava

    Dear Mr. Amir,
    Aapne sirf ek pakchh ko dikhaya, kya lady har jagah sahi hoti hai Kya mard aatmhatya lady ki wajah se nahi karte? Kya en kanoono ka sahara lekar mardo ko paresan nahi kiya jata ?
    Sir India me kitne hi logo ka ghar in mahilao ne apne swarth ke liye tabah kiya hai. Ye bhi aapko dikhana chahiye.

  • Mohanlal aggarwal

    I watched this epispde testerday with great interest. i am a GP in the Uk. This type of abuse is not unique fir Indian women to bear. This is a universal problem and I see a few cases in my practive also.

    The secon point I would like to say is that it is not only womem to are victoms of domestic abuse. Med also victome of such physical abuse.

    • Rakesh Srivastava

      See ur comment,
      Thanks for support me,

  • Chhaya

    Its a great show. But Aamir do you really select the people after checking their background and real fact.I doubt?? B’cos there are so many ladies accused by in-laws n the lady whom you interviewed is fake since am residing at Malad & know her very well in PF. She has ruined her fly life herself & as on today’s date her daughter has lodged NC against her at Kandivli PS. Check if you can. Her own fly (Bro & sis) has broken a relation with her. She was not even fluent what she was talking. God knows who made her journalist??
    My suggestion – do survey of people’s real tragedy and then bring them to public. Anyway God bless her.

    • Rakesh Srivastava

      Chaaya ji,
      Read ur comment. I m agree with u,

  • Suresh

    Dear Mr.Amirji,
    Apka show bahot badiya hai. Mai chahoonga ek show unpar kare jo mahila ke vajaha se pidit hai. Hamara kanoon mahilao ke liye bada meherban hai but jara sochiye isi mahilao ke vajaha se iss sansar me aise purush hai jo iski shikar huai hai.
    Each coin has two sides n you showed only one. Hope you give us the justice:)

  • manisha chettri

    a thought proviking episode with a very delicate issue..highlighted…not only brings to the limelight…the woes of domestic violence but resolves innumerable..queries…n doubts that waved in my heart…thank u…for bringing up this issue n discussing it with utmost…wisedom…

  • shraddha

    hello Sir
    i like your show much and i love you.
    me aapka show regulerly dekhti hu. you are doing great job for our country. i feel that we have to see mirror right new for humanity and you became this mirror foe us. thank you so much.

  • suresh

    is terh ke serial bahut kam aate hain.bahut achha serial hai .isi tarah aap naya soch jagte rahe jo samaj ko ek nayi uchayi tak le jayn.dhanywad.

  • sunita chadha

    I always had been thinking that some bollywood character is required to talk publicly about the very serious issues prevailing in our country. I’am very happy that Mr Aamir Khan has taken this brave step. We now sincerely hope that any voice reaches the deaf ears of our Government.
    We are eagerly waiting for more issues to be addressed. You must talk, if possible, about the black money the politicians have been making and heading our country to poverty.
    Another very important issue is of increasing use of foreign products thereby making our country more and more poor . Please make a plea to people to respect and use our own Indian products and stop running after foreign products.

    Thanks a lot for doing this. God bless you.

  • Sabita

    Dear Amirji, Your episode of 17 July about the issue of domestic violence was really a burning one indeed.Hats off to you for handling such a sensitive problem that has been taken for granted always.Yes, women.even very well educated and from very affluent families have faced domestic violence sometime in their lives.But sir,my humble request to you is that why don’t you present the other side of the same very coin?You must be thinking that being a woman why am I insisting on such a request?My daughter in law,just with the motive of separating our son from us, along with her father filed a fraudulent complaint against me in the women cell alleging domestic violence,to our utter surprise.Right from the beginning of the marriage, she used to have bouts of unconsciousness,which we later came to know were pure planned and feigned.Would you please throw ample light on the matter?It would be not be justified if you don’t air this topic.Then she started insisting on a separate residence but he did not agree with this.Please air this so that perpetrators of this type should be humiliated and brought to book.

  • susheela Rodrigues

    The episode on Domestic Voilence is excellent. It is so very true in life, that wives are taken for granted and treated by men as they want. But I would also love to see an episode where MEN are treated badly by WOMEN. There are so many cases with this kind of maltreatment too. Where the Men have to put up with it for different social reasons. Looking forward to seing one of this kind.


    • sanjayv

      i agree…. it require two hands to clap !!!!!!!

    • Chhaya

      Hats off…am proud being a lady care for men’s problem. People should understand ladies are taking every case for granted and our society supports them to do so.
      Hope many susheela R. has similar kind of issues.
      support MEN they are part of us and we still depend on them. hope all the ladies accept it.

  • Anjum Ali

    I love to watch satyamev jayate…..
    first tv reality show…
    wat i like………

  • sanjay

    it would have been better if the partner’s view too hav been listened before arriving at a decision. It require two hands to clap.
    Further whts abt domestic violance from fair sex ??

  • anjanie

    dear amirji,i just loved your show,thanks for dealing with those social issues..BRAVO !!!!!! i do hope changes happen not only for those on the show, but for the whole of india….keep up the good work …

  • Manish

    Hallo Amirji
    Your shows are nice. but episode dated 17.6.12 is not as true as you shown. First lady who told you about her is half true & half false.I khow this lady very well. If she was facing such a big problems then why not she told her in laws & her parents. why she kept secret that she had taken divorce & then also she stayed with her husband for long time (years). B’couse she wants to enjoy her husband luxurious life. She was not capable to take her daughter’s responcibility then also she taken that and now day by day she demanding money from her husband. She told lies that she not taken money from her husband. You seen her one face only before showing this you must investigate person & then bring matter in public.

  • Suman

    i have only one humble request to u Aamir ji. I am into job and even on sunday i miss ur show. i heard a lot from people all around me and my family tto. since I m working on sunday also, therefore I request u to only reschedule the time slot of the re telecast of ur show somewhat at night in between 9 to 11 pm. i also wants to see ur show as lively as it is.


    • pushpasehgal

      missed the episode of 17th june .want to see repeat it possibe.


        Aamir sir,
        jab aap samaj ke ish krur parampara ko laker dharawahik banaya to mujhe personally bahut khushi hue, sach .apke is nake kam me bharat ke asankhya log apke sath hai. mare yahi dua hai aap jaise bande bharat ki bhumi per har din ek jaroor paida ho , aur main kya keh sakta hoon, bus itna hi,
        veer tu barhe ja dhir to barhe ja ..
        antatah apki hi jit hogi.

        • KOMAL JAIN

          AAMIR UNCLE

          • vijay kumar ibelong to hazaribag jharkhand.i am proud of u i love ranchi boy who is skipper of indian cricket world20 20 cup and one world cup of his credit.i pray to god for his long healthy life.

            amir ji aap bahut achha kaam kar rahen hain.ham ek doctor ke sataye hue ke dauran laparwahi men maar dala.i need a help to teach alesson. pl help me.

  • ranju

    hello SIR,
    not to be mentioned i am your fan since sarfarosh days….i appreciate this effort towards society.i do not know if this topic is in your agenda. i would like to request to do research on problems with children whose mothers do not take proper care of their OWN kids.they just abandon, abuse, ill-treat, beat their own kids.i do know such so called mothers. is is possible to take action against them?please do something…

  • Kahkashan

    Dear, AamirSaheb Aasalamalaikum, aapka har episod main bade interest ke sath dekhti hun aur bahot pasand bhi karti hun.Isske pahele bhi aapki kacheri jo KiranBedi ji ka programme thaa,uss mein bhi main apne khun bhari aansu,sine main uthte dard aur zissm main huwe zulm ke daag ki insaf ke liye chahati thhi kuch rahat mill jaye. Ayr thodi si jindagi manage karne ke hisaab mein miil jaye. tabb main iss qabil nahin thhi.Lekeen aapka STARPLUS programme SATYAMEV JYATE Uss se far far better lag raha hai.Aamir Saheb meri dili illteja hai ek bar hamare ORISSA KA bhi dowra kijiye yahan ka bhi dard apne programme mein samil kijiye ye STAR PLUS aur aapki badi maherbani hogi.Mere contact no;8895175366.

  • Amit gupta

    This show is very real show thanks for we inform in realty

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Dear Aamir Ji Namaskar main Satyamev Jayate Ka Har Episod Dhekhta Hun. Mujhe Ye Khushi Hai Ke Aap Ne Vo Programme Shuru Kiya Hai Jo Hum Sochte thye. Aamir Ji Main Chahta Hun Ke aap Ek Episod Hamare Desh Ki Education Policy Ke Uper Bhi Banaye ke Jo Shiksha Sab Ke Liye Jaruri Hai Ko Sab Ko Nahi Milti Jo Milti Hai Vo Bahut Mehngi Hai. Desh Ki 65 Saal Ki Azadi Ke baad Bhi Bahut Sare Bache Anpad Hai. Dil Main Bahut Kuch Hai Lekin Agar Aap Is baat ko Apne Apisod Ke Dwara Govt. Tak Pahunchaye To Aaka Abhari Hunga. Jai Hind

  • ashok sampat

    dear amirji,

    please release vcd of each episode. i intend to give particularly of episode no 7 of domestic violence to those gents who treat their wives as “pair ki jooti ” as gift from me.

  • ritika singh

    dear amir sir,
    your programs are exellllent,aweumestttttttttttttttttttttt i luv it very much ur every episode of satyamev jayate iz exelllllllent………….i like it vryyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thnkxxxxxxxxxxxx for doing such awesummmmmmm and moral giving programs………..FROM-RITIKA SINGH STANDARD-9 SETH M.R JAIPURIA SCHOOL,LUCKNOW

  • praveen

    heelo aamir ji,
    phle to hum aapko as actor like krte the but ab aap movies na bhe kre to to be hzaaro logo ki duaaye aapke saath h apko aasman ki bulndiyno pr phuchaane k liye.
    thanks for this fevlious show

  • suneel kumar singh

    amir sir aap to ek dam se vaastav me aap mr. perfectnist ho jha bhi jate ho ek dam cha jate ho aur aap agli movie kab dikha rhe hai logo ko apni

  • suneel kumar singh

    dear amir sir namaskar,
    aap satyamev jayte me kuch jyada young lag rhe ho sir kuch tips hm logo ko bhi dijiye

  • smita gavali

    hello sir……..
    doing a great job…
    i support ur every causing
    thanks for making such a meaningful show instead of useless reality show

  • smita gavali

    hello sir……..
    doing a great job…
    i support ur every cause

    thanks for making such a meaningful show instead of useless reality show

  • Swaleh Khan


  • Y.R.Pinge

    Hi Aamirbhai,
    I regularly watch your popular talk show ” Satyameva Jayate” and I must confess I like it very much. Your research team has done awesome job and you have done a superlative job in presenting it. The topics selected are close to our hearts and they have aroused public sentiments and provoked all of us to think and support where needed. I wish you a great success in this endeovar and hope politicians learn some lessons and take actions immediately.

  • virendra ranka

    thank you aamir you are doing a very good job and i been a pharmacist and having a medical shop you have opened the eyes of the common people as i was aware of this type of business that the doctor used to do adn it is called as the propagande buisness .

  • raja shekar

    FIRST THANKS TO AMIR KHAN it is a exelent programme due to this so many people were understanding present situation. And i wish u a very best of luck

  • sushant a waidande

    amir ji great show and you are proved that no one better than you

  • Ashok Khanna

    Each show of yours is excellent in content. Can you suggest any remedy or any organisation – NGO who can suggest remedy of domestic violence / mental torture been given by an army officer of the rank of kernel to his wife.

  • nisha tiwade

    amir khan
    thinking is a great

    • pinky mishor tiwade

      show is very real show thanks for we inform in realty


    Hai! i want to join you but how ? please reply me.

  • Yatin

    I think Amir and Team must understand another side of coin.
    Its true, that some of the women are having the problem in their marital life.
    But if you see the percentage wise, you will find that percentage of false case are more than the actual cases.

    Why don’t you take the data that overall in the country state wise cases filed as a “Domestic Violence” & IPC 498A, and you will be surprise to know that in the educated states these false cases are more,

    One episode should be on Misuse of Domestic Violence & Misuse of IPC 498A

    Further Lots of things to say…………

  • Anya sharma

    Dear sir,
    sir mei apk saare show dkhti hu regular. bt sir mei chahti hu aap true picture dkhae family ki jisme ek parents apne bachcho ko bht laad pyaar se unko palte h bada karte h unk expenses beer karte h to kya un bacho ka faraz nahi banta k vo bache apne parents ko bhi utna hi pyaar de. Especially son kyu apne parents ko waradh aashram chod aate h. kya unka faraz nahi banta k vo bhi unhe utna hi pyar se rakhe dey jus want nuclear family with their wife and child. pls sir is baat par thoda nahi bahot jayada dhayan dene ki jarurat h nd apse ye possible h.
    thank you


    hi guys i am in desperate need of help want to get out of a marriage.

  • Sapkale Yogita Dagadu

    Satymev Jayate ek Anokha Programme Hain Jisse Duniya Ko ek Nayi Soch Mill Rahi Hain Log Aatyachar Ke Khilaf Khade Ho Rahe Hain Ye Sub Mumkin Hoova Sirf Satymev Jayate Se Jiske Madhmyse Duniya Bhar Ke Aatyachar Ko Aamir Ne Aapna Andaz Me Pesh Kiya Hain Ki Duniya ke Har Ek Insaan Ko Sochne ke Liye Majboor Kiya Hain

  • Kaushal kumar

    Hi friends …
    I watch every epishode of satyamev jayate. I like very much this programme “satyamev jayate.”
    Kaha jata hai ki
    BAS EK PATTHAR TABIYAT SE UCHHALATE KI JARURAT HAI.” dosto ye patthar to AMIR sir ne uchhal di hai .ab hame bhi unke sath kadam se kadam milakar apne desh ko ek mahan desh bnana hai.hame bhi kuchh karna hai .is jajbe ke sath hame ab aage badhana hai.
    Jai hind …. Jai bharat ..satyamev jayate.

  • college of bmlt for handy capstudent

    amir sir… me janna chata hun handycap student ke liye…jo ek episod me dhikhaya gaya tha….sir plz inform me………

    thanks regard
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  • Ritu

    Hi sir I m the one suffering from domestic violence I need help so what can u do for me please do reply

  • rajesh bangera


  • Mikinzie

    i love satyamev jataye like .today it was clearly shown that , how some people create difference between boys n girls. this is one of the major problems in INDIA. girls r not at all safe! they should keep something to protect themselves. i think that this program SATYAMEV JAYATE can change the thinking,and mind of those people who create difference between boys and girls n think that boys r more capable of doing things than girls