SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 7: Will Aamir Khan tackle domestic violence?

The promos currently on air hint in that direction

Aamir Khan has dealt with several social evils on his show Satyamev Jayate. For the past six weeks, he’s been starting debates on female foeticide, child sexual abuse, dowry death, medical malpractice, honour killing and the ostracism of the disabled. We hear that this week he will be dealing with another crime – domestic violence.

The promos currently on air show Aamir asking a question: “Ek achcha pati kaun hai?” (Who is a good husband?) He then gives four options: Jo patni se pyaar karta hai (who loves his wife); Jo patni se darta hai (who is scared of his wife); Jo bachhon se pyaar karta hai (who loves his kids) and Jisse patni darti hai (whose wife is scared of him). You’ll agree that it sure seems as if this episode will definitely be about domestic violence. Right?