SATYAMEV JAYATE episode 9: Aamir Khan sheds light on the root cause of alcoholism

“Alcoholism is not an addiction, it’s a disease,” says one of the doctors appearing on the show who has over the years helped people get rid of this malicious habit. After talking about the after effects of this disease, Khan also makes it a point to have a chat with victims who have nipped their alcohol abuse problems in the bud quite successfully

The ninth episode of SJ couldn’t get more intense. From families who have lost their loved ones to victims who have emerged as winners by quitting alcohol, Aamir made sure he took a comprehensive approach while dealing with this issue. So while he spoke to alcoholics, he also made sure to hear their family’s viewpoints. As he lent a patient ear to a habitual drinker, he also bought to fore the plight of innumerable housewives who have endured their husbands’ intoxicated behavior, which has been nothing but downright ruthless. There are also people who have fallen prey to mere bad luck. A father lost his teenage son in a drunken driving accident. And the worst part is, he became all the more difficult to console when he found that there wasn’t a single trace of alcohol in his son’s body. It was his son’s friend who was at the wheel and was inebriated to the hilt.

The show took a much lighter turn when Khan invited a guest who got himself rid of alcohol addiction by enrolling in a rehab program. The audience burst into laughter when the guest, who requested anonymity, made a gag about how he had become an expert when it came to knowing the names of the medicines and injections needed to treat liver problems, by-heart.

Khan also spoke to an established editor who’s currently in an enviable position in the world of writing. But when the guest spoke about how he got entangled into the vicious clutches of alcoholism, which led him to spend days and months on the streets of Delhi, his story left us dumbstruck. He spoke about how it was too late to ask for forgiveness from his dad, as by the time he came to his senses, his father was no more. In a bid to convey that one must rectify their mistakes before they lose their near and dear ones, the editor made sure he share’s his story so that no one takes the same route again. As Javed Akhtar quipped that it’s okay to be bad, but it’s not okay to be foolish – which you are when you’re drunk, we think this episode of SJ has already set the alarm bells ringing. But the good news is that there are various NGOs and support groups who are working extremely hard to eradicate this problem called ‘alcoholism’ from the society…