SATYAMEV JAYATE final episode: Aamir Khan bids adieu on a super-positive note

SATYAMEV JAYATE final episode: Aamir Khan bids adieu on a super-positive note

In the final episode of his reality show, the actor invited the real heroes of society and highlighted their incredible work

From female foeticide to child sexual abuse, domestic violence to dowry, medical malpractices to untouchability, organic food to water crisis, actor Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate challenged your perception of common issues plaguing our society and our nation at large.

Twelve episodes with twelve serious issues addressed in Satyamev Jayate have managed to touch an emotional chord within us and change many lives for the better. One can’t deny the fact that the show has influenced and contributed to several policy level initiatives and laws. So we were curious to know the topic of discussion on the concluding 13th episode of Aamir’s unconventional reality show.

In the final episode Aamir highlighted the work of real heroes in our society who with their firm resolve and conviction strive hard to put principles into action. For a country which has been independent for 65 years, it is a matter of shame that we still face many problems that stop us from being a progressive state. Our constitution endorses justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for one and all. Will we ever be able to wake up to a truly new and progressive India? asked Khan.

Aamir then brought into focus the extraordinary work being done by real heroes. And how these people continue to inspire others to lead a better life. The Sarvodaya Trust, for instance, draw their inspiration from the constitution that states India is a secular country. Parimal, Tripti, Arvind and Janhavi wholeheartedly adopted the principle of secularism and gave shelter to orphaned children of all communities teaching every child to co-exist in peace and harmony.

We are then introduced to Sunitha Krishnan’s fight against the prostitution mafia and social prejudices. Some so called well-respected individuals in our society who patronize and encourage sex trade don’t want to give the girls a chance to reclaim their lives. The girls rescued from sex trade are facing a unique irony in life.

Education to all is a basic need of a healthy state. Sadly, as Aamir highlighted, nearly 14 crore children in India can’t afford to go to school. The actor then introduced to the audience the phenomenal work done by Babar Ali, probably the youngest Principal in India. Babar,only 19, runs  a school to spread the light of education. To practice what he preaches, this teacher juggles between college and teaching his students.

Aamir then discussed the monster of corruption and how it is affecting the well being of our country. It is saddening to know that those who try to walk on the path honesty and integrity are silenced forever.The case in point is Satyendra Dubey. In 2003, Dubey had to pay with his life for trying to blow the lid off scams and corruption in road development projects. Are we worthy of Dubey’s martyrdom? Aamir questioned.

In the end Aamir made a valid point. The actor feels that it is pertinent to ask ourselves an important question. Aamir said that should not limit ourselves by asking what the state, the government is doing for us? Instead, we should now re-frame the question and ask what are we doing , in our capacity, to bring about the change we want to see in our society. “Will we try our level best to follow the path laid down by the Constitution of our country?” he concluded.

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  • Swaranjali

    Dear Amir,

    I really loved your show.
    There must be sum one to take initiative for all these situations & this time it is you. i really have same respect for you which i have For Bhagat Singh or any other Indian super hero.. We are proud of you. We all will definetly try to be part of the struggle that you started. thanks for giving us inspiration.

  • RAJU

    DEAR SIR ;


  • B S Panwar

    Dear Amir,

    The topics you covered in your show and the couragous people who shared their expenreince of fighting against odds, has deeply influenced me. I salute you for brining and highlighting those cases in front of whole world. The social message, you touched, has really hit at the heart and forced to re-evaluate our own individual capability to become a change-agent within society.

    The first step in this direction needs to be initiated by all us to bring required change. Examples, as was highlghted in your show, to serve society, and above all, humanity, needs to be demonstrated by coming out from our comfort zone keeping in mind not to expect any return (the most important factor) – no self-fishness.

    I have been already indulge in some NGO activities and have taken an oath to help all those who are needy, be human or animals, by doing my best.

    Will certainly wait eagerly to your season 2 Satyamev Jayate.

    Regards B S Panwar

  • Mamta Sah

    Der Amir,
    Since QSQT i loved you n u r really a great guy for me superhero and your satyamev jayate was also a great concept but one thing i wanna tell you here is most govt doctors are not present at govt hospital at time they give emphasis to their private clinics only those who have lots of money its alright for them but who cant effort to give doc fees prefer to be in hospital only and i too don’t prefer private clinics but govt hospital only. so we got to give strict instruct that the doctors have to be present at hospital at the correct duty time not late.if the office time is 10 to 4 then then follow this time strictly then only we can do something.
    and if in that department the doctor is limited then pl dont make that doctor go to sit in office for secretary or something give them the position but the hospital patient is must they have to be present in hospitals clinic day not in private its very difficult to give money each and every time its really disgusting ya.
    the doctors are god for us but if money is everything for them then its useless to be a doctor.

  • Akshay pattiwar

    Dear aamir..
    This is an awesome show,
    Hope the effort which u n Ur team had taken
    May bring the India people to think on it…..
    N hope till the 2nd part of satyamev jayate sum improvement
    Should be done in India…

  • santosh sharma

    dear Amir,the real purpose of this show will only be accomplished until people will take some action to uplift at least a person if not the whole society,rather than admiring and flowing tears in their drawing rooms.

  • Samayita Chakraborty

    Sir, With all due respects, I thank u and ur team for opening eyes of general public like me by showing these 13 episodes. But, Sir this serial should continue, so that more people come to know about the world which we don’t see. I wish again Satyamev Jayate to resume in a short span of time. Because this serial has neither saas – bahu fights, neither triangular love stories, and moreover it is a family show with inspiration.
    Sir, if u can show regarding,
    1)Caste reservation in Education and Employment.

  • Amir pahalwan to kutta maharban

    Amir u r great n u made nice episode i salute u my boy

  • Amir i luv u i wana talk about sex trade spreading in patna region i found it in shatrudhans sinha’s building luv- kush. Now u can imagine these actors r 2 involved in running sex trade in his building patna bihar

    Amir u r so nice by ur true nature i luv u.

  • U can make movie on hw to save dis issues.thik

    Make movie on power cut

  • ravibachhav

    i,m contact with sunitha krishnan knowing about their work & vision
    i,m interesting helping their work in vision (humanity) him if u trust me or Pl.reply


  • ravibachhav

    i,m contact with sunitha krishnan knowing about their work & vision
    i,m interesting helping their work in vision (humanity)




    heart tuching….

  • Ashish sharma

    Carry on…

  • satyamev jayte ek bahut acha he i love this show

    Nice show

  • suraz sharma

    it was a really heart touching program. Every episodes shown were related to the people in one way or other. so we the people would like to say that you need to carry on doing these kind of programs for a better future for every human being.
    we also liked the songs at the end of the episode. the lyrics were totally related to the subject matter.thank you Aamir.


    its a really great episode and i would to say its not a end its a biginning. i am really impressed to waching Episodes..

    My heart is says nikal pdo re bandhu nikal pado re bandhu.

    i am still waiting for more episodes..

  • Shruthi Manjunath

    Hello Amir,

    Thanks a lot for ur initiative step to give a programme like satyameva jayate and bring awarness in the socitey.
    this show has educated society wherein even in our educational institutions, we won’ t get to learn.
    I wish you would have contuined the show,
    If possible plz do come up with this kind of programes.
    And Amirji keep it up done a great jod……………

  • Asit Srivastava

    I would not like to say like others that satyameva Jayate is a very good show and inspiring everyone including me. It is true that the show has shaken the mind and soul of many people. but that is not enough. My personal view is that the rout of all the problem lies in us, that is” Hamari sonch Hamara Zameer”.Isko jagana hoga. If we could do this, we can say ‘Satyameva Jayate”. One complete movement is required to be run in complete nation like freedom movement. To make this possible we should come forward to fight against the correption in our social life which will automatically dilute the correption of our country. I personally is ready for this and also ready to serve for the noble cause you have lifted. pls do communicate if possible. Happy Independence Day.


    it is very good programme. it is strong the empowerment of women.

  • Amitt Khandelwal

    Eventually Mr Amir has broken d jinx & really done what many of them have failed, open d doors.But d real challenge is to transform these sentiments into real life social works.?

    V d youth of these country would really feel proud if a SATYAMEV COMPANY/TEAM is formed to execute all these activities i.e. to see d AFTER-EFFECTS OF SATYAMEV JAYETE & D POSITIVITY IT BRINGS ABOUT IN D SOCIETY? Otherwise d show rather than being a game changer will be yet another loss.

  • vaishnavi

    aamir sir i have watched all your episodes n it makes me feel that a large change has to be done to modify the existing system but as said nothing is impossible if you start working on it. By this show you not only made a large number of people inspired including me but you also made me respect you……hope the show continues and inspiration also continues……grt job n grt effort by each 1 who has worked for the show………..

  • Dalbir singh

    very nice show.

  • Sunil Sharma

    Education : Sir I want to bring in your notice the current position of our primary eduction, when we were in school the govt. schools are very good in every aspect while today nobody want to send their child in govt school, reason behind this govt is not capable to maintain it while private schools in which partner of some big shots are running in a good way(like a printing machine of money). Sir you look like other metters you will find many things in which can set a message for all.

  • udit kumar saxena

    Dear Aamir,

    I like your show very much. It was fabulous. It gives the power to the GIRLS and PEOPLE to fight for their rights. I hope that the next season will be fabuolous and i am sure that u will host that.

  • udit kumar saxena


    I want to hilight the problem of the raggings in the universities,colleges and in some schools.

  • Swapan Paul

    I know one event but don’t focus my name & Address.
    One Ladies who is suffering difficult problem in family.

  • O.P.Dhaka

    this episode is very perfect for our community,because we are facing very sever problems due to high negative approach through our leaders . So so many people affected and they facing problems . Amir Khan is good leader
    he also good promoters,for Amir i have no word for their contribution through Satymave Jayaty
    Thanks Amir

  • vasudeo

    very good epicode

  • Satria

    I truly didn’t care for any of the scavenger chrctaaers, I thought they were all EXTREMELY 2D and contrived.I don’t care for the cheating wife, but I think poster Arleigh hit it perfectly, the woman Shane was talking about probably was Lori.Really didn’t care for freaking out sister back at base camp: THEY KNEW THE RISKS! The only person that shouldn’t already be adjusted to the whole zombie apocalypse by now should be Rick. Everyone else should have experienced enough terror and loss to know be a bit more “dulled” to it. If you didn’t want to lose your sister, you should’ve not let her leave.Compared to the first episode, which was near epic, this episode for me teeters on epic fail. I found the tense moments laughable, the character moments (tripping and dropping the key down the 1″ diameter drain pipe) stupid at best, and just the mood from the first episode akin to what I would expect had Monty Python covered the zombie apocalypse.

  • subod

    Dear Aamir sir,
    I am only 15 years old child and i want to share to you that our govt. is becoming corrupted day by day because they do not make the roads properly but when the they have some kinds of program then the road has been made but when they do not have anything then no body cares for the road neither chief minister nor ministers.Please help the sikkimese people.
    subod chettri

  • santosh.R.alur

    hi Aamir sir…this episode is very perfect for our community be cause we are facing very sever probiems due to high negative approach our leaders so many people affected and they faccing probiems Aamir khan is good leader he also good promoters for Aamir ji i have no word for their contribution through satymave jayaty and i like for satymave jayaty song this is continued it allso thanks for your team. .. thanks Aamir sir santosh alur.