Savita Bhabhi, Kamastura 3D: An erotic centenary for Indian cinema

Cineswami tells us more about Savita Bhabhi The Movie, the animated porn film that releases in the 100th year of Indian cinema

The ongoing celebrations in Delhi for the centenary of Indian cinema will conclude on May 3 with the presentation of the National Film Awards. May 3 is significant of course because that’s the day, exactly 100 years ago, when Dhundiraj Govind Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra, India’s first feature length film, released. May 3 will also see the release of portmanteau film Bombay Talkies, by Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar, Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap (provided that Kashyap and Akhtar can stave off the plagiarism charges levelled against them and the release doesn’t get stayed).

May 4 is the date that is a watershed for Indian cinema. That date sees the release of animated porn movie Savita Bhabhi The Movie, online. For a mere $24.95 (Rupees 1,352) early bird punters can snap up the erotic worm and late comers (if you read a pun in that your mind is in the gutter) can avail the pleasures of the animated aunty for $30 (Rupees 1,626). Watching the movie will not be a one-time pleasure. For the premature minded, not to mention the thrifty, the film will be available for slavering over for a whole year.

You have seen the tame version of the trailer on these pages. Having had the unfortunate experience of watching both trailers, Cineswami can assure you that they are sexually explicit and hardcore and leave nothing to the imagination. Now for a bit of history – the movie began life in March 2008 as an online comic strip created by somebody then known only as Deshmukh. The wildly popular first series, about the amorous adventures of the promiscuous bored and neglected housewife Savita, had 36 stories and the second that portrayed her at the age of 18, had 8. India eventually banned the strip in 2010, but anyone with a prurient enough doggedness could access it easily enough. The ban led to predictable outrage amongst armchair intellectuals and some foaming at the mouth for leftists and there was even an online Save Savita campaign.

It all came to nought when Deshmukh revealed himself as United Kingdom denizen Puneet Agarwal and shut down both the campaign and the strip. And now we have the movie. The plotline (yes, there is one) says, “India, 2070. The world has changed a lot. Freedom of speech has taken a hit to the nuts and censorship is everywhere. Citizens seem to have accepted it. Savita’s inaugural venture on the big screen is full of surprises, twists and LOTS of sex. But it’s also a movie with a message – it’s time Savita fought back against the people who banned her!” Apparently, Savita also saves the world – on her back if the trailer is anything to go by.

And before you ejaculate in outrage, let us gently remind you that while the production and distribution of pornography is illegal in India, possession and watching is not. And before you go forth and multiply, leave some gas in your tank for Kamasutra 3D, also due in our centenary year.

May the fourth be with you….