SAVITRI TV review: A visual treat, but disappointing story!

It’s a love saga that’s been seen many times before, but this time the baddie is someone who can’t be killed – of course, we don’t believe that! Do you?

Life OK is getting ambitious – and why shouldn’t it! The first mythological show on the channel, Mahadev is doing exceptionally well, so the folks in programming are now trying to pull the audiences in with another fantasy show. Well, good luck to them for that!

Savitri is the story of two lovers, Satya (Yash Pandit) and Savitri (Riddhi Dogra), separated by the baddie Rahu Kaal (Krip Suri), a form of Yama. In a past life, Savitri was Princess Damayantri, who fell in love with Senapati Veer (Satya), but Rahu Kaal who was smitten with her beauty just had to have her for his own, like she is his father-in-law’s property or something.

Rahu tricks the Senapati and kills him. Before dying, with his last breath Veer promises Damayanti that he will meet her again in another life – so filmi, no! Angered by the death of her beloved, Damayanti captures Rahu, chops him into 52 pieces and buries him in different holy places so that he can never come back….as if that was ever going to work! The princess then kills herself.

One thousand years later – circa 1990 in Kolkata – Satya is introduced as a young boy, while Savitri is still in her mother’s womb. Savitri’s parents die in a storm at sea, but the baby is rescued by Rahu Kaal’s sister Gulika – a shape shifter played by Reshmi Ghosh. The sister drops her on the steps what could be a temple, where a kind lady finds the infant and takes the baby to a holy man, who blesses the child Savitri and gives her powers – not exactly super powers, don’t worry. The holy man asks the lady to drop the little one off at the church orphanage, in a fine display of communal harmony. The scene then cuts to Gulika, who is hellbent on getting all 52 body parts of her brother together. One helluva task wethinks – maybe that’s why she hasn’t found all of him even over 1,000 years!

The show seems to have quality work in terms of graphics, and producer Shabbir Ahluwalia is definitely shelling out some big bucks to get the best. The story flits from one life to another; luckily the characters are dressed according to the era they are in, or we would be really confused. One thing bothered us – why did it take the couple 1,000 years to be reborn. The whole host of interwoven stories also got confusing. Considering this is just the first episode, no one expects every mystery to be unravelled so quickly, but there is some ambiguity that could have been avoided.

Riddhi Dogra looks extremely comfortable in her skin. She did the sword fighting and horse riding like a pro. She was last seen in Maryada opposite Raqesh Vashisht (husband) – the two had electrifying chemistry, but we can’t same the same about her and Yash Pandit, though she and Krip Suri are better suited. Yash was rather fake and seemed a tad too forceful as the Senapati – that moustache is really not his style and his dialogue delivery was not impressive. Krip, on the other hand, left a lasting impression; his voice and six pack abs definitely grabbed attention.

All in all the show is a visual treat, but the story is not our cup of tea. Savitri is fantasy fiction, but does not come close to any of our fantasies….


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