Sayali Bhagat to file sexual harassment complaint against Shiney Ahuja

After revealing how the actor had made advances towards her, Sayali has finally decided to file a police complaint

It seems Shiney Ahuja’s troubles are yet to end. Just when it seemed like he can get back to a semblance of normal life while on bail and resume work, his past has come to haunt him again. Sayali Bhagat, his costar in Ghost, is planning to file a complaint of sexual harassment against the actor. Sayali claims Shiney misbehaved with her during the shoot of Ghost, and came on to her several times. Apparently, ever since Sayali revealed this in a magazine interview, Shiney’s wife Anupam has been sending her text messages, asking her to not go ahead with a police complaint. So Sayali has reportedly decided to include Anupam in her complaint. This is a double blow, as when Shiney had first been accused of raping his maid, Anupam had stood by him all throughout, shouting to all and sundry that her husband was innocent. When the Bombay High Court granted him bail in April this year, she was there again, cheering his release. There were also reports later that Anupam would accompany Shiney to the sets to keep an eye on him and to thwart any more allegations of sexual harassment from being made. But with Sayali even planning to include Anupam in the complaint, it remains to be seen how well she can support her husband this time around. We also wonder what will happen to the projects Shiney is yet to complete – especially the one with Preity Zinta titled Har Pal.