SCOOP: Shahrukh Khan rewards ‘RA.One’ team

Thu, October 20, 2011 3:40pm IST by
SCOOP: Shahrukh Khan rewards ‘RA.One’ team

The actor has announced a month’s holiday and special gifts for the employees of his company, Red Chillies Entertainment, once RA.One is released

Shahrukh Khan works hard on his films and makes his team work equally hard. But the boss also makes sure to reward his team for a job well done. The superstar and his team have been working on his dream film RA.One for the past two years, slogging day in and night out and virtually staying in the office for days together. All the efforts will come to fruition after the film releases this Diwali, on October 26. And SRK, known as a tough taskmaster but also one who compensates his team for the toil, has generously announced a one-month holiday for his team members, starting November. This comes to us – and now you – from an insider, who also said that the long leave will take care of the process of moving Red Chillies to SRK’s ritzy new building in Khar. The employees will also be shown RA.One at a special screening on October 24. And if the film does well, they might be showered with gifts and bonuses, he says. Considering Red Chillies is not known to be a great paymaster, this should come as a nice surprise to the workforce. Let’s hope the film does well, for the employees’ sakes!


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