Posted Thu, December 26, 2013 12:51pm IST

The nip in the air suddenly vanished into nothingness as the ace photographer Atul Kasbekar captured some of the most sizzling beauties from the modeling world through his trained camera-lens for the most glamorous fashion calendar. Take a look at the visual treat and tell if this heady mix of the azure blue waters, shining sun and sculpted curves leave you intoxicated too!

We have not seen paradise, but Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher calendar gives us a fair bit of idea of what that fantasy place could possibly look like. In fact, after taking a good satisfying look at his scorching hot calendar we wonder if we want to go to the aforementioned dream destination in the first place.

Instead we wish if we could simply tag along with Atul Kasbekar (that damn lucky chap with the most glamorous camera) to the exotic destinations where some of the hottest babes in the business strip down to their bare essentials and pose seductively for one of the most sought-after calendars.

After taking us to the African Safari last year to prove what the magic of untamed ‘wilderness’ can do to your senses, Kingfisher now takes their much awaited and the most exciting assignment to the virgin beaches of Boracay and Cebu Island.

Floating serenely on the sparkling waters of South China Sea these tiny locales offer a backdrop that will arrest your attention in a jiffy. And then they place these curvy beauties-the likes of Katheleno Kenze, Nicole Faria, Rochelle Rao, Sobhita Dhulipala, Sahar Biniaz and Rikee Chatterjee-amidst the turquoise water and the powder white sand, and the visuals make us go ooh la la.

As the South Asian sun shines on the flawless glistening complexion of these hotties reassuring us that if at all heaven exists, it is here-only here!

Take a look at these exotic pictures and tell us if you agree with us BL readers!