Seema Parihar on ‘Prayaschit – Gunahon Ke Zakhm’

In the last episode of Sony’s new show Prayaschit – Gunahon Ke Zakhm we saw the heart wrenching story of Dilip Singh, a ward boy in a hospital in Rajasthan, who tortured his wife to lead her to commit suicide. Today’s episode of the show will try to explore the life-story, the past & the present, of Seema Parihar.

A former bandit, Seema has lead a life of criminal in the valleys of Chambal doing abductions, shooting, etc. before surrendering to the police a few years ago. Parihar was heading the Lalaram gang of bandits when she surrendered before Kanpur police in 2003. She took over the gang leadership after Lalaram was killed in a police encounter. She has also allegedly committed over two dozen robberies before she gave herself up to the police.

Known as the woman of too many words, Seema Parihar is a real dacoit. She married Nirbhay Gujjar from her gang, and after he deceived them, she supported Lalaram and later went on to marry him, and have his child. Her motherly instincts brought about the first change in her, and she moved away from the jungles to have her child. However, after Lalaram’s death, she was forced to go back to lead the gang. But realization struck upon her and to protect her child and herself, she went on the run. After running from the police from city to city, across the country she surrendered. She wanted to lead a reformed life, and wanted her child to grow up in a clean environment and not be a criminal. She wanted to educate him, and she wanted to serve society as her redemption in some form.

Today Seema runs her own ‘sanstha’ against ‘bhrashtachar’, and is also involved in politics. She has also played herself in Wounded, a film based on her real-life story. She was also seen in the Season 4 of Bigg Boss.

Catch Seema Parihar on Prayaschit – Gunahon Ke Zakhm on September 16 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.


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