Posted Thu, March 6, 2014 5:12pm IST

The adult star bares it all during the photoshoot of her upcoming film. Well, at least that’s what the video says

If there’s one reason why people, especially men are looking forward to Ragini MMS 2, it’s ‘coz of the film’s female lead, Sunny Leone. The makers have released a video titled Sunny Leone bares it all for Ragini MMS 2 photoshoot. Does she?

Well, we took a look at the video and if you’re gonna compare the ‘baring it all’ to any of her pre-Bollywood videos, you will be disappointed. In this photoshoot, we get to see Sunny decking up for the photoshoot. Who cares really, hai na? It’s what she’s wearing, or rather not wearing that’s an eye-grabber in her case.

We get to see Sunny Leone in a polka dotted bikini top (also read as bra) teamed with a teeny-weeny skirt. Her voluptuous bosom is pouring out of her top and we’d be lying if we said she doesn’t look hot. Her poses are quite seductive. But we wonder if the crooning and the flirtatious giggle in the backdrop were necessary at all. Leone moans and says, “How kinky” in a husky tone and of course it’s a winner, for men. She’s wearing a mint green and gold bikini over the same mini this time. She looks sexy, as always. The adult film star’s poses are sure to impress you ‘coz there’s no denying that she looks saucy.

Overall, the photoshoot is good. But nothing extraordinary, or new that you haven’t seen before from Sunny Leone. Leone’s new photoshoot for Ragini MMS 2 is just so her. But of course it will be a new visual delight for you, so watch and feast thy eyes!

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