Sexy Sunny Leone strips for diamond trader’s party in Pune – Watch video!

Mon, April 28, 2014 12:08pm IST by
Sexy Sunny Leone strips for diamond trader’s party in Pune – Watch video!

The former Canadian pornstar is at it again

Sunny Leone stripped for a diamond trader in Pune recently and this news has gone viral on the social media. This Baby doll might be trying hard to move away from her pornstar image, but looks like her recent strip tease will make this change of image almost impossible. Well, from what we hear, the Ragini MMS 2 actor recently performed a strip dance at a private party hosted by some diamond traders at a venue on the Mumbai-Pune highway. And guess what? The adult movie star turned Bollywood babe earned a whopping Rs 40 lakh for her strip show. Don’t adjust your eyes. You read that right!

The pictures of Sunny Leone’s strip show went viral on the social networking sites and naturally people went crazy. Looks like Ms Leone who has quit porn films was missing her stint as an adult star and decided to check if she hasn’t lost practice, hai na? With Sunny shying away from her bold image on screen we wonder if this will sabotage all her dreams of working with Bollywood’s Khans – Salman and Shahrukh or for that matter any other A-lister. May be this dream of sexy Sunny will remain a dream forever now.

Anyway, here is the video of Sunny Leone‘s strip show.
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  • TheVrai

    Aren’t strip shows illegal in India? Can some womens rights group out there please file an FIR against these Diamond Merchants and this porn star already?

  • Abhi

    yeah she a whore.. so what?

    • salman

      You are sick!!!!!!

      • sikndar

        kya hua beta kiu sicking ho gya butni ke

  • Don Toldafa Dew

    its a lie,she was shooting for Tina and Lolo..hahaha stupid media this images are from US…

  • Jay

    What bullshit.. This is a slideshow of SL! It could be anywhere in the world!

  • salman

    This news is fake . do some research before publishing ….and that is not India for sure..

  • JC

    $4,000,000 US dollars for stripping? Are you kidding me? Unless the stripper can play cricket like Sachin Tendulkar forget it.

    • Jay

      It says 40 lakh RUPEES you dingbat! Change your dealer!

  • Ravi Arora

    I love Sunny Leone. She is so hot. I would love to be with her.

  • sam

    This is totally fake. Wht media is doing? . they only want their TRP’s to go up . can sumbody tell media to do sum research bfor publishing anything against anyone. Sunny is so innocent .

    • Stew Green

      Are u blind? See tge pics.

  • sikandar

    shanawaz husen@ muktar aabas nakvi ko Bjp ne dobi ka kutta bna diya na ghar ke na ghat ke