Shah Rukh Khan helps Deepika Padukone get a new secretary

Shah Rukh helped Deepika when she was in much need of professional assistance at work

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Shah Rukh Khan testifies this phrase. SRK’s close friend and Happy New Year heroine Deepika Padukone has been on a lookout for a secretary quite a while now. When the superstar was informed of this hunt, he immediately suggested a name that he knew of to the Chennai Express babe.

Dippy’s team had met several candidates in the recent past; however, the actor wasn’t convinced with any of them. She was worried about their loyalty as well of their professionalism.

Lekin, when her favorite co-star recommended someone, the leggy lass in no time hired the individual. With so much of faith and concern for the Ram-Leela actor, we wonder if the rumours of SRK helping Deepika to get films and multiple endorsements are true. Only time will tell.