Shah Rukh Khan invited for a session at the Oxford University

Shah Rukh Khan has been invited to hold a talk session by the principal of Oxford University! Isn’t that pretty cool? What’s cooler is the way he has been invited. Via Twitter! You heard that right. This must be one of the wackiest ways of inviting a guest speaker for a session. Despite attaining super stardom, the actor continued to achieve more and more academically. Do you know the number of degrees Khan has? Having received the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) by the French government, the honorary doctorate in arts and culture by the University of Bedfordshire, being the first Indian actor to be honoured with the prestigious Chubb fellowship at Yale University to very recently attaining an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh the superstar has done it all.

There’s a big list of doctorates and fellowships you weren’t aware of that Khan has stacked up as part of his academia. Perhaps this is what made the principal of Oxford University, Alan Rusbridger to invite the actor for a talk. Rusbridge took to Twitter to ask SRK if he’d like to hold a session. You see, kids in Oxford are big fans of the actor! He said, “@iamsrk can we tempt to to Oxford University to talk to our students at @lmhoxford? They love you (I’m the principal)”

Who isn’t a fan of Shah Rukh Khan? Whoever isn’t should definitely watch some of his best performances and interviews. This man is a beautiful blend of charm and wit. Very few people are lucky enough to have been blessed with such a combination. Plus, the fact that he is so learned makes him all the more desirable. Khan, earlier this year, did have a small talk session held in UCLA when he was enrolling his son Aryan. An avid learner in the field of filmmaking, Khan’s eldest son took off to LA to continue his graduation studies. We had even reported how SRK mesmerised the young filmmakers as he shared his experience of films with them.

Well, we’d definitely want to know what reply Khan would give to the Principal and whether he would consider giving a talk at Oxford University. What are your thoughts on this, BollywoodLifers?