Shah Rukh Khan: My mother would have been extremely proud of this French honour

Shah Rukh Khan: My mother would have been extremely proud of this French honour

SRK received France’s highest honour on the day of his mother’s birth anniversary

Shah Rukh Khan was conferred with the Knight of the Legion of Honour, which is France’s highest honour on the very day which was his mother’s birth anniversary. SRK was very happy on receiving the award and also said that his mother would have been very proud of him. He also said that had she been alive she would have been extremely happy for him. “It’s my mother’s birthday. If she was alive, apart from being extremely old, she would have been extremely happy that her son has got the highest and the most prestigious honour in the world… so thank you on behalf of my mother,” Shah Rukh said.

The Legion of Honour was created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. It is the highest award given by France for outstanding service to the country, regardless of the nationality of the recipients. Shah Rukh also said a few lines in French during the award ceremony, which he had brought along with him. Shah Rukh showed everyone that those lines in French he had written in Hindi and brought alongwith. Thereby he laughed at the fact that this was the beginning of bilateral frendship between the two countries.

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  • aisha

    Where is Salman’s honour? Right!, when he or others cannot reach the heights of Shahrukh and he knows he can’t, he and his media cronies try to bring down Shahrukh to his level, that’s what all this SRK vs Salman is about. There may be an equation 4 Salman in India but not when he steps out of that comfort zone and he knows it. Now that he realized that SRK is about to expand himself further with his HNY, he leaks the plan just in time with the help of the backstabbing insider to make it seem like SRK’s plans r about him. SRK fans don’t gloat like Salman ‘s, imagine if it were Salman who got this honour, we will never hear the end of it.
    Salman can only make money and that is typical 4 many capricorns but he will never be able to have the charisma and global appeal that SRK has and he knows it.