Shah Rukh Khan reveals why Alia Bhatt gives out cold vibes – watch video

By now we all know that Shah Rukh Khan plays Alia Bhatt’s life coach in Dear Zindagi. Alia’s character is going through a tough time emotionally when she meets SRK in the movie. He then hears her out and helps her solve them. Alia is back to her normal, happy self by the end of the movie. But did you know that Shah Rukh turned into a real life coach for Alia during our recent interview with them? Yes, we ain’t kidding! When we asked Gauri and SRK about the good and bad things about the actress, a mystery in Alia’s life was resolved. Basically, many people felt that Alia gave out cold vibes, but she did not know how. However, the superstar provided us with the answer. Check out SRK and Alia conversation with us here:

Shah Rukh Khan: She (Alia) is extremely talented and very sweet. I like people who are dignified and respectful, not just to me but otherwise too. I have seen in her places apart from shoot, when we have met and things have bothered her. But she has the essence of it’s okay, let me not be get bothered. She would calm you down. Her bad quality is that she has a very sharp nose, so then what happens is that when she wants to look stern, she look stern. But even if she just sits like this (acts like Alia), people will feel that she is being stern.

Alia Bhatt: So that’s what people feel I am cold? You are so wise!

SRK: Yeah, If she just sits like this (again acts), she will look cold and stern. The nose is not bad, don’t get me wrong.

AB: No, but this has solved so many issues in my life. There have been many time when people have said that Alia appears to be so cold, but when you get to know her, she is lovely.

SRK: It is only in the nose.

AB: So when I am not smiling, I am cold (laughs).

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Check out our full video interview with Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt and Gauri Shinde including this part right here: