Shah Rukh Khan to promote Farah Khan’s Happy New Year via road show

Happy New Year, Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan, Road Show, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone
Yogen Shah

Most actors go on city tours to promote their films, Shah Kukh Khan will hop across continents

When it comes to getting competitive with one another the three Khan superstars know how to pull out all stops. Trust Shah Rukh Khan to go that extra mile. Sandwiched between Salman Khan‘s Kick in July and Aamir Khan’s PK in December Shah Rukh Khan has decided to go all-out with the marketing of his new film the Farah Khan directed Happy New Year by opening up new modes of publicity.

Apparently Shah Rukh plans a series of unprecedented marketing moves. Says Shah Rukh’s fellow-actor from Happy New Year, “Shah Rukh has asked all of us to keep two months, August and September completely free of all other engagements. None of us is allowed to shoot for any film during those two months.”

Apparently Shah Rukh plans road shows in the US and Canada with his co-stars and directors. Says the co-star, “We don’t know what we will be required to do at these shows. But Shah Rukh will be taking all of us from the cast of Happy New Year to the streets in various cities of the US and Canada where we will be performing and interacting with fans.We expect crowds of thousands on the streets as Shah Rukh has a huge fan base in that part of the world.”

This sort of open-air publicity has never been attempted before by any other actor. Adds the actor, “For Shah Rukh the success if Happy New Year is very important. He wants it to be bigger than Kick and PK. We all have been told to think of nothing else for the two months leading up to the release.”

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  • aisha

    And so? This man doesn’t only think like an actor he thinks like a business man, marketing and promotions is a whole different domain waiting to be explored, it creates job opportunities 4 pple and Shahrukh gets that. He is a very dynamic person who understands marketing in the 21st century and wants Indian cinema to be at par with the west. The popularity the movie will gain will help movies of the younger generation of actors like Ranbir kapoor as it will expose bwood futher to other markets.
    Y always make everything he does about his contemporaries ? Really , all that has gotten old and media is so transparent. Besides he hasn’t finished shooting yet.
    This publicity will help Dp and the rest of the cast gain more popularity so u see y she choices him over Salman? It makes perfect sense. Dp owes Shahrukh alot and any publicity will not only be of benefit to him.

    • sai aditya

      Sharukhan is a best actor so i like him because i also want to become an actor

  • Bandy Banerjee

    All that later. First he will resort to some cheap tricks, negative campaigns and publicity stunts to take the attention away from Kick and Salman. And by the way even Ra-one was heavily and maniacally publicised. We all know what happened…

  • gulya.SRK

    This film is most beautiful as his other films…