Shah Rukh Khan’s private video goes viral!

Shah Rukh Khan’s private video goes viral!

A shocking video of SRK has made it’s way on the web. Watch it right here

The private video of Shah Rukh Khan’s IPL 7 victory party has made it’s way on the internet. In the video, the King Khan is seen shaking a leg with a firang beauty on the anthem song of his team Kolkata Knight Riders and Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s Lungi Dance number from his blockbuster film Chennai Express, that also starred Deepika Padukone. Jai Mehta, who is the hubby of Juhi Chawla and co-owns KKR with Shah Rukh is also seen dancing in the video.

But what’s interesting is that this video has been out on the same day when SRK‘s arch rival Salman Khan’s first song Jumme ki raat from Kick has been released. Looks like the Badshah actor doesn’t want Sallu to be in the limelight at all.
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  • lulu

    what the fuck is wrong with you? are you wrong in the head? how is this even news? you are a bunch of morons? he’s just dancing, i think more jealous at that the fact that she’s white

  • Tia

    Shah Ruk can never take the lime light

    • aisha

      Oh come on!, he doesn’t need to take the lime light, he is always in the lime light. This must have been leaked by some mediocre mischief maker who desperately wants SRK to look bad. If SRK wanted to sabotage Salman, there are better more sophisticated ways he can do so. U may dislike the guy but u have to admit he is super intelligent and smart and wouldn’t be so careless even if he wanted go take the “lime light” besides Salman never left the lime light either albeit for negative reasons.

  • Daniela

    Because they deleted the video?

  • aisha

    There is a law of physics that says 4 every action there is equal and opposite reaction. SRK has pple who love him by the millions but also have those who loathe him by the tens and or thousands and r so spiteful that they will do just about anything to make him look bad or desperate.
    For god sake this man has had more success than anybody in the industry this year alone, his team just won the IPL title again he doesn’t have to leak a vedio of himself to remain in the lime light he is always in the lime light, even when he farts it’s news. Salman’s trailer won’t be this talked about if SRK’s name isn’t dragged into it and that’s a fact.
    Who ever leaked this vedio new very well that sites like this will allege that the leakage couldn’t be a coincidence as it’s the same time Salman’s thriller is launched . SRK is a very intelligent man not gullible in the least, one will only be stupid to think he would be so careless and resource less in hatching such a plan. I’m not even an ardent fan but plz give the man some credit. If he was to sabotage Salman, he wouldn’t make it so obvious. This is certainly the work of his ill wishers or maybe Salman’s camp themselves cos this will only serve them.

  • krisi

    i see this video…its nothing wrong.he dance with friends and have party time with ILP team….why did is wrong? he can go and dance with friends? Come one dont be so stuped .

  • krisi

    nothing is so shoking and not everything is about Salman Khan…stop putting SRK name everywhere !

  • JC

    Don’t print the story if you’re not going to show the video. And SRK is still the King no matter what.

  • xperia sp

    Srk is king of bollywood and he is always in lime light so he has no need to do such things…