Shaheer Ummer to make a film on Air India’s Dubai-Mangalore crash

The film will not only depict the details of the crash, but will also throw some light on the plight of the crash victims’ families

Shaheer Ummer – General Secretary of the Youth Human Rights organization – is going to direct a film based on the Dubai-Mangalore flight, which crashed on the morning of May 22, 2010. It has been three and a half years to the crash, which consumed the lives of 158 passengers and many of their near and dear ones, are yet to get any compensation for their loss; not that money can compensate for a life. Shaheer’s group of social workers surveyed the plight of these families and decided to make a film, so that people know about what the families are going through.

Ummer, as a film enthusiast, has decided to tell the story of these expatriate families, who have suffered the maximum loss from the Mangalore plane crash. After the survey, he came to know that many of the families lost their sole bread earning member and they have many painful stories to reveal. Ummer said to a leading daily, “The idea for this movie came when I was asked to visualize a lullaby for an expatriate mother whose husband died. I have developed this into a story about the real pain of an expatriate family whose bread earner died after reaching too close to his home. The emotional stress facing such single women whose husbands have died in the plane crash is too strong.” Ummer and Abdul Rasheed, a UAE based Indian businessman, will produce the venture under the banner, Golden Seven Productions.

We at BollywoodLife, feel that it is a noble way to bring the plight of these deprived families to notice, but making a movie of it might actually make them re-live those moments of agony. Also, there has been no confirmation as to whether the proceeds from the film would go to any of these families, which clearly leaves us to believe that the makers might just be cashing in on the plight of these victims.

The makers should come out in the open and clarify these minute details, else such a noble thought might end up being criticized heavily. What do you say BollywoodLifers?