Shahid Kapoor’s newfound brand appeal!

Almost a decade later in the industry Shahid Kapoor gets associated with myriad brands

Just like so many A-lister’s who endorse a number of brands every year, Shahid Kapoor has leaped on to the bandwagon by recently being associated with a considerable number of products. The actor has a lot in the news lately, mainly for two reasons – his next movie ‘Mausam’, in which he plays the role of a fighter pilot, and his alleged, reported, supposed, speculated relationship with Priyanka Chopra. Whatever the reasons are, it has definitely upped the brand value of the chocolate box-faced star. He is currently signed up as the brand ambassador for Colgate Fresh and is also associated with Elf Moto and Vaseline Men facewash. The Bru Cafe Lite ad with PC is another feather in his cap (rather, more moolah in his wallet)…Renowned photographer Atul Kasbekar and the owner of Bling Entertainment Solutions thinks that Shahid is an exciting mix of youthful charm and boyish good looks, which make for good brand appeal. Hope after he’s heard everyone in the industry raving about his newfound brand appeal, SK will stop complaining about the various rumours he reads about himself in the morning newspapers!