Shahid director Hansal Mehta miffed with National Film Festival organisers

CityLights, Shahid

The CityLights director is venting all his anger towards the new government. We wonder why…

Hansal Mehta is really angry with the organisers of the National Film Festival as they didn’t stick to their word. Rajkummar Rao‘s National Film Award winning performance in Shahid was going to open the NFF this year, but the organisers made some last minute changes. He tweeted, “Was informed earlier that #Shahid would open the National Film Festival. The program was modified after the new government came into power.”

Shahid won Hansal and Rajkummar the National Film awards. But all of that still couldn’t stop Hansal from venting out his rage against the new government. Getting to open the NFF would have meant great viewership and acclaim for the film, but now all of that will be taken away by Astu. Hansal tweeted, “Now Astu opens the NFF. Hope the change was to accommodate a better film to open the festival and not because it was called #Shahid.”

We do not know what triggered this move by the government but whatever it is, it has managed to irk one of the best directors of the present times. Wethinks Hansal has the right to know why this change was done. We ask all you BollywoodLifers, is he voicing his anger for a just cause? What do you think peeps?

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  • Indian

    In Shahid a terrorist who trained in Pakistan was shown as hero.

    • ishani banerjee

      He was a disillusioned young man who went to a terrorist camp and came back to save lives that were on stake due to terrorism. And he WAS a hero.

      • Indian

        Disillusioned? as if he was a baby , he was an adult and he knew what he was doing .Going to Pakistan for terrorist training to kill innocents. He cared only for his community not everybody , he was communal . Because of people like you Bangladeshis come to India and get voters card. Language comes before country

      • Indian

        Bengalis , no matter how much they are killed by Bangladeshis but still support Pseudo-seculars

        • Javed

          @indian: You first try to be indian, for the sake of name you can not be indian…you not even close to him what feet he has achived in his age…jus read his biography and stop putting a wrong allegation on right person. People like you only spreads the hatred among the people and gives a chance of Communal ism. You kind of people are just nothing for society but the termites who are damaging he roots of great india..