Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao together again!

Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao together again!

The two are in talks to play love birds for the fifth time

Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao won millions of hearts with their sweet portrayal of innocent love in Ishq Vishk. That film made both of them stars and buzz about them linking up in real life too started doing the rounds. They came together four more times but could never recreate that magic – though they came close to doing so in Vivaah, their last film together. Six years later, they just might star opposite each other again. That too for a film being made by Ishq Vishk producer Kumar Taurani.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet. While Amrita did tell a magazine that she will never say no to Taurani, she is yet to go on record that her co-star will be Shahid. The Kaminey actor is also keeping mum on the subject. We wonder if it’s just the fact that his last few films haven’t done well that is making Shahid cautious, or if he is wondering what to tell his current rumoured girlfriend, Priyanka Chopra. We just hope it all works out because Shahid and Amrita look great together. On screen, that is! What did you think we meant?

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  • bhanu rathore

    i wantttt to see both of them together again………………………………………………………….best jodi of bollywood

    • hgh

      they are the best couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kulvir Kaur Rai

        u r truely right

    • selena gomez

      amrita and shahid are the best couple

    • selena gomez

      amrita still love shahid

  • urmilesh

    i cant understand why they didn’t come again after vivah, ab jyada der na kare to hi behtar hoga.

  • shamritafan

    Yesssss missing the best couple ever, highly time they return!! Shamrita4ever!! <3

  • kurdi

    they are the best couple bollywood after shk and kajol
    im from german and i love the couple
    i hope they make lots of movies togeter

  • Nikki

    Hope we got 2 see the best jodi of indian cinema soon:)they look so cute and complement each other so well..Loved them alottt:)

  • anab

    she is lucky to be film with
    shaide kapoor. the hotest guy

  • Lakhyanluv

    luv u a lot shahid

  • Nikeeta

    I love this couple!!! Always love watching their chemistry in every movie, from Ishq Vishk to Vivaah…after Shahrukh and Kajol this couple, they are the cutest <3

    Still hoping that they'll become a real couple ;)



  • Neethu

    They are the cuttest and the hottest couple ever. Hope this movie will be their next blockbuster.
    I don’t think any other bollywood couples got this much chemistry as these two have.
    I think after this movie they will fall in love and start dating. GOD please make them the real life couples.
    SHAMRITA…….plz plz come back fast…can’t wait to see this couple on-screen back. Millions are waiting for shamrita to come back…..
    I sure that u guys rock……

  • Arya

    PLZ///come back….shamrita…..
    We LOVE u…………………..
    Tips please bring them back…..If they are in on screen together then automatically the movie become a doute.

  • Akhilesh

    They r the best n most good looking pair.Hope to see them in lots & lots of movies<3

    • abu bakar


  • Babli

    That’s is very good news they will see again after long time Both SHAHID-AMRITA sooooo cute couple.
    Skr Kajol ke baad SHAHMIRTA hi wolrd best jodi hai bhagwan kare ye real life me bhi best couple ho

  • babli


    • Kulvir Kaur

      hw dare u to comment on them like this?u bloody cur

  • priyanka

    ya good……….really both are……such a good couple………


    yes they make a cute pair………….

  • Kulvir Kaur Rai

    yes they r my fav couple ever

  • pawan


  • lola

    i love this couple
    i hope they make lots of movis togethet
    i hope the movie was the next blockbuster
    of them

  • Sayan

    I love shahid and amrita jodi.this cute couple is the best jodi in world.i am waiting to seen their magic again.i hope they will do many film.otherwise my 1st actor is shahid and 1st actress is amrita when i in the movie 1st film ishk vishk which i i pray both you to agree with the director to do together a movie.plz.i will be more happy if you two marry each other.

  • mangesh pawar

    i love this couple
    best jodi of bollywood

  • angle

    they both were rocking on the screen. i love to see them together.They look nice couple in the world.

  • shahid

    shahid and amrita are the real life couple.i am waiting to watch not only one movie but also many movie of their.they are
    doing many flim


    shahid and amrita ……… they are my favourite superstar…. nd i love them very much………nd lov 2 see them again…plz com bak 2gethr……..plzzzzzzzzzzz… we missng u……<3<3<3

  • sagnik

    shamrita is my favorite in bollywood as well as world.i watch together soon.

  • Shani

    I will be very HAPPY, if Amrita R. and Shahid K. act again together in a beautiful new movie again :D

  • rajesh

    i love very much shamrita.i will see their many movie.


    Sooooo happy to hear this news. A Shamrita movie after 6 years. I can’t wait for this. Please Kumar Taurani sir..bring them back. When you look at this commend list itself u understand that how many people are waiting for shamrita. plz sir make it happen.
    Another blocbuster after ISHQ VISHK and VIVAH!!!!yah….

  • balraj

    i am very very very happy for this news.plz taurani sir to come back this jodi.shahid-amrita is my favourite couple in of luck film will aslo be a blockbuster,i say this and that’s true.

  • sam

    i love shahid and amrita very much.plz taurani sir come back this couple once again.i see that you take amrita in priya-the charming girl.plz you also take shahid in this movie.

  • sa’diyah


  • shakti

    i love shamrita very very much.i saw their movie in cinema hall in 7 times.shahid and amrita are best couple in bollywood

  • shiladitya

    shahid kapoor and amrita rao are known as shamrita in bollywood and they are also a cutest couple in bollywood.their film ishk vishk make their a nice jodi at b-town like dilip-madubala,raj-nargis,rsjesh-sharmila,srk-kajol.if any couple is best in bollywood after srk-kajol then i say I’m waiting to watch their many movie.i want to see that they are marry each other.i know that this is their choice but i mean they are made for each other.i always want to they are turn in real last i say that they are the no.1 couple in world at past,present and future.

  • veena

    We want our shamrita back. plz bring them back….plz.plz…

  • shivji

    yes shamrita are the best couple in world.plz come of luck shahid and amrita.

  • nida javid

    They r the best,awesome,cute,beautiful,magical,romantic,charming world ki best has been long time we have not seen them in a film.plzZzzz koi inhi apni film mein lale plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz want them again.dying to see them

    • nida javid

      Want to see them togther in real life :) insha allah ameen ;) shamrita rockzzzzzzzzz :* luvvv them alooooooooooottttttt :) they r the best jodi of the universe :*

      • syed salman

        insha Allah dey vll dea…:)
        Ameen sumAmeen yaRabbulAalameen…!!!
        love dem 2…<3 <3 <3 :*

  • Nia

    HEY!!!!!!! SHAMRITA back…………………..soooo happy to hear something new of our upperhit jodi shamrita……Can’t wait for the movie to comeout. It’s been more than 6 years…OMG…shamrita thank u soooo much for this decision. LOVE u guys………….GOD BLESS

  • Ria

    Yes yes Yes…100 times they r the cutest couple…This is the time 4 them to come back..and also they both r single at the movement, let the movie happen and let them come together in real/reel life…

    SHAMRITA 4Ever

  • Thoi

    Shahid and amrita are the best couple. They look cute together. We want to see them together.

    • Parth

      Shahid and Amrita are made for each other and I have fealing that Thay would be back to gather

  • Renu

    Bond girls have many nationalities, I like Hama Mie and Wakabayashi Akiko of Japan best at You Only Live Twice (1967), Freida Pinto is buutaifel lady, I think she is good Bond girl.

  • mamta

    sahid and amrita r d best couple we want 2 c more movies of them egarly waiting 4 their movies

  • syed salman

    shamritan wot shld i abt dis magical cpl???
    nt only me bt every shamritan vl say v dnt hv any wrd’z 2 dscrb der onscrn & as vl as offscrn magic,
    dey r d bst cpl of dat i hv eva scn,
    i jst love dem soo much…<3<3<3
    inshaAllah dey vl b bk sn…!!!

  • sayli


    • Jawad Shah

      Ap ne mere mu ki baat cheen li Thnxxx dear

  • Navitha

    yeah..shamrita backs again…I LOVE IT..
    they both made for each other…they look so cute together
    really super jodi shamrita!!! SHAMRITA forever

  • Ekta Shami

    Shamrita is the best, really wanna see them back again on-screen. I hope that they get together in real life and have lotttttttttttsssssssss of kids.

    • bambi

      super amrita-shahid schone paar aber nur film rest nicht

  • Saroj kanta

    If u want to act like Amitabh, sharukh,amir,imran…..then…
    Marry amita rao…….!!
    She z d perfect lady for u…
    Unless kamina, u will repent a lot n ur carrier…..!!

  • shamrita

    i like shahid and amrita very much. i hope they like SRK and kajol, great and fenomenal couple.

  • kurdi

    ohh man
    i hope they make faster
    with the movie
    cant wait for it
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥

  • shamritafan

    plzz someone cast this magical jodi again.. how much v hv to wait.. plzzzz missing them a lot!!!!! Bollywood is incomplete with out this jodi yaar.. plzzzz

    plzzz film makers.. plzz read these comments.. see how many poeple want thm back.. & plzz sign thm together.. we want our shamrita (shahid&Amrita) back… plzzzzzzzzzzzzz it’s a request..

  • Renu dobriyal

    Pls pls sign them again . we wanna shamrita together again .they make very cute and nice pair.

  • Nida javid

    Besttttttttttttt missing them

    • habiba

      Yes… you guys are all right I also love shahid kapoor and want to see him in real world. I mean both of them amrita rao and Shahid kapoor. I want them to be together in life and live always happily.

    • awantica

      They’re the best after srk n kajol in bollywood,we wanna see them togather both on screen n off screen.

  • Hasnain sohail

    we wont sahid and amrita work together in all upcomming moviies plz plz plz

  • Hasnain

    come sahid with amrita rao plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • mohammed tarek

    I really want to see them together again…..

    • shubhdhingra

      i watch so many times their movie Vivah … its very innocent romantic movie … i wish to see VIVAH 2nd part … but as a Real Life couple … plz plz Shamrita Come Back ;) :)
      Luv u both

  • Divya

    shahid and amrita are looking cute n a perfect couple……… pls make a part 2 of vivah in real life

    • Sk Dipu

      plz make vivah 2part

  • thokchom sonia

    shahid is matching with amrita more then priyanka

  • Arya

    Please bring this couple back! we miss them soooooo much :’(

  • Bijoy Phangcho

    SHAMRITA ke sabhi film mera favourite hai…
    I wanna see them together in real life

  • Sk Dipu


  • Sk Dipu

    Shahid is matching with amritan rao plz back this couple with a new romantic movie

  • Sk Dipu

    plz plz come sahid and amrita togather

  • asad abbas

    Amrita and shahid r so perfect couples better than prayanka chopar moparraaa

  • asad abbas

    I like both of them .kia jori h koi tu inki shadi kra 2 yr

  • Ganesh Chouhan

    plz back amrita and shahid coming soon

  • inam khan

    i love this couple yaar plz bring them back in vivaah 2 plz