Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput go on a lunch date minus baby Misha – view HQ pics

Wow. Could you be more of a tease, Shahid Kapoor? We always see you out with wifey Mira Rajput but never do we get a glimpse of baby Misha. This isprobably the third time thew duo parents have walked out without their kiddo. Yes, we did spot them at the airport on various occasions where Misha’s face has been covered by baby cloth. Clearly, Sasha doesn’t want anyone to see his baby girl, not yet at least. In fact, at a recent interview, he also mentioned how he is very protective of his girl. He stated that he has already started asking her to brozone all the men! Isn’t he a funny dad? Maybe because of this overprotective nature of his that he wants to keep Misha under the wraps.

However, while we speak of how the actor doesn’t want to reveal the baby’s face yet, don’t the parents look cute? As you can see, Kapoor ceases to age while his wife too looks super radiant. If you notice, our shutterbug clicked them as they were chilling at a lunch place. Can you see them? They seem to have made this a tradition of coming out on dates while baby Misha sleeps at home. The couple sure know how to keep their romance quotient on check. Our cameramen soon snapped them as they headed out of the coffee place. There was a smile on Mira’s face which seemed like she wanted to hide but couldn’t. On the other hand, a handsome Shahid continued to woo us with his hot looks in casuals.

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They definitely make for a gorgeous couple, don’t you think? We bet even their baby is as gorgeous as them. But we’ll only get an assurance once we get a glimpse of the baby. Their kiddo was born in September and it has been three months since but we still haven’t seen even a finger of Misha! Do you see what you’re putting us through, Shahid? We’re dying of anticipation and we bet so are your fans! We’ll be seeing the actor next in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Rangoon that will be releasing in February, next year. His alliance with Bharadwaj has always resulted in a big hit. Perhaps Rangoon will once again set new standards for Sasha!

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