“Kangana has a vivid imagination!”, Shahid Kapoor hits back at her allegations that sharing a cottage with him was a nightmare  – watch video

Kangana Ranaut is quite known for saying what comes to her mind, exactly as it is. And her Rangoon co-star Shahid Kapoor doesn’t seem  to be a fan of that. In a recent interview Kangana described sharing a cottage with Shahid as an uncomfortable experience. “We were shooting in a remote location where a little makeshift cottage was erected. Shahid and I were sharing the cottages with our respective teams. Every morning, I would wake up to this mad hip-hop music. And he would exercise listening to crazy trance and techno songs blasting from the speakers. I was fed up and wanted to shift out. Sharing the cottage with Shahid was a nightmare,” she said. While the actress might have said it in a humorous jest, the comment has not gone down well with Shahid.

In an exclusive conversation with Bollywoodlife, Shahid had zero memory of any of such incident happening on the sets of Rangoon. “Yeah sure,” he smirked when we told him about Kangana’s quote. “She has a vivid imagination. I don’t remember half of the things she said in that interview, so I choose not to comment.” he added. Ouch! We can’t wait for Kangana’s counter quote on this. We are very well aware that the fiery actress knows how to give it back. Is this a war?

Just in case you were away on a vacation, and don’t know what all is the fuss about, there were rumours that Kangana and Shahid did not get along well while shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj directorial Rangoon.

Shahid didn’t seem too excited when we asked him about shooting for the first time with Kangana. “The first time me and Saif and Kangana shot (together), it was nothing major, very normal. Sorry, but nothing very super exciting or worth telling a story about. ” Also Read: Kangana Ranaut: Sharing the cottage with Shahid Kapoor was a nightmare

Okay then! We hope the film has more drama than his first encounter with Kangana.