Shahid Kapoor supports Imran Khan’s PIL

Soon after the Mausam actor heard that Imran Khan filed the much-promised public interest litigation, the Kapoor boy took his chance to give him the thumbs up

While the superstar Khan’s battle it out between themselves, the new generation of actors don’t seem to be hit by the competitive spirit yet. We like the fact that unlike their seniors, they are making sure to appreciate each other despite having to fighting it out at the BO. Shahid Kapoor did just that when he heard that Imran Khan had filed a PIL. The Delhi Belly actor has finally filed the much talked about litigation challenging the state government’s new diktat to increase legal drinking age from 21 to 25. And while Shahid isn’t affected by this new policy he expressed his support to Imran, via social networking. The actor tweeted: “N was great to see Imran Khan do the PIL thing, although I don’t drink but was great to see him stand up for what he believes in. Power to the youth. We are the change.” Well, it’s all good that the he’s being public about his appreciation but we also wish that Shahid, who perhaps has a bigger fan following than Imran, would step out and support some social causes too. This isn’t the first time that Aamir Khan’s nephew has gone out to fight a social cause. A couple of years ago, during the elections, Imran had spoken to Karan Johar about making a music video urging public to cast their vote! If Imran can, then Sasha could do it too, right?