Shahid Kapoor wishes ISRO’s Mangalyaan a safe journey!

India’s Mars mission has begun and Amitabh Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh and others wish it all the best…

We hear B-town stars talking about their films most of the time. But this time the entire Bollywood fraternity seems hugely excited about India’s launch of the Mangalyaan mission to Mars. Amitabh Bachchan, Shekhar Kapur, Atul Kasbekar, Farah Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Shahid Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Minissha Lamba, Mini Mathur, Shruti Haasan, Poonam Pandey, Sujoy Ghosh, Siddhartha Basu and many others have been tweeting their pride and encouragement for this scientific achievement. Some congratulated ISRO, while others took a dig at the Indian system….

Amitabh Bachchan

T 1285 – Still reeling from the mess up on the T – numbering ! And India sends off its Mars Mission .. I would never be recruited for it !!

T 1285 – Some comments deriding India’s #Mars Mission ! !*&@!! Moment of great pride being an Indian. Well done #ISRO , Mangalyaan Zindabad

T 1285 -A twitter from the Isles sarcastic on India Mars Mission says “cannot feed poor but spend money on mission.” Worry about the mess your country made with your money Buddy .. sending millions into unemployment, before worrying about us !!!

Shekhar Kapur ‏

As Mars is colonized n Indians have out -bred everyone else, what will b the predominate Martian language? Punjabi? Gujarati Tamil Bengali?

Those deriding #India’s #Mars Orbitor just dont get the complex science needed 2 put a machine in Orbit around #Mars. Congratulations #ISRO

Analysts world over say India could capture more of d $304 billion global space market with low-cost technology it used 2 launch Mars probe

Atul Kasbekar ‏

Apparently #Mangalyaan costs India a mere ₹12/km all the way to Mars. I guess that’s a reasonable response 2d question “Kitna Deti Hai?”

Farah Khan

A historical day 4 India 2day wth d launch of r Rocket “Mangalyaan” 2 Mars.Also a historic day 4 Indian cinema as Krrish3 breaks all records

I guess v going 2 reach Mars in little more time than it takes me 2 cross juhu signal!

Riteish Deshmukh

Five years ago, the Chandrayaan satellite found evidence of water on the moon. Now MANGALAYAN on its way to MARS #ISRO u make India proud.

Shahid Kapoor ‏

Mangalayan launch !! Huge for india !! May it have a safe journey all the way to mars !

Dia Mirza

India Launches A Mission To Mars #ISRO!!! #Proud

Minissha Lamba

#Mars is passé… let there also be a planet called Mini-world !!

Mini Mathur ‏

OMG. We are going to mars. I’m staying with this thought for today. #Mangalyaan

Shruti Haasan ‏

Hello mars – hopefully – now let’s try and fix things right here on the land we live in

Poonam Pandey

Proud of #Mangalayan.. So far everything is perfect n lets pray it remains that way

Sujoy Ghosh

today i shall devour a MARS bar in honor of the trip. was looking for an excuse for a while now. aur aaj mil gaya. hail intergalactic stuff

Siddhartha Basu

What a giant leap for Indian science is Mangalyaan, a leap of imagination, of making mission impossible possible ! Its mind over Mars..