Shahid Kapoor’s Haider or Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang-which one will you watch?

Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Bang Bang, Haider

The two stars are all set to collide on with their forthcoming releases. Will the trade and audience collections be affected by the same? Let us find out…

Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor are all set to clash at the box office this Gandhi Jayanti. Bang Bang and Haider will be released on the very same weekend of October 2. Although, people may think that Hrithik is a bigger star than Shahid, but for all obvious reasons the trailer of Haider proved that Shahid will definitely give a tough competition to Hrithik. So who will emerge winner in this race? Lets talk to our experts.

Trade analyst Akshay Rathi informs, “Haider had announced its release date a year back, while Bang Bang kept on getting delayed and they finally finished the film and decided to release it on October 2. So Haider is at no fault. Also, the two films will have a very different audience base. I don’t think trade will get affected, because people who will watch Haider will not be able to stand Bang Bang and vice versa. However, UTV and FOX Star Studios are backing the two projects respectively and, therefore, they will make sure that the two films get enough number of screens to release. Haider is more for the classy audience whereas Bang Bang, which is a remake of Knight and Day, will be more for the masala loving single screen audience.”

Trade analyst Komal Nahta however has a different perspective on the same. He informs, “Trade will surely get affected. It is true that both the films have different audience base and will cater to them respectively but there will be a huge chunk of audience who might want to watch both the films. Thus they will be left to choose between the two and that will definitely affect the opening day collections.”

So BollywoodLifers, now that you have heard the news from both sides of the coins, we leave it onto you to decide as to which film to watch and which to give a miss on October 2.

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  • Indian

    Middle aged people will watch haider..young people will watch Bang Bang

    • Cattypuss

      I think you might be surprised :) ) I am not young and I am going to watch this one as soon as I can get my paws on it. Living in Australia and no access to Hindi cinema I have to wait until it comes out on DVD. But the movie I am really panting on is Mohen-jodaro!! That is going to smash all records as Ashu has put many years of research into this subject.Has picked the right man for the role and if he chooses the right leading lady there will be no stopping those two. Hrithik&Ashu have a great synergy and will give India another masterpiece.

      • lovable person

        I think haider film will be better than bang bang..
        Rithik need to stop doing remakes film…. Bollywood seriously needs to use their own brain..

        • Cattypuss

          Bang Bang has been substantially reworked-it’s not a faithful remake of Day and Night.At least let’s see how it goes….and as for Mohen-jodaro that is a fresh subject. Ashu has been on a long journey with this project.Nearly 4 years of study,research&collaboration with archeologists who are expert on the Indus civilization. It’s taken him 2 years to develop a script that would incorporate a romance into the subject of Mohen-jodaro. He hopes this movie will help save the region from further deterioration& bring it to world attention.As a world heritage listed site it’s a given that I want this movie to really shine. As a personal observation I have noticed that Hrithik & many Indians seem to be big Tom Cruise fans. I honestly can’t stand the guy…but I guess each to their own.

        • arohi

          hrithik is unbeatable, better from langur khans. but yeah btown should stop making remakes. there is no creativity

      • arohi

        which actress will work in moen jo daro??? do u know?? plz tell

        • Cattypuss

          The actress chosen to act opposite Hrithik is a girl called Pooja Hedge. I think she is a former Miss India and she started her career in modelling. This is her first major role with such a big star as Hrithik Roshan. Will be interesting to see what she can do with her role. :) )

        • Superrr

          Hrithik And Pooja

  • N

    Everybody will watch haider. And such film will be appreciated as there r few like it. Shahid has his fan base. Bang bang should definitely move its date .

  • Mayank Sharma

    Bang bang all the way

    • Ira

      Definately Bang Bang.. I will any day choose Vishal Bhardwaj over many other directors. But Shahid Kapoor get repetitive quick. Don’t wanna waste my money on repetitive performance..

    • Avinash kumar

      Hrithik Roshan is a best talented actor in Bollywood so i will go with hrithik

  • Di

    Haider for sure. Vishal Bhardwaj over Siddharth Anand any day.

    • arohi

      I love hrithik but also excited to see haider, after long time such film is coming

  • najatlovekiss

    Bang bang all the way, i can’t wait,

  • pari

    BaNg baNg…

  • Laila

    Haider, hands down.

  • EE

    Both movies are different genres , should not be competition for each other

  • Amar

    Haider looks electrifying and brilliantly adapted by Bhardwaj. Setting the film in Kashmir was an intelligent choice. Looking forward to see the last of VB’s trilogy.

  • yasmin

    of course haider 100 times

  • s

    let the bang bang trailer come first thn decide …we have seen only one side of the story.

  • Gunday 14th Feb ❤️

    Of course haider new authentic movie …. It’s gonna surely represent Oscar for india this year

    • Arshia

      Agreed with you! Looks like this one will go down as a cult of all time

    • Faizal Musthafa

      This year ‘Liars Dice’ is India’s official selection to Oscars

  • Abhilash

    Bang Bang will baaaaaaaaaaaaaang everyone…cos it has Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek God Hrithikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……….

    • arohi

      lol so true. hrithik all the way

  • Q&A


  • Raveena

    cant wait to see HR and KK to Kich some asses

  • Raveena

    1000000 times Bang bang

  • fullstop

    bang bang .

  • Sanjana

    Haider fOr sure. Shahid ROcks !!. Bang Bang dOesnt seems gOod fOr watch.

  • Sanjana

    Haider 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Times :D

  • Jaimin Barot


  • bhargav

    bang bang

  • Jaimin Barot

    haiderrr…bang bang movie is remake of knight and day which is i already watched in hindi dubbed ….so i will go for haider

  • Biaji


  • Fatima

    HAIDER, first day first show. I will never miss Vishal Bhardwaj movie.

  • Angelf

    I wanted to watch Bang Bang but after watching this trailer i’ve changed my mind … i go with Haider.
    Breathtaking trailer!

  • Yousra

    only haider will rock the world… shahid is the best ;)

  • misshopes

    Haider Haider shahid kapoor and shraddha kapoor are amazing

  • tasneem

    Haider all the wayy!!!

  • shub

    I m gona watch haider fr sure
    Shahid is superb in d film
    I wud prefer to watch a classic muvi lyk haider

  • Shikha

    Haider all the way

  • Suhasini Bhatnagar

    Undoubtedly Haider! The trailer looks brilliant and I like intense movies, I’m not a fan of Masala Films!

  • Charanpreet

    Haider all the way!

  • jiya yashwardhan

    haider haider haider haider n only haider :) shahid will never disappoint his fan :) )))))) #shanatics

  • Vidya Liz

    Haider!!! brilliant acting of Shahid

  • aziz

    Haider is a new cinema .. Bang Bang is a rip-off .. hope the Janta knows what to do :)

  • Svetlana Smile

    Haider will be interesting to see.

  • Arpita


  • Vihar Gandhi

    i prefer bang bang over haider…….becoz look like in trailor shahid has no best expression he need for the role…..and other hand still bang bang trailor is not release….and i would like to pay on hrithik thn shahid…..

    • arohi

      you cant judge any film from trailer. saawariya trailer was praised but film turn out to be crap. and plz hrithik and shahid both are great actors. shahid never got such opportunity to prove himself.

  • Philm Phreak

    All articles and media doesn’t have sense
    (i) comparing two actors on a totally different hiatus.
    (ii) comparing commercial action flicks and critically challenged drama.
    (iii) novel adaptations and movies purely written for commercial action and glamour.

    So please ignore these articles.

    Bang bang is commercially very big …no comparision with Haider which could be a dark psychological shakespere adaptation which will sure be winning critics hearts. Although I am expecting the former to Bang 200 crores gross if average like EkThaTiger. if successful may go beyond.

    • arohi

      bang bang will rule box office and haider will rule critics

  • bhargav

    bang bang all the way yar

  • truth

    Bang bang winner allthe way! Haider will be flop, i read Hamlet, it is not produced as it should be! Shahiacting flop yar not too good for role .

    • anonymous

      Bang bang ki chhuti ho jayegi yeh to pakka hai

  • Karan

    Just saw Bang Bang teaser. R.I.P. Haider.

  • arohi

    I love hr and wish him best of luck but haider also looks promising, lets see

  • haider haider….and only haid

    Haider…Haider…and only Haider

  • Superrr

    Hoy Both Are Very Diffrent Films Shahid And Hrithik Both Hav Worked Hard For Movies And Both Will Be Good Movies ….

    I First Thought To Watch Haider But Wen Bang Bang Trailer Was Released Super Actions By Hrithik My God I Thought I Will Definatly Goo For Both 100 Per Haider And Bang Bang Both Will Be Superrr And Both Are Diffrent Based Films Guyus Simply Watch Both I Am Not Fan Of Any One But Both Will Be Superrr

  • Anonymous

    Bang bang will be 100000000 times better. Harder looks like it was made in a month. Eww harder

  • king

    HaWider is very good movie I watch it

  • king

    Bang bang is rameke watch original kight and day

  • Bang bang

    I love hrithik and Katrina so I will obviously watch bang bang
    Just chill n bang bang