Shahid Kapoor’s R…Rajkumar is a massive flop, says Kamaal R Khan!

Fri, December 6, 2013 2:30pm IST by
Shahid Kapoor’s R…Rajkumar is a massive flop, says Kamaal R Khan!

The over-the-top actor is now one of the most infamous reviewers in B-town. He watched the Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha starrer and reacted…

After making fun of Salman Khan’s ‘the eternal virgin’ status, Kamaal R Khan has found a new subject to bitch about. Prabhu Dheva’s latest R…Rajkumar is now the focus of KRK’s expert analysis, cinematically and otherwise. The first to be targeted by the Deshdrohi actor’s wicked cracks was Sonakshi Sinha.Shahid Kapoor should have triple role to occupy as much space as Sonakshi occupied when they are together on screen,” tweeted KRK, obviously hinting at the Dabangg actor’s generous dimensions.

Giving R..Rajkumar 1.5 stars, the critic has been counting how many flops the movie’s lead actor has delivered with fabulous consistency. “The Name of the film should not be R…Rajkumar but should be GandiBaat so I give 1.5 stars to this film will be Shahid’s biggest n 12th flop in row,” tweeted KRK.

The controversial reviewer also threw a blinder. “Before a week I was sitting with one of Shahid’s best friend n I said tat R…Rajkumar will be a hit. He said- Yar mujhe tho doubt hi hai.Haha,” revealed the hyperactive KRK. And finally he took a pot-shot at Shahid’s popularity with a stinging: “Shahid Kapoor Bhai sirf Do baaton par chal rahaa hai- hope hope hope and flop flop flop.”

PS: Our reviewer watched Prabhu Dheva’s action endeavour. Click here to catch our our take on the movie, BollywoodLife ishtyle!

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  • Sun

    I’m watching you Kamaal R Khan! Your review can not be considered competent for the withdrawal of any film. as you could ever be called a critic. critic rightly gives his assessment of the film. and you bleed just bile. not correct, not panoramic, not relevant. I bet you an estimate – 0.5 (only because you have learned to read and write)

  • pyare lal

    krk kab shudre ka tu gandu…… kutta ka doom seeda ho sakta hai par tu nhi…..saale ajoobe….

  • kG

    KRK is the best reviewer in the world! He calls like he sees them,no ass kissing, no flattery and absolutely no fear of these big stars. We all know big stars and producers buy fake reviews and awards but not KRK. Plus his reviews are highly witty and most of the time more fun than the movies. I don not agree with all of opinions ,he was wrong on Raam Leela but he is more often wright than wrong.

    • salwa

      KRK is a reetard fuck head n ur his assistent. .his not even reviewing a movie but just discouriging actors calling them n calling them w different names. He calls himself an actor yeah sure for doing C grade films! He’s mostly bullying everyone like salman..karan johar..he even called amitabh bachchan “saala buddha” n more in twitter

      U being on his side are no different from him..

      • kG

        Well sala…ops I mean Salwa,I live in the USA ,all I know of the man is from what I have seen on Utube and his reveiews. So I don’t much about the other issues. His reveiews are very entertaining and as for calling Karan Johar bad ,well he is the worst filmmaker on this planet. But when u say I am just like him,so?

        • salwa

          Firstly typing in my name as an bad word makes u more like KRK…n I dont even need to discuss abt the most hatred man of India w you. N karan is not worst filmmaker he has done movies tht will always be one of the best of SRK. N u liking KRK means u agree w his opinions which is like bullying and ur at his side. He talks shit abt other ppl when he’s the ugly one n haven’t achieved anything. He can prove himself as an better actor (done like shit n flop film tht nobody knows of) n then talk abt others.

          • Simi

            Salwa..bhai bolna kya chahte ho

  • Debasish Bubaii

    saale tune abhi tak kisi acchi film ko Gud reviews diya hai jo aab dega….Pagal Kahikaa..yehi kam krta reh zindagi bhar…doosro ki buraai krna…saale khud to perfect hai na..Amir Khan vi fail ho jayega tere samne…Chutiye….

  • sammi

    krk kyon hota hai mere shahid ke baare bolne wala ….apne kitna hit diya hai……..all bullshit tanisha’s language…ja pehle apna hit bana fir kissi ke bare bolna….

    don’t consider krk comments………he is fake

  • nissa

    this is ridiculous………this movie is a blockbluster and shahid is very soon going to be a superstar.

    • Venkatesh Devadas

      IN u r dream only

  • Asha

    shahid ke bare mein ek shabd bhi galat bologe tho aise hi galiya padenge better change ur way or else we change ur future. we dont tolerate ur bakwas just get lost.

    • salwa

      Exactly! KRK silent ho ja varna shahid violent ho jayenge!..

      • salwa

        Ya phir sonu sood tujhe namaard banaye denge..