Shahrukh’s first million!

SRK beats Salman Khan and Aamir Khan to become the second Bollywood star to have over 10 lakh followers on Twitter

Recently SRK’s follower count on Twitter crossed the million mark, after which he posted a message to his followers saying, “Celebrating the million mark by watching Bambi with my daughter. Feeling the warmth…thanx all. Love u”. What makes SRK the biggest Twitter celebrity? Well, wethinks it’s his wit and sheer charisma. While Salman Khan (with 819,834 followers) is more popular for his random and out of the box tweets, SRK is his usual charming self. Interestingly, Aamir Khan who hasn’t tweeted for almost a year still has 848,376 followers! Anyway, as far as we remember SRK went completely off Twitter a while ago after some nasty comments from some of his followers. It seems King Khan has decided to end the hiatus and touch base with his fans once again, probably because the release of Don 2 and RA.One is just around the corner. Though he doesn’t reply to the million fans, he sometimes uses the micro-blogging site to reach out to his peers in the industry. Recently, when Aishwarya’s pregnancy was confirmed, he posted a message for Jr B saying “papa i am so excited for u…really happy. we need to get together soon and i will give u some tips on bringing up lil ones.” Wethinks it was a very sweet gesture from SRK and hope he crosses the one crore mark soon!