Shahrukh Khan beats Hugh Jackman hollow

To introduce Shahrukh Khan and Hugh Jackman to each other’s work, the FICCI organisers made individual audio visual presentations on the stars

Karan Johar’s love for Shahrukh Khan is obvious. The director has always maintained the highest regard and a big place in his heart for the superstar. But at least once in a while he should neglect personal relationships, methinks. It all happened at the FICCI Frames closing ceremony, where Shahrukh and international sensation Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman, were present for an interaction. Johar, co-chairperson of FICCI, invited the two stars for a discussion on the last day. To introduce them to each other’s work, the organisers made individual audiovisual presentations, which was a good idea, especially since Jackman did not know of Khan’s work, except for My Name Is Khan. But what bothered us most was that Jackman’s video was a compilation of some very old clips, with the actor dancing and singing in a stint from the early stages of his career. Immediately after the screening the star remarked, “After watching this video I don’t think I will get any work!” We agree. In contrast, Khan’s video was a mix of mostly new film clips boasting of his illustrious career, and presented him as a classy looking actor. Obviously Khan was smiling impishly after the presentation. We don’t know if Johar had watched the videos beforehand, but we felt that it was not a fitting introduction for the international star, especially if he is your guest of honour.