SRK takes time off – to get in shape?

The star was not seen after his IPL team’s loss on the weekend. So, was he working out to take his shirt off if KKR goes on to win the tournament?

Watching the exciting and sudden turnaround in the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders match this weekend gave us something new to wonder about – as if we needed more! Just when Lady Luck was gazing fondly upon Gauti and the gang, she went all whimsical and gave them the cold shoulder, focussing her eyes on the MI team instead, which went on to win. And, in those last few minutes, when the runs were adding up faster than Sonakshi Sinha’s endorsements, we noticed something we found really odd: owner Shahrukh Khan was nowhere in the picture, though invited guests Priyanka Chopra and the stars of his new movie, Always Kabhi Kabhi were cheering in the stands. Wonder where SRK had vanished to! Rehearsals with controversy’s current child Ganesh Hegde for a new dance number perhaps? Or was he at the gym working on his abs for that promised moment when he will take off his shirt to celebrate KKR’s win at the IPL? Only time…and SRK…will be able to answer that one.