Shahrukh has a new game plan for ‘RA.One’, but will it work?

SRK’s marketing genius is well known; this time he has upped the ante by creating a game in his name

Excited, almost like a child in a candy shop, Shahrukh Khan posted recently on Twitter saying “sorry to go on and on about the Sony PS3 game but I am so taken in by it. yippeee my own personal video game…though the hair is little pointy… will put up shots of other actors too, soon.” While many may label it as ‘cheap thrills’, as far as staying on top of the game is concerned, King Khan has made a very smart move by tying up with the world’s leading gaming company. Not that this is the first time that a game has been made for a film; there are plenty of them floating around, but this one is really big – after all, it is not just another computer video game. Though Bollywood film-based games don’t really get gaming enthusiasts drooling, after dissing the Ghajini game, they definitely must be sharpening their claws to tear this one apart. One of the major complaints the gamers had with the Ghajini game was that it was (in parts) lifted from a few of their old-favourites, giving it a been there-done that feel. We are sure that Aamir Khan didn’t have much to do with this effect, but our curiosity has hit the roof this time, and we are just dying to see what Shahrukh has in store for gamers. A friend who loves these computer games and is also hopelessly filmy told us that if the game came out before the release of the film, the looks of the characters will be revealed and if it comes out after the release, nobody other than fiercely loyal SRK fans would be interested. For now, we are keen on knowing what you think about the first look of the game. Are you looking forward to it?