Shahrukh is bobbleheaded!

Shahrukh is bobbleheaded!

After immortalising himself in the miniature toy form of superhero G.One, Shahrukh Khan will now be seen in a bobbleheaded avatar inspired from his character in Don 2

As Shahrukh Khan’s all set to display some kick-ass gun totting action on screen with Don 2, you can bring home his head bobbling toy avatar! Yes, this is the first time that India will see official licensed bobble headed memorabilia attached to a film. Just a few months ago SRK was busy selling his blue-eyed superhero G.One’s toy avatars and yet again he’s banking on a similar strategy to promote Don 2. Well, we wonder if merchandise has really helped promote a Bollywood film? Hrithik Roshan was one of the first stars to come out with the toy form of his superhero in India, in the form of Krrish. And the film’s popularity amongst kids did help sell the toy. Guess B-town toys can never really compete with Hollywood superheroes like Batman and Spiderman? Anyway, there’s enough hype around the Don sequel and we don’t really know if the bobblehead is going to make a big difference. But SRK can sell anything, can’t he? So we wouldn’t be surprised if he actually finds takers for this. And we think SRK looks quite cute and funny in this avatar. What do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rk12

    i think this website has personal enmity against srk always writing bad about him. i dont understand why??

    • Anonymousa

      Calm down. How is this bad? Trust me this site has enmity towards people and it’s not Srk. Infact I feel they love him and are biased for him.

  • coolsrk

    not this website but this prathmesh jadhav has enimity with srk. this guy who sits behind a pc and types rubbish thinks he is a hero!