Will Shahrukh Khan continue to be the King Khan?

Will Shahrukh Khan continue to be the King Khan?

What does future have in store for this superstar? Our tarot card reader finds out!

Shahrukh Khan has just completed 20 years in the Indian film industry, but what do the coming years have in store for him? Will he continue to be the King Khan? Will there be any major transformations, or will box office success elude him? Will his production house grow powerful?

To understand Shahrukh’s future, there are a few things that need to be understood about the present. Shahrukh is currently in a phase where implementing ideas is proving to take longer than what he is usually used to. The Hanged Man denotes delay in his current phase, therefore he needs to be cautious of expecting and pushing himself too much for little reward. He also needs to be careful of the so-called ‘well-wishers’ who will look to mean well, but will carry their own hidden agendas.

In the following 10 years, as an actor, Shahrukh will be like the Knight of Wands – aggressive and energetic. He will charge ahead with his projects and will feel highly enthusiastic. He will need to be careful in his choice of words and not allow for any miscommunication that can strain personal relationships. Shahrukh will re-kindle old working relationships by taking on projects with such co-actors and directors. 2013 and 2015 to 2017 will bring with it immense success, especially 2016 where the Star shows growth in fame, fortune and box office success. SRK will need to be extra careful in 2018 and 2019, where the combination of the Death card and Five of Wands may bring about unexpected conflicts.

The Eight of Wands shows great activity in his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. They will look to churn out many projects and will find themselves investing a great deal of money. Risks will be taken and they will pay off. The Tower card does warn of careful project investments in 2016, and to be a bit more realistic with manifesting plans in 2018. The company should be wary of blind investments – they should seek complete knowledge before moving ahead during these years. On the brighter side, 2013 to 2015 and 2020 to 2022 will bring with it many achievements. These will be great years to capitalise on. Women of the company will lead it to major successes and like the Empress, they will nurture it to stability. The company, represented by the Two of Wands will be successfully involved with international projects as well.

In general, Shahrukh will need to address all issues on an immediate basis, rather than allowing problems to grow. He will need to let go of his fears and trust the actions of those closest to him. The Two of Pentacles does show the importance of juggling finances by being more practical. The coming years bring with it many highs and a few lows. He will come out like the Justice card – balanced and wiser. These tens years mark great joy, success, and many great working partnerships. His fans have a lot to look forward to.

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  • poo

    Of course, he is and he will be the kind of Bollywood, No one can touch his feet also…………………. God bless u and Luv u

    • ali

      of course SRK will always be king khan next 20 year NO one touch he is best ….
      love u srk
      i am waiting 4 ur film

  • Sam

    Of course SRK will always be King Khan. Only the fake will like to pretend King Khan.

  • Prya

    he is khan and khan is always king, fake salaman can never ever touch him, because he has acting skills in every field, he has fame, he has awards, he has talent, he has every thing, but salman is overacting in his movies, just so follish. and amir khan is also good so 1, shahrukh khan, 2 amir khan, salaman is far away from acting.

  • daniyal

    yes he will countinue to be king.after such an awesome film like don 2 which has broken all overseas records he has shown he is and he will countinue to be the king.only the compitition changes king remain the same.

  • daniyalsaleem

    for 20 years three khans are ruling bollywood.
    1.shahrukh khan.
    2.salman khan.
    3.amir khan

  • saumitra

    yes srk will be always king.

  • Ralph

    In REALITY.. he is no more King Khan, since 5 years.

  • Nayra

    Are impossible if i hope can be meet with you . . . . ???

  • haroon

    one can’t argue the fact the shah rukh is the king of bollywood. U can hate him all u want but u can’t deny this fact…when i say bollywood course i am talking about big screen…small screen…on camera. ..off camera…endorsements…and misalanous. Yes over the past 3-4 years salmon answer aamir have ruled the box office but that doesn’t mean shah rukh has been knocked off the radar…he’s actually been right behind them..either a close second…or just right there. Also keep in mind…one is only compared with when they r on top and not on the bottom.i mean We done compare n e 1 with chunk panday. ..

  • big thing

    time to move on srk your time is up

  • JB

    what kind of a question is that??? ur article itself says that he is the king khan, i mean u dnt publish article abt any other actor losing something. Actually the other actors have nothing to lose, but SRK has everything.. Yes he has everything.. he is the king khan thats why this article.. u write articles abt him cuz u know ppl will read the article.. u know ppl cant ignore him cuz he is number one.. SRK, god bless u!!

  • toby

    it is very important as he is the face of Indian film industry to the world.

  • helen

    The … SRK will once become a king – Khan, he would be successful.

  • Selva

    KING KHAN will be BEST Super Star always . Success rate of his film history is proof for that.Just 2 or 3 contineous hits will not make anybody KING OF BOLLYWOOD status( first AmirKhan, then Akshay Kumar,now Salman Khan). But Always KING KHAN.In personal life also he is very good than Amir and should not be compared with playboy Salman. He is the ICON of INDIAN CINEMA.

  • Piyush Verma

    What is this death card? What does it mean? You have just made me worried.

  • amit pushp

    film sirf 3 cheejo k bajehe se chalti hai
    1. salman
    2. salman
    3. salman

    • Ihsan ullah waraich

      u r wrong ;;;filmien sirf teen cheezon se chalti hain ;;shahrukh khan ;;shahrukh khan ;;shahrukh khan ;;;

  • lili

    stupid question, SRK is the only king of bollywood

    • aroon kumar

      shahrukh is bollywood king only

  • mery

    only SRK SRK SRK the King

  • Melan

    ok you just want to make news, and u didn’t find something attractive, so you use name of King Khan to attract ppl to read your article , but i want to say its very stupid article because their is no one even close to SRK ,his is the only Bollywood King

    • Deepika

      Well said……….obviously SRK is the king of Bollywood….none other than….

  • piadadu84

    namasté srk je tadore enormement je suis tres fan de toi mon king bien sur que oui il et le plus populaire de linde je ne voie pas qui pourer ètre plus king que srk il et le new ! le mamour de toutes les femmes , il nous fait tourner la tète ! sen ce rendre compte srk et le plus grand homme de tout les temp ! je taime mon srk tu et neé pour ètre le plus grand dans le chobize !!! aller srk montre de quoi tu et capable ! tu et le roi ! ta maman ne ta pas mie ce prenom srk pour rien ce qui veux dire en indi visage de roi ! srk et neé pour ètre grand et il et grand sa maman le savais en lui metend ce prenom ! je taime mon srk bonne chance pour la suite de tes films fait nous encore rèver mon king a bientot mon bébé , aplus !

  • hele

    SRK is king forever, nobody can replace him.
    SRK not only to conquer the world.Is conquered the hearts of the people we loved him!

  • Soumya das

    Srk is the best superster among all bollywood actors.

  • santosh kumar paswan

    shahrukh you are greatest star of india app sirf immosnal romantic film kigie dekhei appki har film blockbuster hogi sall me ek parrelel cinema bhi kigie world level ka wo app ko oscar bhi dilva degi aur app india ke sabse bade star hoge

  • daniyalsaleem

    srk is best.

    • Sarah

      Sharukh khan is the best!

  • Pappu Bhadke

    SRK is the king of bollywood ,its real and greatest superstar among all bollywood actor

  • nikhil aloor

    I love so much

  • elijah okai

    so many years have come and gone we the fans of srk want hm to put more effor in up coming film with the company he enter agreement with he should be extra care in some decision he takes with God all tinz are possible he will stil be the king of bollywood 20 years to come