Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor: Who will and won’t work with Priyanka Chopra?

Posted Fri, April 6, 2012 5:30pm IST

Once upon a time Priyanka Chopra was the most preferred co-star in Bollywood. Today, many actors run in the opposite direction at the mere mention of her name. We walk down memory lane to find out what went wrong and what her current status with her onscreen heroes is now

While Priyanka Chopra and her friends and Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri’s loyalists like Karan Johar, Suzanne Roshan may turn a deaf ear when asked if there is any tension between the two sides, truth is that things are no longer rosy between SRK and PC…or at least their cliques. All those stories and tabloid reports about a war being declared can’t be just creations of an over-imaginative mind. However, it wasn’t always like this. Today, the once-upon-a-time nicest, friendliest, reportedly most non-political female actor in B-town has more frenemies then friends. Is it because she is one of those few women in this male-dominated society who is extremely ambitious, fearless, confident, independent and sometimes brash? Whatever it is, if things continue this way PC’s personal relationships may seriously affect her professional life. We look at the men who have knocked PC off their must-star-with lists or are about to take her off their list of favourite co-stars…

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  • Ralph

    You asked if it is because she is extremely ambitious, fearless, confident, independent and sometimes brash?


    It is because she is a cheap girl who would do ANYTHING to be in a film, and that cheapness has caught up to her.

  • pari

    Priyanka is a homebreaker and can do anything for fame. I believe she was the one who was about to break Akshay ‘s marriage. Affair with Harman, Shahid, Ranbir. She was the one who raised rumours about SRK and herself. She is one of the cheapest actress. Hate her now

  • sweetu

    Leave her alone, you are such a hater, cause she is such a bigger, better, and most telented actress, and she rocks, love PC

  • SSS

    um.. such a lame post! and there are so many other actors in bollywood in case you don’t know. She has so many films lined up in the coming two years and I think she has enough work to do well, unlike you who seems to be doing some stupid and senseless blogs on this website! :)

  • yasminu

    be with shahid kapoor