Shahrukh Khan and his fans love his anthem!

Shahrukh Khan and his fans love his anthem!

Neha Kakkar’s song dedicated to SRK has received much appreciation from his fans worldwide

Shahrukh Khan’s career may not be at the high it once was – eclipsed as he has been in the past year by rival Salman Khan – but his fanbase hasn’t seem to have eroded at all. In fact, we are sure we won’t be wrong if we say it is actually increasing day by day. The most recent example is his anthem. Over the years, Shahrukh has inspired several creative art – from paintings to books to films – but this time he has inspired a song. Singer Neha Kakkar and music composer Tony Kakkar (who has also written the lyrics) recently came up with a song about Shahrukh. Originally called the Neha Kakkar Shah Rukh Khan Song and now called the Shah Rukh Khan anthem, the song has Neha crooning her love for SRK with the help of lyrics that include the titles of most of his movies.

Unlike the song that Dhanush recently sang for Sachin Tendulkar, this one has got nothing to do with any brand that SRK endorses. Yet it has managed to grab the attention of SRK fans worldwide. Ever since Neha uploaded the video on her official channel on YouTube on February 24 this year, the video has already received 1,64,516 hits. (And that’s just the official version. We are not counting all the views that the video received when it was re-uploaded on unofficial channels.) If this trend continues, it won’t be long before the video crosses the 20 lakh mark. The video doesn’t have the benefit of a concentrated marketing effort like Dhanush’s other videos – Kolaveri di and Sachin anthem – had and yet it is doing extremely well simply through world of mouth. It has even impressed the Baadshah himself. Shahrukh tweeted, “Heard the Neha Kakkar song just now. Very sweet and the effort put in it….thanx. I feel shy with the love given to me….”

The song’s popularity may or may not give the former Indian Idol contestant’s Bollywood career a much-needed boost but it sure has proved that RA.One‘s critical failure notwithstanding, Shahrukh’s fans are still standing by him.

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  • Mik

    Its Digusting to here this site praising lallu monkey..And by the way Our KING KHAN is in no competition with any one…Lallu monkey can Bark but the whole world knows KING KHAN is by far the Iconic Actor of this generation after Amithab Bachan,,,,Whatever u idiots say is no matter…And By the way RA ONE collected 125 Crore in India with soooo much negativity surrounded by u and ur Lalluistic site …And RA ONE was anyday far far etter Movie than LALLU MONKEYS Cheap Crapppppppppppppppp

  • sid

    this is a crap site. I will never visit this site anymore. srk is the most famous cinematic icon of INDIA. we love bollywood because of him. salman, akshay, their success like char din ka chadni.

  • Sanjeev

    Even your praise seems to be the way to defame SRK. is finding new ways to show its frustration over Shahrukh’s fame n popularity. Pity!!!

  • SRK

    My advise, please don’t visit this fake website

  • Meenaz

    Thizzzzzzzzzzzzz song is amazing ossammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Maria Paschulke

    You are rude and offensive …… If you do not like Salman Khan, there is one thing. But insults are another matter! (But good manners are still a matter of luck!) This opinion is not only true for other stars! One can probably expect good behavior from intelligent people! Or?
    PS: I like Shahrukh Khan.but I do not insult Salman Khan. Why, too. He has done nothing to me.

  • suresh

    aamir salmaan hrithik ranbir many actors may come and go but SRK will always remain the KING – THE SUPERSTAR.

  • Nikeeta

    Yup will stand by him forever :)
    Unless he does something stupid like have an affair :(

  • millan

    i am with srk…i love him…he is the king of hearts…

  • shah nawaz

    it’s shah rukh khan fans meniya…………..