Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif: First look of Yash Chopra’s new film

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif: First look of Yash Chopra’s new film

Why is Anushka Sharma missing?

It’s out! The much-anticipated first look of Yash Chopra’s next directorial venture was released yesterday (March 3). The as-yet-untitled film stars the baadshah of romance Shahrukh Khan with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Shooting first began with a song in Kashmir and then the unit moved to London for the second schedule which started on February 22, 2012. However, the first look has only SRK and Kat in it. The two are said to be on location in London in the still. We know Anushka is shooting there too, and the buzz is that the film is a love triangle. So we were quite surprised that Anushka was not a part of the first look. Does this mean that she has just a supporting role? Or do the Chopras believe that SRK and Kat’s unseen chemistry is more interesting for the film’s potential viewers than Shahrukh and Anushka’s since everyone has already watched them in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? Hopefully, we will know for sure before the movie releases this Diwali.

Honestly, the still didn’t excite us much. It is not telling us anything new. It seems as if Shahrukh is once again trying to charm his way to her heart, while Kat is once again doing her coy act. What we can’t wait for is the film’s music. Yash Chopra’s films always have great music, and this time he’s got AR Rahman and Gulzar on board. The album is definitely going to be magical. Don’t you think so? Did you like the still? Tell us!

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  • Mik

    Obviously its not gonna impress this site Guyss because its not Lallu monkey Film Still…And Obviously Anushka is till now Not reached in London then how could she be on this Stilll….

    • DKB

      Obviously Anushka isn’t there!! She’s filming Matru Ka Bijlee Ka Mandola
      With Imran Khan.

  • bhumi

    wow…shahrukh and katrina’s pair in Yash chopra…..waiting for this movie..can’t wait till DIWALI….& i heard that a.r.rehman also compose….music of this one….super duper hit…..shahrukh u looking too good with katrina in this pic.

  • Pari

    SRK & KAT rocks in this picture…obviously they rock in movie too…& waiting srk-yash chopra’s combo after veerzaara…& also this turnout to be iconic movie as veerzaara,ddlj,mohabbatein….but, wait to diwali….

  • nirav

    can’t wait to diwali……SRK rocks & will be made my diwali this year also…with Yash chopra’s magnum opus…..want to again veerzaara type movie….love u srk…

    • talia

      Yes! Romance Forever!

  • talia

    Romance Foerver ! Music/song/dance YES! Can’t wait movie November 2012

  • gh mohiuddin lone

    SRK & KAT rocks baadshah ,,,,,khan,,,,,,,,,,love….u,,,,,,,,,lone,,

  • SRKat

    BL… Please clarify your info.
    1. They shot for one week in Mumbai, not in Kashmir. There was a song shoot, but also other scences were shot.
    2. Anushka is not even in London and she hasn’t begin shooting for this film yet.
    3. Yash chopra himself said Kat is the leading female, which means that Anushka is supporting, but who SRK walks away with at the end is still unknown.

    • Ann

      Yes you are right but one Thing is wrong they not only shooted for one Week in Mumbai. The Shooting started On the Beginning of January till Mid of February so they Shooted in Mumbai for i would say a Month. ;) Btw. Wants to know from where Bollywoodlife gets their Infos. lol

  • lone sameer

    first look SRK and Kat rocks boxoffice this 2012,,,,,,,,,,,,,love ….u…..khan,,,,,,,,,,

  • abhinandan

    man….never waited for Diwali to come ever in my life, just love the still, anything that has SRK in it will always generate huge interest… to top it v hav katrina for company, cant get any better….! you must be blind to say that the still did not excite you…go get ur eyes checked, looser!!

  • Anish Raj

    I like this

  • samra

    of course any stills from a srk movie would not excite this website.every post abt shahrukh khan here contain something against him so this too is no surprise
    sabotaging srk is this website speciality

    • Raj

      man….never waited for Diwali to come ever in my life, just love the still, anything that has SRK in it will always generate huge interest… to top it v hav katrina for company, cant get any better….! you must be blind to say that the still did not excite you…go get ur eyes checked, looser!!

  • dasdas

    anti srk site!

  • amin khan

    anti srk site

    I Hate YOU

  • ridhima

    we are waiting for this movie.
    SRK rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • moi

    i don t like this jodi
    katrina is not good with sharukh

    • Neeru

      I agree. Do Indian Producers make screen tests of the actors or they are just picked randomely for their fame and box office draw? This is one jodi that might not fly in the box office unless the script is exciting and not the usual rom-com

  • Mohammed Abdus Salam

    Obviously It’s gone a be 2012 best film!!!
    Also w’ll be break 3 Idiots record?????
    Cummon SRK&KF………Best wishes gd luck!!!!!!!!!!!Xx

  • sakeena

    i just love katrina……..she looks perfect…u r sexy nd we knw it kat… don’t lose ur charm 2 become more sexy …

  • umra savera

    srk kat jodi rocks ye 2012 ki best film hogi or jodi bhi hum bhot wait kar rahy hy is film i really really really really love you ……..

  • Natasha

    ETT and Dabangg 2 will crush this film

  • Jargan

    This couple is looking like a “beauty and the beast” she the nose and the hair of SRK..

  • kiran

    king of romance and beauty like an angel katrina kaif

  • Prasad

    This time king breaks all record.this film will be no1 film of this one can beat king,badshah.specially his enemy.because king is also king.

  • nasira

    still is catchy,byt not explantrey!!

  • Riya

    katy cuty (not wid srk).

  • rizwan

    i like the still not you.

  • Aarathi

    Liked this particular still a lot
    SRK is looking awesome & Katrina is looking beautiful
    Cant wait for the music release with AR Rahman being the music director….

  • Anna

    SHAHRUKH!!!! Any still of his is awesome and exciting..doesnt matter what the movie or occasion is. Cant wait for this moving :D . Btw Im not a fan of Katrina but she looks great!!

  • Jatin

    see the nose of srk… it’s looking so ugly.

    • afaqdyamoom

      yes you might look way better than him ….in your dreams …loser!!!

    • vijay dasari

      i think ur ugly coz ur jealus

  • Jo

    Love it! was waiting for them to team up for a long time.

  • Abdul Aziz Miah

    hi madam/sir this filam is hit and everybody like it.

  • Ajnabee

    Yashji yyyyy firangi location again kia your India doesn’t have beautiful locations??????or u think ur movie will be hit only cause of foreign locations??? Try something closer to home sirrr…n c if ur movie will be a big hit or not…yyy always using NRI story line????SRK is looking old infront of Katrina in that pic..

  • md


  • Lucas

    No doubt Aditya Chopra is a good director. He gave us eieffrdnt type of good films like Mohabbatein, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,Veer-Zaara, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Dil To Pagal Hai ,etc .I m quite hopeful that Rab ‘Ne Bana Di Jodi’ will be a hit one..In this film Srk combines with sonam kapoor, eagerly waiting for this movie.

    • Suhail

      @Lucas: Are you drunk or smoking pots????

  • Aditya

    Srk u r the best.Or kitna intejar karu.

  • mack

    body banao yaar ….

  • khushboo

    love you srk

    • tahir


  • Rango Depp

    Whats the name of this new movie? tell me pls!

  • victoria

    Re dey dating 2ru or dey re jst flirting arund

  • nandu vishwakarma

    so romantic

  • Naman khurana

    When will the movie release

    • bharat

      so romantic and majic shahrukh khan kairina kaif are tremendouds performance at this film shahrukh khan and kaitrina kaif s jodi as like romio and juliet

      • bharat

        shahrukh khan and kaitarina are best couple in bollywood film industry so send ur message on my email id

  • bharat

    i like this jodi when this film has beeen release i like shahrukh khan and kaitrina kaif very much

  • bharat and koms

    i like srk and kaitrina i was waiting srk and kaitrina movies in deewali 2012 i am a big fan of shahrukh khan and kairrina kaif this jodi are superb and fantastic

  • Abhishek Chaurasia

    I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove srk

  • shaikh zaheem ahmad

    SHAHRUKH Khan’s movies best movies in the world and his acting is awsome I L SRK………………………………..

    • david

      shahrukh is the king of world and her acting is the better of all heroes

  • david

    i also like katrina and shahrukh and i hope this movie block buster super duper hit

  • sandeep masih


  • SAM

    i also like katrina and shahrukh and i hope this movie block buster super duper hit

    • Ragib Alvi

      i like shahrukh khan and like in movie
      i woch all movie super hit star ragib

  • zubair esmat

    i thing this film is the super hit than ekta tigar

  • bharat

    i think this film is the superhit than ek tha tiger shahrukh khan is better than salman khan

  • syed rizwan uddin

    shahrukh khan can do better than salman.he always king and he wil king.i v u shahrukh khan

  • appoos

    king of actor srk 1st tim in kathr
    kathreen s luky girl

  • Pintu ali

    The king new picture

  • natasha kapoor

    nice pics sir i mvery bug fan ur’s

  • natasha kapoor

    king of boolywood

  • prabhat kimothi

    shahrukh khan’s acting………….
    because he is king of bollywood………



  • zohaib


  • bharat kurhe

    shahrukhkhan and katrina r majic jodi number one king is back

  • bharatkurhe

    shahrukh khan and katrina r best couple of bollywood film industry shahrukh khan s this movies r superduperhit at the box office srk is better than salman and aamir

  • jay singh

    shahrukh k charm k samne koi aur khan nai hai sab k do char din ho sakti hai but srk hi superstar hai yeh diwali pe wapis prov ho jayega.

  • jay singh

    srk k charm k samne sub fikke hai sabki do char din toh ho sakti hai bt asli superstar srk hi hai diwali pe ye wapis prov ho jayega srk ka jadu rocks this diwali.

  • Debarjyoti Banik

    SRK is my fvrt hero

  • Vaki Loriche

    Wow!…..Love Story!……SRK=King Of Hearts!!

  • sunny shah mangla

    i love srk loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for ever