Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: Are they? Aren’t they?

Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: Are they? Aren’t they?

Gauri Khan is said to be very unhappy about her husband’s ‘relationship’ with his ‘friend’ and co-star, Piggy Chops, but is there anything between the Don 2 lead actors apart from friendship and professional bonding? We are starting to wonder…

The proximity between Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra during the shoot of Don 2 started the rumour mills buzzing madly. We have talked about the how, what, when and why of this pairing but, guess what – the itch to continue following this story cannot be resisted. The chemistry between the two stars is obvious to anyone who watches them together and is sending out signals that hint at something more than just friendship, however much we may not want to accept that, considering we are hardcore SRK fans and like his lovey-dovey image where his family is concerned. But SRK’s wifey Gauri Khan seems to be as suspicious as we are and has apparently stepped in to make sure that her husband doesn’t get too distracted, since it looks as if Shahrukh is finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than Priyanka. At the recent Screen Awards, SRK asked Priyanka’s rumoured ex, Shahid Kapoor, “Is Priyanka your sister?” How that matters is beyond us, but we are curious now. We know very well that SRK has a knack of having fun at the expense of others and likes to string people along if they ask too many questions – that is just what he has been doing with journalists. He refuses to respond straight out when anyone asks him if there is a ‘special’ relationship between him and his sexy co-star. And the way that Priyanka starts gushing when quizzed about her ‘friendship’ with the baadshah makes us think. After all, it’s not as if the lady doesn’t know how to handle attention – she managed quite well with her exes, from Hurman Baweja to Shahid Kapoor. So what is it that transforms her into a giggly teenager when we mention SRK – remember on the chat show with Karan Johar?

Shahrukh has just said to a tabloid when questioned about his growing proximity to Priyanka, “As an actor, when you put in long hours of work and then you have someone who you really love or feel for to share that space, you feel fortunate. What’s unfortunate is when people give it a name or a tag. Sometimes friendships or relationships are beyond what people say. So when things out of the ordinary are said, it’s not embarrassing to us at least, because we know what it really is.” Which says nothing, SRK! The superstar has been one of the most loyal husbands in B-town, and we would like to see that continue. So doesn’t it make sense to maintain a li’l distance from the ‘friend’ if the wife is not happy about it?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sundar

    SRK! The superstar has been one of the most loyal husbands in B-town, and we would like to see that continue. So doesn’t it make sense to maintain a li’l distance from the ‘friend’ if the wife is not happy about it?

    well said!

  • SRK_Salman fan

    WTF! first of all, you have no clue if Gauri is upset with this or not.. and i highly doubt it! she is a professional woman as well as his wife and knows all about rumours which are started in the industry.. SRK and Priyanka are friends, co-stars.. just because a few fans may be delusional and want them to be together because of their great chemistry doesn’t mean that idiots can start spreading rumours and controversial articles! People would kill to see SRK and Kajol be a real-life ‘jodi’ and the only reason there are no rumours is because SRK isn’t or wasn’t as close to Kajol in public as SRK is to PC but this is because of the functions they are hosting and also the promotions for Don 2.. And of course, Kajol is married.. SRK has mad chemistry with all his female co-stars, hell the amount of chemistry he has with every woman should be illegal.. but it still doesn’t give someone the right to start rumours and affect Gauri-SRK-PC any more.. As for your last sentence, completely dumb, why is he going to maintain distance from his co-star when they worked together and Gauri has no reason to not be happy about it so there i don’t see why he should.

    • adrian

      and you are totally naieve, so you wouldnt care if some one had their hand in your jodi pants? or with them all night? i love SRK but maybe hes tired of his marriage it happens..remember he is only human like the rest of us.

      • Slavina Krasteva

        The true is that – Shahrukh Khan just try so many times to broke up with Pryanka, but she call him all the time.They have non stop contact – facebook , tweeter , mobils. ALMOST EVERY DAY PERSONAL “BODY CONTACT” . Pryanka knows how to acting perfect ,like a true lover and Shahrukh, who never have another sex relation – before Pryanka never say to her – no. The reallity is that Pryanka just need big money for her new career,like a singer and only one , who always take care about her is only Shahrukh, because his “good heart”.In fact,Shahrukh take care about Pryanka more ,then for his kids. Everyone can see, Shahrukh is not looking so good , like before and he start to work much more, then he ever was.His money just disappear , after so long relation with Pryanka. She is not beautiful, she is not talented, but she is always on line and she not ask no one man too much, she just doing , what they waithing for. Shahrukh is not only one in India, who has sex relation from a years with Pryanka, she has with so many leaders directors, choreographers and another actors, but no one not spent big money for her, like Shahrukh, who in fact just spent his lonely nights with Pryanka.Shahrukh Khan still loving his family, but has sex relations with the famouse easy Pryanka,about who he call “my second wife, after Gauri”. Thats Sharukh’s coment in one his oficial pages in facebook.Who knows Shahrukh just joke with Pryanka single’s name or its so normal for both…?! Anywhere , that is not our problem, for everyone of us , Shahrukh is just one perfect actor, who spent too much money for different causes and women .God bless him to be only actor!Not everyone can organize his personal and public life, need education and family’s moral rules.We cant help to no one.

  • Bincy

    If wife dont like it, stay away from it SRK

    • deesh

      At least the gay tag which he had long is being removed, even if there is nothing but the mere liason will surely help remove Shahrukh khan’s other unstraight liaisons. Nice ploy.

  • Garima

    I don’t want to believe that something is going on. If it is, then why someone as ugly as “Piggy Chops?” Gauri has remained loyal to SRK since the beginning….Since the time when he WASNT FAMOUS! He will be an idiot to leave a wonderful wife like her. :P

  • tanu

    i think SRK is the most flirtatious actor and we love his attitude ,which makes him look like king ,wehter is anything goin or not but i find such gossips very intersting.

  • aanaya

    i think its over now

  • shuayb

    OMG!!!! SRK would never cheat on his wife!!! He is not Amir and Saif who both left previous wives for newer ones!!!
    He is old school in that respect! He is friendly with everyone esp females but that does not make him a cad… Watch just now this filthy excuse of a news site will say he and Katrina are having a torrid affair!!!

  • Anna

    I never liked PC,She should get lost, she was after Akshay kumar who was married man, she has habbit to go after married men. her parents should be ashamed of her and should stop her ruining a happy family. And SRK would be a foolish man to destroy his marriage for this ugly bimbo.

    • erika

      I agree with u ;)

    • nabanita

      Absolutely, I agree with u. Priyanka loves to trap married men.

  • shania

    there are times when people bond. it tends to be more than friendship and it is hard to tell a lie when people see affection going on.

  • Leena Roy

    Love that chemistry between srk n Priyanka love them to c in don 3