Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: Are they? Aren’t they?

Gauri Khan is said to be very unhappy about her husband’s ‘relationship’ with his ‘friend’ and co-star, Piggy Chops, but is there anything between the Don 2 lead actors apart from friendship and professional bonding? We are starting to wonder…

The proximity between Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra during the shoot of Don 2 started the rumour mills buzzing madly. We have talked about the how, what, when and why of this pairing but, guess what – the itch to continue following this story cannot be resisted. The chemistry between the two stars is obvious to anyone who watches them together and is sending out signals that hint at something more than just friendship, however much we may not want to accept that, considering we are hardcore SRK fans and like his lovey-dovey image where his family is concerned. But SRK’s wifey Gauri Khan seems to be as suspicious as we are and has apparently stepped in to make sure that her husband doesn’t get too distracted, since it looks as if Shahrukh is finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than Priyanka. At the recent Screen Awards, SRK asked Priyanka’s rumoured ex, Shahid Kapoor, “Is Priyanka your sister?” How that matters is beyond us, but we are curious now. We know very well that SRK has a knack of having fun at the expense of others and likes to string people along if they ask too many questions – that is just what he has been doing with journalists. He refuses to respond straight out when anyone asks him if there is a ‘special’ relationship between him and his sexy co-star. And the way that Priyanka starts gushing when quizzed about her ‘friendship’ with the baadshah makes us think. After all, it’s not as if the lady doesn’t know how to handle attention – she managed quite well with her exes, from Hurman Baweja to Shahid Kapoor. So what is it that transforms her into a giggly teenager when we mention SRK – remember on the chat show with Karan Johar?

Shahrukh has just said to a tabloid when questioned about his growing proximity to Priyanka, “As an actor, when you put in long hours of work and then you have someone who you really love or feel for to share that space, you feel fortunate. What’s unfortunate is when people give it a name or a tag. Sometimes friendships or relationships are beyond what people say. So when things out of the ordinary are said, it’s not embarrassing to us at least, because we know what it really is.” Which says nothing, SRK! The superstar has been one of the most loyal husbands in B-town, and we would like to see that continue. So doesn’t it make sense to maintain a li’l distance from the ‘friend’ if the wife is not happy about it?